Toib brings a beautiful YouTube experience to Windows Phone

We’ll probably see official Google apps like YouTube, Hangouts and others once hell freezes over. Until then we have some solid third-party apps in the Windows Phone Store. For YouTube we’ve been rocking myTube and Metrotube for quite some time. Toib is a brand new YouTube app in the Windows Phone Store. You probably joined the beta earlier this month when developer Daniel Berg (@bergdaniel) opened it up to the public. Today that app is now available to download. Let’s check out toib for Windows Phone.

Right off the bat you’ll notice one thing about toib. It’s a simple YouTube app that isn’t cluttered or messy. The design is really elegant and we like that a lot. Daniel is also the developer behind Phonly, our favorite third-party app for Feedly. Which is also a beautiful app, so it’s no surprise to see toib look so elegant. But don’t be fooled by how simple toib looks, it’s also feature packed and gives you all the YouTube functionality you’d want.

Here’s what you get with toib on Windows Phone.

  • Login to your YouTube account
  • Live Tile support app tile and channels
  • Browse YouTube videos
  • Search YouTube videos
  • HD-playback
  • Buffer support


We like toib a lot. It offers a no nonsense YouTube experience on Windows Phone. Log in with your YouTube account to get access to your playlists, favorites and liked videos. You can subscribe to channels, leave comments, share videos, or add them to your playlists/watch later queue. Another handy feature is the ability to open YouTube links into toib from Internet Explorer. 

Video playback is great with toib. One you start playing a video in toib you can rotate your phone to make it go full screen. Once there you can toggle between HD or change your location in video playback. 


In the settings of toib you can also change your region to another one. A handy feature to watch content that might be blocked for your particular country. Within the settings you can also switch up between a light, dark and black theme or set the default video playback quality to 720p. The app also features Live tile and Buffer support, which can be enabled in the settings of the app. Videos can even play under the Lock screen, again you can toggle that mode on or off in the settings. Like we said, don’t let the simplicity of toib fool you, it has some pretty cool features.

Toib Black

We love that with toib we now have three awesome YouTube apps on Windows Phone to recommend to friends and family. This initial release of toib is a strong one and we can’t wait to see the app grow and gain features in future updates.

There’s a free trial available of toib. With the trial you’ll only see your first 10 subscriptions, you only get the light theme, you can’t change the color of the Live tile and you don’t get Buffer support. We recommend giving toib spin. If you like it, you can unlock the future feature set for just $0.99.

Download toib from the Windows Phone Store

QR: toib


Reader comments

Toib brings a beautiful YouTube experience to Windows Phone



Are we able to pin all subscriptions to the start screen on the paid version? For now, with the trial version, I'm only able to pin individual subs.

Yes. For all of mankind. Life on Earth as we know it will change. WP8.1 is what the scriptures in the world's sacred texts have been prophesizing for many centuries. And the increased UFO citings from around the world are also part of this revelation. Make yourself ready for the kingdom on WP8.1 is nigh! 

I love that the developer is here looking for feedback! Hope we gave all give some nice feedback to improve the App! Thanks for your support Daniel! Do open a forum topic later on we can all give dedicated feedback

Daniel ,what happens to the beta version??will it continue to work like before or something's gonna change!!

You can sideload the Microsoft Youtube app, all you need is the xap file from xda and a developer unlocked phone.

I agree Dennis. This app is a must try. It is polished and feature rich. Take it for a spin and call me liar.

myTube has audio streaming for videos, and it automatically switches between video and audio when you leave the app with the home button and you return there via the multitasking view.
THAT is just a killer feature, and there is not another single app that supports that :)
Also, with myTube you can browse other videos while another video is playing in the background :)

I just downloaded the trial version. It's definetely unique and different but I still have to stick with myTube and MetroTube. myTube's feature that you listed is straight AMAZING. MetroTube I use when I want to watch the official version. 

This app is nice but it needs to take some of the killer features of the others apps.

I find it a bit ridiculous that when I look at this app in the store and then scroll over to related, not a single YouTube app is shown. Sorry for the tangent. The app looks nice, maybe I'll give it a spin if I have time.

It's because of the category chosen by the toib developer when he submitted the app. Store works remarkably well on those ends.

Same "1st world problem" here. Bought metrotube, then the app went through a few weeks of problems so I bought mytube. Since then both have seen very cool updates and I can't decide on one. Now this one looks very cool and also has the dark theme which I love, but 3 YT apps are too much. Anyway, great work from the dev. The phonly app is also very very good.

Not that bad and with further updates it should be awesome. I still prefer MyTube because of background playback and browsing other videos while the video is playing is just too good to give up.

the UI looks similar to the official YouTube app google pulled, dear Daniel Berg, what's the idea behind the name: toib?

Truthfully? It's kindof slang for YouTube here in Sweden. We (me, mostly) call it OyToib sometimes, so for a name I just went with 'toib'.

I was planning on naming it 'OneTube' but it got taken.

OneTube seems perfect! I'm a beta tester, and WP doesn't recognize toib as an YouTube app, eg when I try to watch an YouTube video right here on WPCentral I have to choose between "browser" or "YouTube App", so if I choose "YouTube App" toib doesn't show up on the list.

This is the only issue I had. Toib is fast and smooth, have a great Metro UI, best Youtube third-part app.

What do you mean OneTube is taken? Taken or not, you can name your app anything you want.

AFAIK, the WP OS takes your app name directly from the app manifest file, and it's not the same name you give to it in the store.

How about wetube, wiitube, wintube, wptube. Or, I have an idea..why don't you call it OyToib?!! I've read somehwere that it's kind of a slang in Sweden! Aren't you from Sweden Daniel? :P

This app is wonderful and could make me switch from MetroTube if it wasn't for the name Toib. I know you said it's Swedish slang for YouTube, but renaming the app with the 'tube' moniker would probably get more of a following. If i was just scrolling through the store i would pass right over it because i dont know what 'Toib' is.

OneTube is the perfect name I think. Even if there is a OneTube you can still name your app that, and because it is a quality YouTube app with beautiful design it will probably come up at the top of the list when searching for YouTube. Anyways great app and love to see devs here on the forums.

The only thing it doesn't have that metro tube does is....the ability to resume where you left off in your video if you multi-task. In this app it just restarts your video

Ok didn't know that, that is pretty important, glad to hear it's coming. What about downloading on the app like mytube?

I definitely support the app and the name, but there is a drawback. If any newcomer to windowsphone searches for youtube on the store, toib may appear on the list, but the person will most probably judge this app by its name since its not having a TUBE in its name.

I agree. But I couldn't for the world of me come up with something that had 'Tube' in the name. Expect for OneTube, but that got taken.

I hope it works out anyways.

Honestly, Tubular is a good name...or 2Tube (rhymes with youtube), etc...


Purchased Daniel!!!

I have to say Tubular is a very good name.

Daniel, why dont you and wpcentral host a poll for the renaming of your app. You will be surprised to see how amazing some names are gonna come up.


Why? You want another variation of "X"Tube?

TubeYou? SuperTube? BigTube? VidTube? Tube HD? Tube+? FaceTube? MegaTube? LOLTube?

At least this app has a name that sets it apart. Its exactly what drew me to the article when I saw it.

I was one of the beta testers for this app. and I still think that it needs a lot of improvements because it's slower on loading videos and lags a bit on settings but the app. itself has a lot of potential. no feelings but metrotube still remains the fastest youtube app.

How do you setup it up to have Toib automatically open when YouTube videos are opened in Internet Explorer?

Looks like the Microsoft app that Google pulled. I don't use YouTube very often, but I like the way this app looks enough that I just uninstalled MetroTube and MyTube. If I end up actually using the app at all I'll definitely upgrade to the paid version.

I do wish the name and live tile were a bit more memorable though. Anyone know the reasoning behind the name?

How about ToibTube? Judging from he positive feedbacks here and your accessibility, I'm going to try it out.

Actually, I believe the town of Hell in Michigan did unusually freeze over this winter, but no sign of official apps coming out of Google. I believe you are incorrect in your theories in this article. Please revise.

Looks like a really well designed app. Have you any background in design, @bergdaniel ? For a first effort, this is surprising pleasant to look at.


No, no background in design. Started developing apps about 18 months ago and I've just learned along the way.

Got to hand it to you, you've got natural talent then. Everything flows and meshes nicely. I look forward to more work from you

the live tile seems to only show one featured video though, any chance of it showing latest subscriptions videos? also... beautiful app all around, dont car eif its not quite as feature filled as mytube/metro tube, i unisntalled both and sticking to yours, do hope to get a more customizable live tile though

Yeah, I guess I could implement something like that. If you've logged int it'll pull your latest subscriptions, if not it'll pull the latest featured.

You can also pin the 'all subscriptions' to the start, just like any other channel. That will show the latest activity.

An advice for your application, it should be better if you can make the pause and other two buttons be positioned more at the bottom not centered and have some shadows because if I'm trying to load a video with white background I wont be able to see the pause button.

Seems like another great alternative!! Thank you!! Gotta appreciate the hard work people put into third party apps! I am for sure trying this as we speak like the lay out! Nice and clean!

Sam's busy scanning stuff via his phone :P
Either that or we're expected to receive a "Which is the best scan app in the windows phone store?" :P

That's understandable also noticed when you scroll on subscriptions it goes to the top again rather then stopping doesn't matter much just a little thing least there's a count for the subscriptions now but it doesn't seem to change showing zero after looking at said subscriptions tiny details im noticing also the live tiles not very live ital get sorted im sure

After one more test I've seen some bugs maybe only me have them I don't know!
-Favorites section doesn't load (infinite loading message)
-You should adjust that submenu animation on settings, it feels like it's lagging a bit.

(favorites section now work I don't know how but it was from my phone I think)

My pleasure, you are the first dev. that actually cares about users thoughts.
BTW the dark theme is awesome.

This one is really good. Clean, simple and clutter-free.

It is like... IKEA of YouTube apps. You know... clean lines, clean colors, simple and functional. (Sorry! :D )

Congratulations from Finland! I bought this one immediately.

In this app u feel something unique...its really make u feel,u r really use YouTube. Love it...the developer make a huge work in this app...

Don't be cheap it is only .99 cents. Purchase the app anyhow. I have the beta too but I made the purchase to support the developing team.

It is one beautifully designed YouTube app. Its replaced Metrotube on my phone as the default YouTube app.

Mr Berg Daniel. I am in awe of this app. I think you did a great job and I hope more features and bug fixes are coming. You really put your app right up there with the likes of MetroTube and MyTube. 

Since many have been complaining about the name of the app, I would like to suggest one to you. Your app PHONLY is very cool and popular and competes with Nextgen Reader in that space. Why don't you name your youtube app "TUBELY". Although it might sound wierd and even ridiculous, it's still a possibility. 

Think about it and excellent job.


Good Day.

Daniel, im really keen to learn windows phone dev, you have any good references. Would love it if i could simply help you in your endeavours; no pay no credit etc, some sorta apprenticeship..

Hi Aneesh!

Awesome, glad you're interested in rockin' some windows phone development. 

What I can do is to write a blog post (or series) on tips and resources on windows phone development.

Loved it! When I pin a channel to the start, Live tile looks BEAUTIFUL! good work

But I want to request 2 things:

1.- A better logo. That red logo with "toib" text is not beautiful :(
2.- Keep updating the app frequently :)! Don't forget that your App its amazing so keep the support to us :D!

First world Windows Phone problems:  I have so many great youtube clients, I can't choose what to use as the main one.

I don't like being downloading so many youtube apps, I already have two installed but I'll make an exception since that i could see bergdaniel talking to people here, that demonstrates that he is humble and willing to give a us a good app. I will probably uninstall the others and stick to this app.

Posted via the WPC App for Android!

I'll just stick to Bing video search. I don't subscribe to any channels, upload any videos or subscribe to any Google services. Google's attitude and practices have driven me away... forever.

Awesome app! Don't know if it's just me, but it looks a lot like the official YouTube app we once had (before Google intervened, of course). My go-to app from now on, but I'll keep myTube, still. The only thing I miss, though, is the ability to reply to comments. Other than that, kudos!!

Yeah, I've seen some screenshots of it. Unfortunately I never got to use it myself. Hope I did Microsoft proud. :)

Yeah, the comments... in YouTube API v3 that's gone. I hope they'll add it soon so I can implement it in the app. Thanks!

Hi Daniel!! Love your apps!! Phonly for me is the best looking WP app out there and that is the app I show to people when I explain why I love WP. Is the kind of app, the kind of beautiful UI, you won't see in another OS.
I will buy toib (why not "T"oib just to keep the pattern?). I like when developers don't use pieces of the name of the official apps.

Can I offer my help to translate all of your apps to Brazilian Portuguese? For what I can see in the store comments many users appreciate more an app when he offers support to our native language.
You can contact me here, on Twitter, on FB or my email: guilhermemanso at outlook dot com.

Thanks, appreciate it! Really glad you like my work. When I get to translating the app I'll let you know. Thanks! :-)

Everytime I see an app or a game reviewed, I search for your comment. You are great man.

I've been using toib since the beta, it's great to see such a high quality piece of work reaching everyone. Hey people, give toib a try, you'll not regret it. :)

Love the app ! Ive bee nawaiting it since seeing your first teasers of it when it was in beta, unfortunately i wasnt accepted to test it. Already paid for it and is my main now! Really reminds me of the fantastic microsoft app but i do have some suggestions:

The playback buttons are VERY hard to see, mostly a design issue. The HD button doesnt always toggle, maybe a bug. Option to see own profile is welcome. Videos restart after multitasking/opening notification are backing into vide. Subscriptions are probably the most important aspect of youtube, option to make "all" the main page on the app rather than categories would be nice. Those are probably the most noteable areas of improvement, any other features would be awesome but these issue resolved would make your app the goto youtube app on the average youtube user. Something like being able to watch while browsing youtube within app would be amazing:D Cheers and thanks!

I mean in a way similar to how the official app on ios/android allows you to minimize the screen into the corner while searching, etc. Mytube allows the user to do this by playing it through transparent pages.

The flow of this app makes a lot of sense--things are easier to find than on metrotube. I'm going to keep the app but continue using metrotube until this app will be able to resume videos from where I left off and hopefully it gets a more metro styled logo!

Daniel, I have a question. When i click subscriptions, there is no indicator of length of the video and views count, whereas in popular section it's there. Is it a bug or is it a trial limitation? Thanks.

Animations kinda suck. I'm sorry. Everything else is beautiful. But seriously man, get someone to work on animations.

Great app. Is there a way to play only audio in the background, like in myTube? I didn't find a way to do so. If there is, this is definitely my new player.

Hmm...on my phone (HTC 8XT), the app doesn't seem to work?  Just launches and says "an error occurred and we're not sure what" (or something like that) and nothing loads... a couple name sugguestions, like Tubular, or 2Tubular, 2Tube...anyway, looks like a good app, so I've already purchased!  Keep it up!

Tried it. Sorry, but no captions or annotation. Why can't I find any article or resource about why WP Youtube apps are unable to implement these features?

This app is gorgeous! Would be a standalone app if it had a download function like mytube since I don't always have high speed internet. I wish I could use only this app, until then I have to keep mytube around. Great job toib team.

It is my goto YouTube app, keeping mytube only for when I need to download something. Like someone else said, it feels the most official, also seems faster lol.

Its nice, but a tad slow and doesn't really offer anything new. Will keep my eye on it though :)

great initiative with application of the genre, in fact the app for a first version this well worked and in fact stands out among the best Windows Phone store, congratulations!

Seeing how active the dev is and responding to the community I decided to buy before even trying. Always happy to support a WP dev.

The app some details missing as see the complete titles of the videos, the date at which climbed and answer comments, everything else is perfect. Very good, resembles the old official YouTube app, only with a very nice touch Metro.

The only thing so,far that I dislike about the app, is that the comment section is not linked with the auto correct and typing software. Suggested words do not pop up either.

Yeah not bad. But mytube offers a little bit more in the free version. But both are no doubt are pretty.