Titanfall Frontier's Edge DLC announced

Titanfall Frontier's Edge

The second bit of downloadable content for Titanfall was announced today called Frontier's Edge. It'll include three new maps: a mining outpost called Dig Site, a beach resort called Haven, and a mountainside mining hub called Export. Though there's no word on release date or other features, but it'll cost $9.99 and be available on Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC.

Frontier's Edge follows on the last Titanfall DLC, Expedition, and we can expect at least one more being released eventually.

How many of you guys are still playing Titanfall? Are you going to pick up this DLC? How's Expedition treating you?

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Titanfall Frontier's Edge DLC announced


I still play but I just world love more content from the beginning. I hope titanfall 2 has larger maps with at least 10v10

In what way is an actual Xbox One greater than an actual PC?

You can't be talking about hardware or operating system. Please explain if you don't mind.

Wireless Controller, Achievements, Better Exclusives, Same Graphics, You play it on your TV, Parties, TV features. I can go on and on. Oh and monthly updates

Don't even bother, he's just a troll. There is no real argument for PS4/Xbone vs. PC. Consoles have their place but they will never be superior.

Did he really said "better graphics"?? LOL!  He must be delusional!

I have a gaming desktop, the PS4 and an Xbox One. Graphics-wise, PC is still the best IMO. The second I use the most for gaming is the Xbox One (most of my friends have Xbox Ones, very few own PS4s). Don't use the PS4 a lot yet. Yes, I know multiplatform games might look slightly better on the PS4, but I personally like the user experience and UI on the Xbox One better.

Ok I agree with the better graphics, but now developers do not have to use the Kinect GPU reserve and games can run 1080p-but not many games did that yet. The only thing that's better on the PC now are sometimes graphics.Yes and I know that frame rate drops from 60FPS on the XONE

You really haven't used a PC then. Almost all the stuff you said can be done with PC. Also, in no way are graphics the same. If they are it means that the developer didn't use the full potential of the PC.

Ok, I agree that the PC has better graphics but now the developers do not have to use the Kinect GPU reserve so the games can run 1080p - not many used this yet. And I know that the frame rate drops on Xbox One. And I'm not a troll and I do not copy and paste my posts

Major Dumbass


By the time your stupid console has enough grunt to run DCS you will be dead and buried.

Console dweeb!!

I agree with better graphics and I understand frame rate drops on the XONE but now without the Kinect GPU reserve games can run 1080p-not many developers used that yet.

The whole adding achievements month after the fact pisses me off. Especially since you have to purchase dlc to get 100% achievement. Oh and don't get me started on the kill every one at the drop zone. No one try's to evacuate and is usually a mile away from evac site underground.

I would love to get my ride home but I gave up trying after the umpteenth time I was horrifically murdered attempting to do so CHEATING me of my hard-earned bonus! *sob* :'(

Lol =P

I got that one! More by luck than judgement though. Killed one on route and the other 5 got on the evac ship. Also took out 2 titans as well. I saved the moment to Upload. God bless "Xbox, Record that!"

I have it I don't like repetition so I play many games to avoid repeating the same thing. There is more to gaming than first person shooters.

Oooo, I excited. Personally, I play it regularly, but I had put down FPS games for YEARS before TitanFall ignited the fire again. That and Destiny.

I just traded my copy in. I stopped playing when people started shooting me through walls. The lack of full campaign makes the games easy to get tired of as well.

I play the Diablo3 one at least a couple of hours a week... Not daily but there are too many things to do to be that devoted to a single game... And you never said it had to be fps.

I'll probably get some tf time in this week though

The point is there should've been a real campaign for this game. Instead respawn used an excuse of nobody plays the campaigns in fps so we're not going to make one. So they just got $60 for half of a fps. Then they release dlc that contains 1/4 less of content as any other fps.

Great game but doesn't have too much in the way of replayability. Needs something more like Battlefield's Rush game mode.

I still play it and don't play Expidition much as it seems that not many people have it. I have the season pass so I will be getting the DLC.

The latest patch has fixed some issue, improved match making, and now you don't have to play the campaign to get the other Titans unlocked.

I hate the match making for PC I would rather have dedicated server like the old days ;) The only good thing about the match making is when you come across the "cheaters" after the match. They end getting moved with the other cheaters based on their skills.

I'm also glad that I gave Titanfall another chance.  When I first played the demo it I wasn't impressed with it and wasn't going purchased it.  Then it went on sale along with the season pass.  So I purchased it and I'm glad that I did.

BF4 is a joke was a supporter of it there for a while.  Now with the "netcode" patch it made things worse.   I have FIOS 150/65 so it's not my connection.  Not my system I'm running two 280X, 16GB of ram, and a 8350FX. 

I still play quite a bit. In fact we are looking for a fourth player to round out our squad. Add duyzurich on Xbox One if you are interested.

Still can't see it on my xbox to download. Does it take a while to replicate across regions. I'm in uk!

The latest update broke Titanfall PC for me.. Direct X 10 cards are obviously no longer supported... Guess it's time to upgrade!

Awesome game, glad to see more content coming. Currently on hiatus due to travels but will pick up the quest to get past 5/50 next week.

I was very close to putting it away. The latest update is a huge improvement, especially matchmaking and balance.