Unofficial Pushbullet app now available on Windows Phone


The unofficial Pushbullet app for Windows Phone is now available. The app has been in beta for over two months now but is now ready for public use. Pushbullet is a popular new service that sends links, files and more from your PC to your phone or tablet.

Pushbullet (www.pushbullet.com)is great because items show up instantly in your Notification center. Pictures, links, files, notes, reminders and more can be sent using the service.


There are official mobile apps on Android and iOS, but nothing yet for Windows Phone. This new unofficial app for Windows Phone ensures you won't be left out.

Try out Pushbullet to get links from your PC to your phone and let us know what you think! The app and service are free.

QR: Pushbullet


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Unofficial Pushbullet app now available on Windows Phone


Check the site on the browser :)
this app is great ! i had it since its first beta release and it's great 
even the developers of the official pushbullet said they are happy for it, but yet they didn't make it lol 

I've been a beta tester for this app and I've seen its ups and downs. I can say that this app is awesome and I have put it to some good uses! I would recommend this app to anybody purely because it's so easy to transfer data from PC to phone in 1 or 2 clicks :).

This is the same app that provides call and message notification on the desktop for Android devices right? Has the dev made any hints that they are working to get that ability to work for Windows Phones too?

Love Puhsbullet, but I'm having trouble logging in with this app. Keeps asking me for permission over and over. Anyone else experiencing the same problem?

yep, same here.... i think after the WPC article, we made a huge overload on the app server.

dear devs!


i've already installed - uninstalled the app few times, but i cant log in. after the succesful google login i push the approve button, the device shows up in the pushbullet dashboard but nothing happens at all. after a relaunch, i just get a blank white screen.


device: lumia 630 cyan, 8.1.1 dev preview, telenor hu.


(i sent a copy of this msg to your email too)

The developer had sent out an email to the beta testers, telling us that we had to uninstall the beta app and then install the new public version to avoid problems. If you weren't testing the beta, then best is to email the devs.

I guess this is for 8.1 only? I cant download it on my 920 but looks like exactly the kind of service i've been looking for.

New user here, so was a bit confused on how to get it set up, but I got there in the end.

A little walkthrough, on start up would have been useful. It's not rocket science, but it's just a bit unusual, they way it works with the google account and all that.

Also, I only now get notifications once I figured out that I had too many background apps running, so a warning about that would have been good.

Great app though, will be very useful to me.

Thanks :)

(Lumia 930 - 8.1.1 dev preview)