Verizon rolls out minor firmware updates for HTC 8X, Lumia 822

We’re getting a few reports in today that Verizon has begun rolling out some tiny firmware updates for their HTC 8x and Lumia 822 smartphones.  Indeed we fired up an 822 to be greeted with a small update that took less than 5 minutes to install.

So what’s news? Well, this appears to be a very, very small update meant to be a quick fix for some nagging issues. We say that only because your radio, firmware and OS versions will not change with these updates. That tells us that this is basically a firmware patch of some sorts, meant more for tweaks than new features.

On the 8X, it appears that you get some “quality improvements for languages” while on the 822, we really don’t know, though one of our readers in the forums suggests:

  • Improved automatic display brightness adjustment
  • Updated proximity sensor parameters
  • Performance and stability improvements

Either way, if you have some free time, you might as well do that Settings > Phone Update task and see if you have one waiting too.

Update: Because it doesn't update the firmware, the Lumia 822 still cannot run the Storage Check app.

Thanks, Phong, Argenys and Will S, for the tips!


Reader comments

Verizon rolls out minor firmware updates for HTC 8X, Lumia 822


I had to get a different phone (not WP) and am very disappointed.  I have to have both Verizon and group texting due to work.  I have until the 8th to return it and have been watching this website like a hawk hoping that an update will come out for my 8X.  My heart skipped a beat when I saw this article but it looks like more of the same...

you and me both. As summer gets closer and my friends get more into group texting, I get closer to my breaking point. I'm willing to wait another month.

Downloading now... Can't wait for the next major WP8 Update though, simple features like repeat alerts cannot continue to be absent for much longer.

^This. It's pretty embarrassing how my 822 beeps at work when I miss a call. My office is pretty quiet and everyone turns and looks at me everytime it happens. Since I am the only WP user in the office, the unwanted beeps only confirm their iPhone and Android biases.

Exactly!! When is that fix coming? Good Lord. How do we get in touch with someone who can actually do something about this?

5 min update took me 30 min. Now I'm wondering why I bothered.....no noticeable changes. Do these companies not know that change logs are supposed to be standard practice?

The amount of time the update takes also depends on how many data you have stored on your phone. Also, I did get a change log on my 8X

I have 3.5 gigs free, maybe I needed more? Thinking it was a small update, that should be more than enough. Not sure why I didn't get a change log. Care to copy/paste it?

I have 3.6 gigs free and it didn't change after the update installed. I believe the change log is noted in the article

It listed some possible updates, but I didn't see anything official....no big deal, I was just curious about it.

APN settings are now back for the 8x, which is good if you plan to use it on another carrier. MMS should now work.

Add MMS APN button is back? Does it actually save the settings? The original ROM it was available but didn't save settings and after the update the button was gone.

This took me over 30 mins. to install..I was hoping it would cured the "other" folder. I have over 4gb taken with this stupid thing. At least it is down from 7.5 GB it was stealing.

Pretty happy that VZW is pumping out updates rapidly now. Maybe pushing WP updates is easier? Or am I dreaming? Still, would like the ability to have group MMS as several have mentioned here already. At least open up the WP API to have 3rd party support for handling text messages. That would be awesome to get something like the Handscent Text Messaging app that's on Android.

my phone seemed to always have stuttered whenever im trying to use it. hopefully this fixes it.

My battery life (according to Battery Sense) has been horrible.  I started the update.  I went from 48% battery to 70%.  So I say something worked.

It's taking quite a while for mine to update.
I wish they would add Group texting back in. Such a dumb decision to remove it. Please, Verizon, stop being so greedy.

It sure would be great if they could finally fix my arbitrary shutdown problem. It has gotten quite a bit worse since the update that was supposed to fix this.

How 'bout you (VZW, natch) roll out the 928? So tired of rumors, waiting, more rumors. Just dropped my Trophy two days ago and got a nice spiderweb crack on the screen. 

Why is Nokia blasting ads for the 920 but I've only seen one for the 822. The 820 even has several ads. In my opinion the 822 should be the flagship phone. I went out and bought a class 10 64gb microsd card as soon as I got my Lumia 822. When I put it in it increased my phones memory to a whopping 80gbs! That is almost triple the Lumia 920! You can even remove the battery if the OS freezes! The only downsides to the 822 is the lower res camera and screen resolution. I am glad I sacrificed that for the 822 though. Nokia and Verizon need to show more support for this device.


I have the Lumia 822, a week ago, update to the latest firmware missing the APN, I had to flash the Nokia Care team to leave with the previous Rom appeared the APN again and can use the 3G here in Chile.

He knows the time will get a new update that solves the problem of APN last update.

When will the update reach India ? Any thoughts ? Or, has it reached anywhere outside US, as of now ?
Am afraid Verizon would neglect lumia 822 users who are not on their network.

A few weeks ago when I applied this update, about 200MB of space was freed up when it was done being applied.  I just received another update today but no additional space got freed up.

I have a Lumia 822, whatever this update did, it broke my Internet Explorer access to certain pages within a subscription web site I regularly use.  Now when I try to access this site, I get nothing but an HTTP 500 error.  While I know this is indicative of a server error, it only occurs on my Lumia.  The site works fine on my pc, iPad, and Android.  Prior to this update, the web site worked just fine with my Lumia.  I haven't seen any other reports of this kind of problem, but I'm quite certain its related to this update.

I still can't use 3G in Yemen. I have changed the APN settings but it didn't work. It looks like my carrier is not recognized. When opening the APN settings, the default active one is showing VODAFON NL.