Upcoming app allows you to save Bing search results to People Hub [Video]

Though we love our Windows Phone, there are certain areas that need work. Certain areas that we know Microsoft will fix, given enough time and feedback, of course.  Such is this scenario: You do a Bing search for a local business, restaurant, etc. Upon glancing over the results, you decide you would like to save this company's information to your People Hub which is when you realize you can't do it.

As it turns out, if you want to save a Bing search result to your People Hub, you'll have to do it the old fashion way: by hand. Very frustrating, to say the least.

BizSaver will save the day!

Now, a new app landing next week in the Marketplace promises to fix that problem. The app is called BizSaver and is made by BC3 Technologies and we got an early look at the app which you can see in the above video. In short, once you install this app you really don't run it anymore. It simply adds itself to the related-apps under your search results, allowing you to directly save the contact's information to your People Hub with a couple of taps.

It's easy, elegant and just works. The best part? As usual it will be completely free with one-nary ad. Look for the app next week in the Marketplace and we'll of course let you know when it is available.


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Upcoming app allows you to save Bing search results to People Hub [Video]


If you open the details of a place apps are also listed in Germany.
We just don't have them on the initial Bing search results page, like imdb for movies.

I really hope not, time for this imbalance in app availability to be addressed. Would be nice to know I can access my applications wherever I am in the world.
Edit: saw Dan's reply, good stuff.

Actually, for some companies the phone does this already, provided you call them from the search results screen (you can then press save when on the profile linked from your call history). Not as extensive as this app, granted.

me :)
I am working out some final kinks in the Bing callback, and also trying to solve some International issues that I'm unable to test myself. I aim to publish ASAP under trial/paid (initially had thought Free, but since the Trial paradigm is very easy to implement, I've changed my mind :) ) version so if you like it enough to reward my efforts you can buy me a soda ($.99) else just endure the ads :)
Thanks for all the kind comments. Truth be told, i cranked the initial version of this out in about 3 hours over my holiday break. But of course development is never really done, i've put about a week's worth of time in to it since :)
I'm going to be opening up a uservoice.com forum for it today, so if you have any other ideas, suggestions, or bug finds you'll be able to go there and submit them.
edit: Uservoice forum is up - http://bizsaver.uservoice.com

This is a big important step for WP and rounds off the already well received Office hub. If you are using OCS 2007 then you are right Lync is not compatable as it runs off the 2010 technology. In fact install Lync on your computer running OCS 2007 and you will find a nice spangly copy of Lync but no way of using it.