Tweeting from your Windows Phone? It's 'via Microsoft' from now on

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Microsoft has altered the text displayed when tweeting from Windows Phones. Instead of displaying "via Windows Live", which is what we've become accustomed to with integration on the mobile platform running through the Live ID (soon to be 'Microsoft Account'), any tweets published from a Windows Phone will now display "via Microsoft".

This is another step in the withdrawal of the Live branding in favour of Microsoft and Windows. We've previously looked at how the software giant is rebranding products with the upcoming launch of Windows 8. While information has come to light surrounding previous Windows Live essential services, little has come to light about the new music service as-of-yet. 

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Tweeting from your Windows Phone? It's 'via Microsoft' from now on


That's stupid. It should just say via Windows Phone. That's like tweeting from an android or an iphone and it says via google or via Apple, that would be stupid

Or say "Microsoft Windows" or just "Windows" maybe Microsoft does not want to have Phone in there because they may have plans in place to be able to make Tweets from Windows 8 PC's using the same back end also.

Doesn't really promote Windows Phone. It should be consistent with Facebook where it says Windows Phone.
Do posts from iPhones say from Apple?

It should say WindowsPhone I agree! Yes, the past two guys said that, but let's tell MS, by using the WindowsPhone Blog on this one. MS needs to uncork their head out of Ballmer's a$$! Lol

Twitter goes through the Live system and doesn't post directly. Not sure if it can distinguish between your phone and just Messenger on your desktop. Just FYI.

AFAIK, you can't post on twitter using desktop messenger. Tweets can only be made using a windows phone. Someone correct me if I'm wrong. I've yet to find the feature that lets me post on Twitter using the desktop messenger

Why does it have to say via anything? Simplify. If you want to be accurate, you'd have to list a lot of things that made your precious tweet possible.

I think you can tweet through live.com and you can tweet through Windows 8 People hub, so I guess that's why its Microsoft.

Still a bit odd though

Agreed with a lot of the others here... it should be "Windows" or "Windows 8" or "Windows Phone", etc. We're not doing anything "via the company," and as the company they should want to promote the actual products being used.

Right.. It should be via Windows Phone, also to promote the phone itself.. So that people knows what device you are using..

It use to say "via Windows Live" and if remember, partly, Microsoft is replacing the brand Windows Live with Microsoft, hints "via Microsoft" now if it always said, "via Windows or Windows Phone" then I would understand the all the hoopla.

Ugghh, sorry but the thought of using the name microsoft for anything makes me cringe. Changing the Live brand  imo is a huge step back as Live brand his has heavy name recognition and has cool factor in Xbox 360 which has millions of users. The microsoft name just doesnt have the same weight behind it, when i think microsoft i think boring PCs, When i think Live, i think hip, cool, I doubt im the only one who feels this way. I dont wanna have a "microsoft account, I want  a "LIVE" account, The windows phones and the "LIVE" name go hand in hand as well since it has "LIVE TILES" . But of course this is microsoft so im sure it goes in one ear out the other.

I feel the same way. Although I don't mind the name "Microsoft Account" I would rather have everything else be live as it has a better taste and doesn't remind me of the old outdated Microsoft. Yes what comes to mind for me when I here Microsoft is the old one that kept making mistakes.

+1000000. Reading the comments you would think their lives will be any different based on what signature was used.

Its part of the ecosystem. No matter how you send it if phone, tablet, or desktop. This is my theorie on the change.

While I get why they did that, it's the cheap way to do it (i.e. Simple name change from Windows Live to Microsoft). From a tech branding perspective, it should say the product (e.g. Windows Phone, Windows, Xbox, etc.) because it sounds too corporate.

Awkward and, dare i say, asinine. I think they will be changing this again in the near future, hopefully this is just a stop-gap

Umm guys, the twitter app will show "Twitter for Windows Phone" but since integrated services on windows phone goes through your Microsoft account, it simply means that your Microsoft account is your service client. So basically windows phone does not connect to fb, twitter and LinkedIn directly

This is about where MS is headed, not where they are now. They are working toward a unified experience across mobile, tablet, and desktop. Still, I think "from Windows" makes more sense.

Guess it's shorter then "from The most awesome mobile operating system in the world Microsoft's windows phone, which kicks your phones ass!"

*like x 1000*

I'm going to figure out how to add that as my text & email signature!! I'll have a lot of pissed off friends.

Should say "Tweeted via Windows Phone". "via Microsoft' is stupid because what product does that sell? People need to know about Windows Phone!

I would rather it didn't say anything. What does it matter what it's "via". Technically it's via my brain, via my fingers, via my phone, via an app, via the internet, via your pc, via your eyes... :P

I dont use the intergrated twitter often, but I'd like for everyone to know Im on a WP. I see what they are trying to do, but this is odd.

There is no reason why the centralized system can relay the brand of the source device (Windows Phone, Windows 8, etc.). But whatev, I'm sticking with standalone client apps for both Twitter and Facebook. They work better, AND I don't worry my contact list is being shared.

I couldn't care less how it's branded, but for the folks who do care "via Microsoft" does indeed sound like we work for Microsoft. I would like to know though, how many folks who have voiced their opinion (in this comment area) actually even have a Twitter account. Just some food for thought: Why get upset at something you're not even involved with?