Unofficial Vine client 6Sec gets updated; now supports multiple accounts


Popular third-party Vine app for Windows Phone, 6Sec has been updated to version 1.4. Rudy Huyn is a well-known name when it comes to the Windows Phone store, with numerous solid apps available for consumers to take advantage of. So what's new in the latest release?

We're looking at the ability to create and manage multiple accounts on the app. Have more than one Vine account? No worries. This will be welcomed by those who have numerous profiles set up for multiple topics, content and other reasons. It's good to see the app receive more features and functionality.

6Sec Multiple Accounts

If you haven't already done so, you can download 6Sec from the Windows Phone store for free. The app itself is served by advertisements that can be removed with a $1.29 in-app purchase. A second upgrade is also available to unlock video upload. Thanks, Vardis, for the tip!

QR: 6Sec


Reader comments

Unofficial Vine client 6Sec gets updated; now supports multiple accounts


The world needs a 3rd party app developer of the year award and make Rudy the first winner. His multiple account support for 6tag is big for me. Feel free to follow my new public account. BK_lumia1020

I think whoever made "WPcentral" should be in contention because if it was not for this app, I would be in the dark about most of WP news.

I don't use vine but I can say that having 2 for instagram is great. A private and a public.

That doesn't make sense, who's following you that can't see what the other account posts? Just taking up names and space at this point.

Exactly. Having multiple account ability gives me the chance to have a person account and one for each of my websites.
People that follow my tech website can now just see tech postings, and followers of my beer site can see items related to that subject.
Rudy just keeps on surprising me.