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Tinder is officially coming to Windows Phone

Get the pen ready, because we’re about to check off another official app coming to Windows Phone. Rudy Huyn released 6tindr a little over a week ago. It was an unofficial Tinder client for Windows Phone that was quickly met with praise. It was pulled two days later after Tinder filed a complaint with Microsoft. How’s this good news? Because Rudy just got off the phone with the folks behind Tinder and will be working with them to bring an official app to Windows Phone.

We just spoke to Rudy and he informed us that he’ll be working with Tinder to make an official app on Windows Phone. That means 6tindr is dead for the time being, but the efforts of Rudy will now give us an official app. Rudy’s, of course, very happy about the ordeal. He started working on his “6apps” (6sec, 6snap, 6tag, etc) to show companies that Windows Phone users are motivated to have these apps. He considers them a success if he can help bring official apps to the platform.

Of course anyone would be impressed with what Rudy was able to with 6tindr. From start to Windows Phone Store the process took him 10 days. That’s in addition to still working and providing updates to his other apps like 6snap and 6tag.

We’ll keep you updated on any developments with the official Tinder app for Windows Phone. In the meantime someone send Rudy a beer or two. 


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Tinder is officially coming to Windows Phone



Seriously, we can't have "one" guy save the platform.Microsoft needs to wake up! There are so many apps on Windows 8 that should be ported to windows phone. I think I am on the last legs with WP for now, until it matures more.

It's not just Microsoft,but developers as well. You getting impatient and jumping ship probably won't help either. That'll just give developers a reason to cry "not enough market share". Remember there was a period that IOS nor Android had a gazillion apps at first either. In fact Android just started to grow to where it is appwise a couple of years ago. As big as it is,Android still doesn't get apps at the same time as IOS at times. Things are greatly improving man..

I second this comment. When you get impatient and jump ship, it exacerbates the problem. I can't really add anything to make it more clear than mswindows101 already did.

If one guy can build an app as good or better than their non existent app, why can't these companies hire someone or use someone in-house to do the same? I could understand if the development of the app took a full year, thereby justifying the complaint that it costs too much for them to invest in a small marketshare (millions of users, regardless!) but 10 days? Whatever they pay someone would amount to a few hundred or grand to do. It makes no sense to me. Buy Rudy's app and pay him something to maintain it. What's the big deal?

I'm sure there is more to it than this but so far I can't see it.

And yes, Android and iOS both started with "no apps" and like an old west land grab, I'd want to stake my claim ASAP before the market becomes saturated. Whatever happened to investing early and holding for long term gains? Who runs these companies?

Exactly.. I don't really see the excuse. Build and they will come. And so will the money. If developers big,and small can do it,then so can most others of equal size. Make the apps and make them quality,plus update them regularly and you will be rewarded. Just look at Rudy.. He's proof.

Not to mention with the state of affair of piracy, no game developers want to make a game for android without proper bloatware (DRM)

I think it simply because pay-to-win or combining ads with spyware is more profitable. It is very common for apps on Android to require access to data just for spying purposes and unfortunately it is something that is likely to happen on wp as well. Especially if it gets a bigger market share.

OMG. Good news? ...then I, too, would like to express some vague notion of discontent just to dampen any sense of progress !!!

So which apps are there that we as WIndows Phone users really can't live without.Apps like Tinder are fun and all but hardly a requirement. In my everyday life I really would not know of any apps that I miss..


That said, there are some features I feel we should get sooner rather than later, one of the most prominent for me would be gapless audio playback.

Rudy might want to start contacting companies offering them his services to build official apps for them (if he's not already done so). That way, we get high-quality official apps sooner than it would otherwise take companies to build and release them.
Thanks Rudy!

Hope it will have the advanced features 6tinder had and not be dumbed down to match iOS and Android versions.


Yes, thanks Rudy. Maybe it is time for wp8 to stay away from 3rd party apps. Perhaps authentic is better.

Maybe its time for Microsoft to hire talented developers like Rudy who stuck with the platform from day 1! Thanks for all you've done and continue to do

Agree + 1 to Rudy. Now Rudy should work also along side Instagram. Since 6tag has 40000 + users and instagram is well short.

There would be no Tinder coming if 6Tindr didn't exist. If the Cult if Official had their way, we'd have no toys to play with. Besides 3rd part apps can be better.

His app is identical, the name will probably be changed to tinder and they will add the ©, that's all they will have to change.

They have to have push notifications added, right? Not just checking for notifications every half an hour. So, not all will be same.

Congratz Rudy, this is awesome :P

Finally a company understands they won't be able to do better than you do, so they get you do to do it for them.

About time someone (besides the users ofcourse) notices this and does something about it.

Companies should just hire Rudy to make their apps. He seems to single handedly develop apps in days that would take a team of developers at these companies months to create.

Yes I'm replying to myself...how on earth do you shorten the link via WP Skydrive app? I didn't get the option like on the webpage.

+1 and then hire a contractor or two to fix patch/bug.. this would be an awesome strategy from a company's point of view...

Talking about planning, when is Daniel gonna do that interview with you Rudy? We are waiting ages for this. We wanna know more of the man behind the code!!!

So Daniel, c'mon already!!! :)

 That means 6tindr is dead for the time being, but the efforts of Rudy will not give us an official app.

Don't you mean: "the efforts of Rudy will give us an official app."?

That said, I have no use for Tinder, but I love seeing companies starting to come over to Windows Phone sooner than later. Here's hoping Rudy's influence continues to grow and his ambassadorship of the platform helps bring even more apps over. Now if only he'd start to juggle making apps for Windows 8.1...that would be great.

So anyways, I was standing there waiting to use the pay phone. And this guy who was on the phone, turns around and tips his hat like this. And who do you think that guy was? Rudy Huyn. The 6apps man, I swear to God, I was there. I was like, Rudy!!

Classic. How did no one see this? I'm gonna have to watch that movie tonight. While using 6snap of course.

Congrats Rudy!

Microsoft should hire developers, like Rudy, who can help develop official apps from other platforms to Windows Phone.

Nice! Though I can't help but wonder when is the Flipboard app coming to WP; and the WPCentral app going to Windows 8.

Rudy, you are my freakn' hero! I don't know the first thing about code writing but Obama should have hired you to do Healthcare.gov!

Lololol...I own a machine shop east of Los Angeles In the high desert. I was a project manager for a Thalus project to manufacture the generator that goes on each engine of the A380. I loved working with the French! David

This will be funny, he made one in 10 days, and I bet the official one will take weeks, if not months and still suck haha

Rudy for CEO?


Does anyone realize how important he has been for the success of WP8 in general? how many people have come to windowsphone because he had the apps?!

Of course! Glad to see a big company like them finally listening to the users and hiring someone like you to help get their vision to Windows Phone. I hope they're paying you the big bucks Rudy!

Rudy are your skills transferrable or do you just happen to have some special talent and been coding since like 8 years old?

It's very good. I'm saying mostly about the messenger and secondly because I'm really curious to see who can make a better facebook app.... Microsoft or Rudy :)

I honestly just tried 6tindr to support Rudy and because I heard the app was decent, but this is AWESOME news if this means an official app is coming and soon. I hope they don't strip it down too much or take too long to release it, since his app is more than perfect.

Wonder if this would lead to Snapchat re-tooling 6snap to be official too?

All I know is that we Windows Phone users are lucky to have a guy like Rudy in our corner, working around the clock to deliver is some very needed high quality apps. 

Thanks again Rudy! You're AWESOME.

so what then? should microsoft pay companies to create apps for windows phone even though they don't get paid for making apps on ios or android? it's comments like this that make my head hurt. the os is there, the tools are there. the devs of the official apps are just lazy.

Jesus you guys.  Of course Rudy hasn't done almost more for WP than MS! It was a joke and poke at MS.  Chill out and go get some fresh air.  FFS.

Excellent news. When I read the tweet he got from the tinder CEO saying "let's talk", I was hoping for this turnout. This shows intelligence from the guys who run tinder. Why spend weeks and resources building a whole new app when this amazing dev is willing to work with you and most of the work is already done? I hope Rudy gets to also maintain it since it's an assurance for future updates. Congrats Rudy!

Will ot save all my beautiful matches that 6tindr allowed me to mingle with? I'll be gutted if i don't meet the ones in my "keepers" list :(

Yes it will. I had been using Tinder on an Android phone...all my matches/conversations moved over to 6Tindr without issue. Clearly our account and match data are held in central Tinder servers (I wish Whatsapp did the same)

Yes it's connected to your Facebook account, not to the app. So on any tinder app you login, the matches and conversations will be loaded. Although I wouldn't count on those girls still being in tinder by the time this official app comes out. ;)

Awesome! That's what companies should be doing anyways in the first place.
Official app development is ready, working and awesome already. Just pay Rudy and replace the name (with the proper crediting of course).


i love 6snap, but does anyone know what the fiasco was with bringing an official snapchat to the platform? i mean all the apps rudy created, the official came soon after. except snapchat.

Good for us. Thanks Rudy and all the developers that put much time and resources into Window Phone apps.

I was gonna saw screw that, until I saw Rudy was involved. They just need to strike a deal and release 6tindr as Tinder on WP.

grats Rudy!

keep doing what you are doing for this community. We all definitely appreciate it.

Amazing how Microsoft claims they are so hard at work getting apps and Rudy, a developer can get a big name on in a mere 10 days. Makes you wonder how hard MS is trying.

Rudy is freelance. He doesn't have to jump through hoops like Microsoft. He listens to NONE ONE AND MAKES THE APPS HE WANTS TO. Rudy the app god

Woot! Go Rudy, your app has introduced me to many females I have never know and because it links to Facebook instead of having to fill out like okcupid or sites like that (and phone based). Well lets say its less creepy as you have a verfied link.

Rudy Huyn is truly the god of WP app development... Many years from now, I'll be telling my children of the great Rudy Huyn, the man who made WP apps great.

he needs to update it because its prone to crashes

it doesnt look good for a quality developer like him to have an app with problems

Really we dont expect 2 much from rudy.. Bcz he already did too much for this platform. His commitment is unbelievable... We need more and more developers like rudy... I know rudy worked almost 15 hrs in a day... Rudy u need some rest too..

Rudy, make a Pinterest and a Flipboard app. Flipboard is supposed to arrive but God knows when. Maybe the success of your app will trigger the release of it soon enough.

For those complaining about Microsoft, this is actually how it is supposed to work. Developer support for a platform is what encourages others to do the same. Either way, kudos to all involved.

it's just easier for people to point the finger at microsoft and say "where are the apps?" when ms has no control over those third party devs and their apps. it's ridiculous.


on another note, where is that idiot vegetable guy who was crying about 6tinder being a form of piracy and that rudy was stealing profits from the official devs. LOL

I've been using the TV show app for a while now and love it. And just recently tried 6tag. Good stuff. Quality apps. Great job Rudy and keep up the great work!!!

I wish Rudy would develop a 3rd party YouTube app. 6tube sounds nice. Am currently using 6tag, 6sec and 6tinder (before it was removed) and also Rudy's Wikipedia app. I dig the apps' UI. The only YouTube apps worth mentioning in the WP Store are MyTube and MetroTube (though the latter hasn't been updated for months).

I must say, I plan to leave windows phone for the nexus 5. The apps man.. The apps... I have much better tools over there. But Rudy is definitely the one reason that I might stay. His apps are of better quality than 'official apps'.

A free service helping to meet new people (as in date), where you pick the ones you like after setting a maximum distance (and age). They do the same on their side (without knowing what you decided), and if both decisions match, you can then chat and eventually meet if you want to. It's only for smartphones (iOS / Android, and now WP thank to Rudy).

Even if there are hundreds of comments in here with the same contents, I've to add mine: thanks Rudy, you rock, dude! Your apps are by far the best on WP, and yeah, MS should give you some reward for what you are doing :-)

Funny how tinder responded quickly to the third party app. But snapchat team didn't respond at all

If i was a developer i would see Windows Phone as a great opportunity to make a name and earn some serious cash.. iOS and Android are so packed with competition and convoluted with crap app after crap app that its hard to find yourself in the crowd.. Look at what one developer can do in windows phone platform to score with a huge company like tinder. Well done Rudy

Hope he decides to make a sonos app at some point. Phonos is missing to many features, so I'm currently using an old android phone as a remote.

This only shows, that there is no real difference between an official and the unofficial app, unless it was hacking the protocols. Way To go Rudy.

Uh, it's public knowledge that it won't be released until April, and due to the carriers certification process, most likely a month or two after initial release. May want to come out from under that rock.

Haha one guy can't save the platform, true - but he's doing an awesome job. We've seen a ton of relevant apps released this last month though. Hate to sound cliché, but it's getting better all the time!

I want to thank Rudy Huyn for all the work he does for WP. I am also impressed by the leadership at Tinder who understand the value of working with Rudy instead of countering Rudy.


Rudy, if you are reading this, you are amazing and so are your apps. On behalf of the whole Windows Phone community, thank you.