Nokia TV app for Windows Phone to be released in Finland

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According to WP7Forum.ru, Nokia is set to launch a new app for television show fans. Nokia TV will be released in Finland with three channels: YLE, MTV3 and Nelopen. The app will enable Lumia handset owners to watch TV programmes via WiFi (or data connection) by searching, browsing and streaming episodes straight to their device.

Some notable features of Nokia TV:

  • View TV shows provided by local networks.
  • Videos can be downloaded to the device (presumably for offline usage).
  • Does not use technology for mobile TV (DVB-H).
  • Search for content / programmes within the application.

According to the WP7Forum.ru report, no information is yet available with regards to what countries will be receiving the app (and when) but it's safe to say that Nokia will be localizing the app for various Territories. Adding to the OEM collection, which already includes Nokia Maps, Nokia Drive and Nokia Music, it's looking pretty bright for the Lumia Windows Phone future.

Source: WP7Forum.ru; thank you very much @AngelWZR for the tip! 


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Nokia TV app for Windows Phone to be released in Finland


In bringing this to Canada, does Nokia need to talk to the individual stations (e.g. Global, CBC, CTV, etc) or to the carriers (Rogers, Telus)?  Remember, in Canada Rogers/Bell/Telus provide cable and satellite services and have their own on-demand services (albeit NOT on WP).

They better and so much more.......i guess Nokia will be like apple where everyone that wants a windows phone gets one from them.

That's really good news! For me, a TV app has been the single most wanted one from other OSes. The Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE has a great online service of TV shows, so far unavailable for WP7 users.