Verizon is giving you an extra GB with a new data plan


Verizon has announced that they will be including an extra gigabyte of data to customers who sign up for a new data plan. According to Verizon, you'll need to upgrade your phone or activate a smartphone on a More Everything plan with at least 1GB of data to get these free bits and bytes. This is in addition to the recent announcement of new 2GB single-line plans for $60 monthly that we heard about last week.

Your free gigabyte is recurring, and you'll get it every month for the life of your new contract. While it's not a lot of data, Verizon reminds us that it equals watching two movies, 2,000 visits to the Internet or 10 hours of live NFL games. Not bad for free!

Source: Verizon


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Verizon is giving you an extra GB with a new data plan


"People who sign up to a new data plan" so does that mean only for new customers or also for existing customers already in a more everything plan?

I doubt it. My mom went in to get a galaxy S5 and she already had a basic phone, and they didn't want to give us the free GB because it had to be on a new line.

That's why Verizon is such a rip off! With T-mobile when ever thru increase our data or reduce our prices they just give it to use they don't expect us to renew anything or add anything to our account.

Probably new or new contract or new edge phone only. People already on contract or a current plan always get screwed.

Would of been nice to provide 3 GB to those who switched to the new 2 GB. Still happy though I switched to said new 2 GB plan... Tethering will be missed though.

Update. Confirmed they cannot and or will not add any promo data to anything really other than the more everything plans. My 2 GB Single Line $60 Unlimited Call and Texting plan was ineligible no matter how much I haggled.

This is how US carriers keep a willing supply of unwitting victims, sorry customers. Attach the word "free" and they'll sign on the dotted line again and again.

Actually stupid. Buy one get one free means they've been charging you more than double the cost all along.

Does not need to be a new plan. I just called and asked for 1gb free promo. They added 1gb for 1 year to my plan.

Same here. I cut back to 500 Mb for budget reasons and I've used 150 this month without having to be obsessive about it.

My wife is grandfathered into 150MB a month... With data sense and Wi-Fi she is fine.... I use no less than 5GB tho

Yeah, Verizon is such a huge ripoff (especially for single line plans). It's just too bad they are the only carrier with service where I live. One nice thing is though, my family has a More Everything plan, so I pay $40 (smartphone monthly access including unlimited talk+text) and $20 for an additional 4GB on top of my family's data plan is $60 for my phone per month. Not just awful, but better than StraightTalk was.

Those prices though. I pay 15€, get 500 monthly minutes, 2GB of data and every communication app such as Skype are data free, that means, they don't count towards the 2GB.

A few months back, I was going to sign up with VZW, it was when the icon was coming out, the rep in the store and two different reps online gave me different prices for the same thing...I wasn't too fond of that, so I just stuck with AT&T (no contract of course)

That's why I love costs Rica, my plan have 60min, 700sms, 3mb unlimited data plan (but they slow your internet when you pass 6gb per month) and it cost me 20$ per month

Thanks for the heads up. Added the 1GB to my account without issue. As soon as I a metioned it, the rep was like sure. 

I'm on the T-Mobile unlimited, and so far I've used 2 GB of data, plus 2 of 5 GB tethering. I ❤ T-Mobile! Most I've ever used was like 10 GB.

Funny they are announcing this now.  About 2 months ago I dropped my plan from 2GB to 1GB as we have never used over 500MB in one month, they then gave me a free GB.  So according to our usage, I only use the free GB and have never touched the one I am paying for.

It still blows my mind to hear people say they use 10GB on a phone in a month, unless I am downloading ISO files, I don't even use that on my home network.  The phone to me just isn't a great device for long term usage on the internet, short quick lookups are what is it best suited for.  My SP3 or a regular laptop is a much better choice for me.


I feel the same way. I am super stringent with my shared 3GB plan with a family iPad. We almost never go over, and when we do, its because the iPad data has been left on for an entire month without using WiFi.