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Windows Phone 8.2 (or possibly Windows Phone 9) is currently under the alias ‘Threshold’ from Microsoft. The name, originating from the Halo gaming series, refers to a wave of updates for Windows Phone, Windows and the Xbox One OS in spring 2015 that will work on bringing those platforms closer together.

As of February 2014, there is no known feature set specified for ‘Threshold’ on Windows Phone. Development has not yet begun due to the impending release of Windows Phone 8.1. ‘Threshold’ is similar to ‘Blue’ in that it is not just a Windows Phone update, but will span across numerous Microsoft offerings, including Windows OS, Xbox One, Office and others.

Broadly speaking, the goal of ‘Threshold’ is to bring closer together Microsoft’s various operating systems on desktop, mobile and gaming. While this OS alignment won’t merge RT and Windows Phone, something that is expected later on, it will lay the foundation for that and other OS mergers.

Threshold will also mark the beginning of a 12 month, or yearly, upgrade path for Microsoft as opposed to the longer 18 month cycles we’ve seen in the past.

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On Tuesday, September 30, Microsoft will hold an event in San Francisco where the company will begin to reveal what is next for its Windows operating system (with a specific focus for their enterprise customers).

While there has been a ton of interest in the tech media of what the company will reveal next week, Microsoft is taking a decidedly low-key approach in publicizing the event. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella won't be there (he's scheduled to be in India at the time for another press event) and Microsoft isn't bothering to offer a live stream of the press conference, which will be attended by the company's operating system leader Terry Myerson and his right hand man Joe Belfiore.

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Microsoft's next version of Windows, known alternatively as Windows 9 and by the code name "Threshold" is set for unveiling on September 30th but it seems Microsoft has let a little bit more info slip out ahead of schedule. Appearing on Microsoft's Tech Net site, the 'Windows TH' name has been dropped along with some details about a 'Windows Technical Preview for Enterprise'.

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