Use your Bing Rewards credits to enter a Lumia 900 contest

Bing Contest

Microsoft has setup a contest using their Bing Rewards to win one of five Nokia Lumia 900's. The contest "costs" 10 credits for some reason to get a chance in the contest, which is basically nothing in terms of Bing credits.

The contest runs through the month of April ending on May 1st. The winners will be chosen on May 10th and winners will be announced a week later on the Bing blog and contacted directly before then.

Sounds like a cool little way to potentially win a device. Of course most of you will probably buy a device before then, so consider this a chance for second one.

To learn more about Bing Rewards, head to their site to learn more: Dscoverbing.com/rewards/web

Source: Bing Rewards; Thanks, @purevibz, for the tip!


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Use your Bing Rewards credits to enter a Lumia 900 contest


Ditto…sigh. At least I'm only down to 685 - and I almost never use them, in any case.
Oh well, it's only 60 searches in the next week to recoup my losses ;-).

ooh, nice. I got so many bing rewards points. was kind of bummed when they did away with redemption for physical goods, but this sounds sweet. I'ma use em all for this! hope they're giving away a lot.

I was reading the fine print on Bing rewards searches, and apparently the only way to earn points is to search using the desktop version of Bing. Searches with the search button the phone won't work or using mobile site.