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Verizon and T-Mobile out. Nokia Lumia 920, exclusive to AT&T?

Will only AT&T have the 920 in the US?

In today’s press release from AT&T making the Nokia Lumia 820 and 920 official, the word “exclusive” unfortunately was tossed in to the mix raising some red flags.

When addressing the Lumia 920 specifically it was used in this context:

“Exclusive to our customers and featuring unique innovations…the Lumia 920 will be one of the hottest phones for the holidays,”

To us that sounds like AT&T has managed to make a deal with Nokia to be the only carrier offering the flagship phone. While the Lumia 820 has been expected to go to T-Mobile and even Verizon, the 920 was always a toss up. Many people have been hoping big Red would finally get a top of the line Nokia Windows Phone. In fact, an earlier report from PhoneArena strongly suggested that to be the case.

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No Lumia 920 for Verizon?

Now, all of that is being called into question.

We don’t want to dwell too much on it because we simply don’t know the details—for all we know, AT&T has a 30,60 or 90 day exclusive on the device as opposed to an open-ended deal with Nokia. That means Verizon could still be set to get the phone just at a later date.

Regardless, we’re obviously not fans of carrier-exclusives but have come to recognize that they are just part of the business model these days. AT&T since day one of Windows Phone 7 has had all of the top devices, often exclusively. There’s little reason to think that two years later any of that has changed.

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Though the 820 is exclusive too, rumors suggest Verizon is getting the 822

That's a shame though. We think most of our readers would agree that the best shot for Windows Phone (and Nokia) would be to get the Lumia 920 in as many hands as possible. By limiting it to just AT&T, even initially, it puts the brakes on that momentum. It may be good for AT&T but not good for Nokia.

If this exclusive holds true, we can see many folks on Verizon simply buying the HTC 8X instead. That's not a bad runner up.

We’ll reach out for clarification on the exclusiveness but carriers and OEMs are usually not fans of giving details on these matters.


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Verizon and T-Mobile out. Nokia Lumia 920, exclusive to AT&T?



Let's face the facts as we know they will turn out to be: in the US, the 920 will be exclusive to AT&T. Period. There will be no 30/60/90-day expiration on it.

Screw it. I'm waiting to see what Microsoft decides to release. Nokia & AT&T can go take a flying leap.

I hope you people are coming to a realization that Verizon for what ever reason doesn't want a Flagship Nokia device stocked in their stores......They F'ing suck! People need to stop blaming ATT for being willing to stock an item the will directly rival its money maker....iphone. Verizon is unwilling and won't make any commercials for the HTC/Samsung WP8 devices like the do to market the iphone. If you haven't made the decision to move, then you probably should now. It wouldn't surprise me if T-Mobile gets ATIV S and verizon passes on it too.

They don't care, you're wasting your time. This has been done when they didn't get the 900 or another WP beside the Trophy

Except Verizon has come out and shown interest that they would carry WP. Nokia needs to grow some balls and forego exclusive crrier marketing in favor of near-universal availability. It didn't work out so well last time, why would they do it again. I worked at at&t during the last Lumia launch..they put a lot into it. Sales trainings out the wazoo, competitions for overall sales, etc. I've had trainings for phones before but nothing was as intensive as for the Lumia. It didn't work. They need to say sorry at&t, we need to sell this phone on other carriers, just market this like you would other phones please, we got the rest.

oh well im still gonna try 920 at at&t store and gonna ask them to give me the dummy yellow 920 and see if i like it, cause honestly i didnt find 900 find attractive in design. Then im gonna compare it to ativ and 8x on verizon and im gonna make my deicision hehe.

I didn't find the 900 attractive either. This phone has grown on me from the pics, but you have to see it to truly see if you're gonna like it or not. Even that yellow is interesting.

The 920 and the 8X are both non-starters for me, anyway. As is any phone that has 32GB or less of maximum storage. I'm not going back to carrying a phone AND an iPod just so I can have all my music with me. And storing my music in "the Cloud" is a non-starter, too. Why would I pay VZW (or anybody) else for the data required to download my music every time I want to listen to it? Or deal with not being able to listen to what I want if I happen to be in an area of bad coverage?
There are plenty of phones that will do everything these phones will do AND let me carry all my music with me.

I agree.  That is why I wanted at least the 920.  It is aggravating that there isn't a phone with everything I really want (32GB+, AND microSD support, a big screen 4.3+, a great camara with all the bells, super sensitive touch, interesting style).  I was going to get my wife a 920 because she is a "fingernail" typer.  But alas screwed by Nokia because I'm probably not switching to AT&T.

Screw by Verizon, they have now denied Nokia twice! ATT had no influence over Verizon management deciding not to carry the 900 or 920

Foolish.   I'm not sure how much money they paid Nokia to hide their hero phone at the back of the AT&T store, with salespeople that don't understand it or sell it, and on an inferior network that some people will not use.
I have the 900 on AT&T, but I know lots of people that will not switch to AT&T no matter what phone they carry.   Those millions of potential customers just went from potential Nokia customers to HTC customers.  Goodbye.
In fact, maybe HTC should pay Nokia to keep their flagship phone exclusive to AT&T.   If a one time payment bankrupts your biggest WP rival then it would be worth it.  
No wonder Microsoft is working on their own phone as a backup plan.   It's too bad too, Nokia made great phones.  
Goodbye Nokia, hopefully your assets are bought by someone that actually likes to put their phones in as many stores as possible.

I too own a 900 with AT&T and I'm extremely annoyed that the 920 will be exclusive to AT&T.  Nokia is not going to sell enough phones to warrant the dollar amount they may have gained with this exclusivity.  Windows phones are NOT strong enough to make folks switch from Verizon. This is oh sooo short sighted.
Right now it should have been about visibility for Nokia and Windows phone to expand the reach.  Microsoft, bring on your own phone because these hardware makers aren't cutting it.
Most of my friends are on Verizon and I wanted to sell them on giving the 920 a shot.  Many haven't upgraded to the iPhone 5 because they weren't blown away.  However, if they have to compare the iPhone 5 to HTC, they will just get the iPhone 5 just because it is Apple.
I'm more than annoyed.  I'm actually pissed which is odd given that I'll be able to get the 920.  I just feel that Microsoft and Nokia are blowing it here.  End of rant.

Well said and I agree with you all the way. I'm on AT&T and will be getting the 920, but I also feel upset about this exclusivity. Elop said they learned from the errors they made with the first Lumia wave... an d they're repeating the same errors with the carrier exclusivity. The 920 should be on all the carriers, just like the iPhone and Galaxy phones it wants to compete with. The less carriers, the less users, the less developer interest, the less profits... Nokia is in trouble. 

Weird. What I remember reading was that Elop thought putting the Lumia 800 on too many carriers was a mistake (probably due to production volume issues, I don't know). I'll have to check the story again.
Regarding this 920 on AT&T only. BIG MISTAKE. They need to please some Verizon customers ASAP. Hopefully it will be a short exclusivity.

Read the article on this site that confirms the MS manufacture phone. In that article they ask Elop about his thought of the MS phone. They also asked him about release partners and he said releasing the 900 exclusively hurt sales, so why would they not offer the L920 to vzw? They would, but vzw refused again

Agreed. This was one of the major errors made back in 2009 with the Palm Pre! Granted it was a smaller carrier but still, exclusivity has helped nobody but iPhone, and that success has yet to be attained by any one phone.

You guys are stupid! Why do you continually blame ATT for being willing to stock Nokia devices. Do you really think Verizon wasn't offered the 920? It's fact that they were offered the 900 way back and refused, I'm sure they followed the same trend so as not to interupt their money making iphone. Verizon makes its own business decision and they passed.

Your opinion is uneducated and unfounded. First of all, Verizon does not favor the iPhone over their other phones. Carriers in general don't make as much money from the iPhone than from androids or Windows Phones. It's in Verizon and att and everyone else's interest to sell non-iPhones, which would explain att's push with alternative platforms (they used to be the worst android carrier!). Verizon has a lot of emphasis on androids too.

The reason why I don't think they turned down this phone is because they need an alternative to android that is non-iPhone and easy to use, perfect for windows phone. I think perhaps Nokia pulled out of talks with the other carriers because att offered them some money and nice advertising push.

Its so funny how everyone on this site has such short memories when it comes to Verizon. Long before the 900 came out on ATT, Elop met with VZW and they turned Nokia away

Yes, because the US is the only relevant country and market in the entire world. I forgot that Nokia actually sell devices in other countries. God bless America!
Blame the shitty way your telecom and mobile market is set up, not Nokia.

Cool. I replied to a post above with what you stated. Wasn't sure if I read the interview correctly but you also read the same interview.

Well, Nokia never exactly sold good in the US and has been the leader in the mobile phone industry up until a few years. That's still well over a decade of dominating the mobile phone market despite never being overly big in the US.
So no.

There's evidence to support your theory, it called the HTC Trophy, where was it in Verizon stores? No where to be found!

I could not have said it any better, I'm on T-MO sporting the 710 I will not update to the 820 I'll vote with my wallet. hey folks not on AT&T YOU GET THE HANDME DOWN WVGA thing. much better off with 8x than the l820

eRWT has a point. The American market is only part of the picture. Canadian carriers are just as bad with the exclusivity nonsense.

At least in Singapore, there ain't any 'exclusive to" phones. It's free for all carriers. E.g. Lumia 900 in Singapore is on all 3 carriers

Maybe this is why Microsoft is making a Microsoft phone. Maybe they couldn't pry Nokia's lips off att's butt.
This was a disaster for Nokia with the 900. Only sold 600,000 in the U.S. and it's bad for W8 as a OS.

Same here. I've been having a better experience with AT&T than I did with Verizon. I still don't understand why people say Verizon is WAY better than AT&T when the both have their own pros and cons.

Verizon hs never completely screwed me multple times on multiple deployments. Verizon actually has signal everywhere I go etc...

Depends where you live.  When I go to my parents house out in the middle of nowhere, I (Verizon) get solid 3G signals while my sister (AT&T) has to drive 5 miles away to get ANY signal.  For a good portion of NC, AT&T sucks.

Verizon is horrible to their customers, but have great cell service and LTE coverate.  ATT is the EXACT opposite (in New England at least).  Good to their customers, but horrible at everything else.  
I left Verizon for the first iPhone and was initially impressed with ATT, mostly because the first iPhone was really nice back then.  However, ATT never got better, maybe even got worse.  I can't drive down major highways in New England without dropping calls and can't even get reception at a Red Sox game.
Unless every new Win8 phone is exclusive to ATT, I'm going back to Verizon.

Just the opposite with my limited experience with att. A couple months back I tried the note. I bought it from best buy. I returned it because of lousy coverage. Tmo kills att in GA. Anyway the cell department manager had to get involved. Att wouldn't let the agent cancel the service without paying a huge fee even though I was within my return period. The manager went back and forth between 5 people. It was funny. He was so mad and calling them stupid after being transferred so many times. He finally hung up after 45 minutes and called his store rep. Another 15 minutes latter he got it done. The manager told me Att is the worst best buy has to deal with.

I think its time for a new poll.
How many people will switch to AT&T for the 920 vs how many people will get the 8X or Ativ-s on their respective carrier.

Not on WPcentral it's the Nokia website ever see a poll about what color 8x you will get? or anything else about anything but the 920 nope.

Good point WPCentral does seem more than a little biased towards nokia. The 920 is a great phone but its not the only phone in town.
The HTC 8X and 8S have a lot to offer and will be available on every major carrier except sprint in the US.
Come on WPCentral let's start seeing some HTC and Samsung love.
I personally would love to see a poll about what color 8X people are going to get,,,I'm getting the limelight yellow and when people ask me "wow what an amazing phone and color. What is it?" I'll proudly say its an HTC 8X running WP8.

We can't make Sprint or VZW stock a device they don't want, so stop BITCHIN like a bunch of SISSIES!

Yes we can, we can continue sending emails and post on their fb pages, etc. Once they see the demand and realize that they should get on board.

I have, in an effort to help get the phone on other carriers, for at least a year now to no avail. ATT is the only carrier really willing to take significant risks on WP.

Dude stfu with this talking point. You have zero proof that they don't want this phone. Also, the complainers are the ones who get shit changed. Shaddap.

Verizon initially passed up on the 900 so now they wait in the sidelines. Just like they did with the iPhone.

Are you suggesting the 820 is not going to Verizon or Tmobile? Of course they are. They're just not getting the 920 (yet).

I know this sucks for alot of people, but AT&T has to be somewhat compensated for their initial investment and faith on the Lumia line (where Verizon initially turned down).

And Veizon was supposed to be gettig  922or somethng like that as well so they could be eing a 920 variant.  Tmobile is supposed to be refarming the network frequencies to match ATT's  sometime soon and so the 920 would work on Tmos frequencies when thathappens. I am assuming hat the 1700 AWS band is going away !

LTE still won't work... That's where all the fun is at! I never thought I would care but the lower latencies are the biggest difference. Everything starts loading faster.

Exclusivity worked for apple with the iPhone. Why don't you have faith in Nokia? They have put forth the most effort. As for less sales, do me a favor and look at the polls for which phone people are gonna buy. Tell me how being exclusive is gonna hurt them.

because the iPhone was the first one the scene and could afford shenanigans like this. But in the modern Smart Phone arena saturation is the only way to carve out a piece of the empire.

I don’t really agree that exclusivity worked for Apple with the iPhone. It was because of this exclusivity that Verizon went all in with Android. That was effectively the kick start that Android need in order to become the number one OS.

I voted for the Lumia 920 but I won't switch to AT&T so the polls, at least as they pertain to me, are invalid now.

Nokia won't get my business with an ATT exclusive phone.  The polls tell you exactly which phone people want and I too voted for the 920 because I think the others are inferior to it.  It's also the only one I want to purchase based on hardware.  No matter how much I love WP, I won't pay an extra $600 a year to use it.  I'll be an iPhone with sprint because I have an EWD line with them.  Even if sprint eventually get the HTC 8x, I still wouldnt buy it because I think the camera is inferior to the iPhone 4S/5.  It matters which carrier(s) are offering the lumia 920.  If I could get THE flagship device from Nokia on Sprint; I'd buy it in a second.  Certainly iOS isn't my favorite mobile OS, but I can have a flagship phone with very few flaws.

Everyone is crying on this bloggs I am reading, I live here in London, do any of these other networks have LTE like AT&T, Remember the phone is built for LTE not 3g, so exclusively to AT&T works well, the others will get within 2-3 months provided there is LTE, its the same here in London Everything Everywhere in London, the only ones to have LTE and the 920, if not buy offline and stop crying

No, it isn't the same.  We have CDMA and GSM networks on this side of the pond, both running LTE on different bands. 
I for one will absolutely not do business with CrapT&T ever again.  Screw me once, shame on you.  Screw me twice, shame on me.  And that is exactly what CrapT&T did to me.  So no, if Nokia does not get that phone onto other networks, they'll not have me business. 

The 3 biggest carriers in the US offer LTE and the 4th largest has announced their plan for an LTE buildout.  So clearly ATT isn't the only carrier with LTE in the US.

Every US carrier has LTE on a different band, and each device's radio must be dual mode for when LTE isn't available (e.g GSM/LTE, CDMA/LTE).
This is a HUGE mistake by Nokia. Huge.

Properly translated, " ATT IS THE ONLY LTE CARRIER WHO DECIDED TO STOCK THE 920" all other chose to stock the lower spec models: 16GB opposed to 32, no purview tech, cinemagraph, floating BSI sensor, wireless NFC, etc. Sprint and Verizon simply have too much stock in the iPhone and won't jeapardize their investment with a serious competitor to the iPhone, PLAIN & SIMPLE! So please conspiracy believers, don't comment anymore!

Europe is in debt crisis. The world economy down. Jobs are scarce. Where you have money get this $900 off contract phone? Seriously! I mean you can buy a $300-400 surface and get a free gs3, and still have pocket change to do other things.

Nokia is not Apple. Exclusivity worked for the iPhone because there was less competition, tech sense. Apple came out with something new no one had.

I would drop Verizon like a rock right this second if I could, but since I can't I'll buy an 8X off contract, keep my unlimited data, and abuse it maliciously. I can be a very spiteful and vindictive person when I'm motivated, and since I've been meaning to get my trophy's defective battery replaced [again] I may go over to the store this afternoon and give them a piece of my mind.

Sending an email will probably be far more effective than going into a store and talking to folks who have little to no power in regards to the situation.

I think if AT&T would offer a price match and unlimited data to those on other carriers who have it already just to get them to switch would be awesome and helpful

We should hold a protest by those of us with unlimited data plans purposely eating up as much bandwidth as possible all at the same time. Like turn on tethering and repeatedly downloading a huge file (Lumia920.zip-2TB) in large cities all over the country. 

Elop has been mentioning this in every interview - he obviously thinks "exclusive" deals work better for Nokia. I have to disagree - as a Tmobile customer, the only choice I have now is 8X or ATIV - as 820 also shows up as "EXCLUSIVE" on Nokia's website. Its a shame and a big loss for Nokia. I am at a loss to understand how Nokia expects a turnaround with such a strategy? One can only hope that L920 exclusive means Verizon will have a L922 and Tmobile will have an 820 variant at least.

I think it works better for them because they get a lump sum of money upfront for the deal first. Exclusive deals do pay OEMs more.

But it obviously has downsides e.g. you're shunning many people too.

They are shunning many people that have been fans since day one. I will never move to ATT from tmobile because my plan is way too good to ever get at another company and I have had my HD7 since the day it launched (from android ). I have fought with all my friends about windows phone doing well and being a contender in the market but with the exclusive apps and things Nokia gets for their windows phone, I just cannot see going with another company.

If Nokia wants to pull all these exclusive deals and other companies won't I would have to, but hate to move to another OS that has better support.

I am not convinced that the upfront payment that Nokia may get from ATT would be enough to compensate for loss of millions of potential customers on Verizon and Tmobile. Something does not add up here.

I just said this to someone 15 minutes ago verbatim. I'm wary, but I'm still hopeful Verizon may get the color "missing" from AT&T's lineup; Matte-Grey. I just don't know how hopeful I can be around the projection of the word "exclusive".

I know one thing...HTC is happy.

Shiiet, I'm on att and I might buy an 8X just to support this. Maybe.. the 32b on the Lumia is tempting.

Keep in mind that exclusives bring big bonuses for the company. I'm sure AT&T is paying a pretty penny to have Nokia exclusive again. They may not be selling as many phones but they're probably making more per sale.

And of the strategy works eventually, who will suffer she iPhone sales start to slow? Sprint & Verizon

Didn't Nokia said they are working with all us carriers to have exclusive device when they launched l900?? Guys I really hope they make their promises... QQ

Well we are talking about two countries, UK and USA.
Only countries where these exclusive deals even exists. 

That's what I'm thinking and hoping is happening. Verizon had the 822 in their system which meant that it's a variation. 820 =! 822 which means it's not truly an exclusive! But maybe we're wrong. :(

Exclusive did not work for L900 and will not work for L920. One more thing, do you profit from consumers or from exclusive deal?

Don't lose hope folks... there is a great chance that a Nokia 910/930 will hit a different carrier. At least history tells us so.

and with the monitor image of unrelased Verizon phones having a 822 listed means, IT might be possable but, I would not count on it on release.
Would AT&T advertise an exclusive with the 920 if Nokia was releasing almos the same phone on another network with a 930 or 922 number ???
Maybe Verizon will get a "922" and it will not be a world phone(no simm slot) but, have a MicroSDXC slot...that would be epic and it would be a different model...right ?
One could hope at least...

And yet the S3 is the best selling non-iPhone and its available on all carriers. With zero modifications I might add.

RIM does it but when the phones they do it with (such as the 9900 on AT&T vs. the 9930 on Verizon, the 9860 vs. the 9850, etc.) are never advertised as exclusives.  Chances are that if AT&T is advertising this as an exclusive, Verizon will not be selling a Lumia 922 until that exclusivity is over. 

This sucks!!! I seriously cannot believe that we still won't be able to buy the best phone on Verizon. Very stupid of Nokia and Verizon for not getting this device now. :(

Par for the course. I was with Verizon since the Air Touch days and they never ever ever ever had the best phones. These days in not loyal to any carrier. Whoever has the best phone I want around the 20-24 month time is the carrier I go with. Looks like I'll be moving from Sprint to ATT.

That would be a real shame. I'm an at&t customer so it doesn't hurt me directly, but I do feel for other loyalists in here who are stuck with 2nd best all the time. And I solidly agree that the best thing for WP and Nokia is to give everyone a chance to buy everything they sell.

I have said it elsewhere, and I will repeat...
This will be the second or third best selling Windows Phone on the market. HTC will be number one b/c of multiple carriers, and the fight for #2 will be either Samsung or Nokia. If Samsung is on all carriers, Nokia may fall to 3rd.
Then again, the question is really can AT&T have more windows phone users than VZW, Sprint, TMO, others combined….

Totally agree, I see HTC taking 1st because of this exclusive deal. I also dont see ATT having as many WP Users on their network compare to the other 3 combined.

yet HTC will still support their windows phones in the same shitty way they always have...read: bare minimum.

Answer, YES, because Verizon doesn't care for NOKIA. That's why they refuse to stock any of their devices. Samsung will never be second, their only making WP to appease MS and will continue focusing on Android.

Keep in mind that the 820 variant that was spotted in some Verizon system was called the 822. It is very possible that AT&T will be the exclusive carrier of the 820/920, but Verizon will carry the 822/922. 
AT&T could simply be using some creative messaging to make it sound like they are the only ones getting the phone(s.)
Think about it. If AT&T knows Verizon is not going to say anything public about its WP plans for a few more weeks, announcing this today will likely convince some VZW customers to switch to AT&T.

very interesting idea. would actually make some sense considering how strangely this "exclusivity" statement is worded.....you might be on to something.

I was thinking the same thing about the 922. This is terrible news for us Verizon users .... Hopefully its a 30 day exclusive tho this phone needs to be on all carriers for Nokia and as a phone to compete against the galaxy s3 and iPhone on all/most carriers. This exclusivity isnt good for wp8s growth

Eff Verizon, they will hide the 8X/8S just like they did with the Trophy I've been carrying for 2 yrs. Sorry guys, I can't blame anyone but Verizon o Thi one!

This is what my hopes are.  However, if the Verizon version comes out in late november or december, or worst yet q1 2013, I probably won't wait around much.  Two years ago, I kept waiting for T-Mo to get a WP phone.  I finally got tired of waiting and went with HTC's G2.  It's a nice enought phone, but the signal sucks (could be carrier), and it constantly reboots for no reason.  The specs for the Samsung are that much off the L920 but it doesn't have pureview or wireless charging which is what sold me on the L920.  I just don't really care for Samsung.  Never really "Loved" any of the phones I had from them.

I liked my focus, but everything they make us plastic, including the Win 8 device mentioned by ATT today

I can agree with what you say if I take a pillar of salt with it.  The deal will be ATT exclusive, but it might only be for 3 months.  We just don't know the details of 'exclusive' in this case.

as disappointing as this might be if its true, it will have made my difficult decision of which phone to get a lot easier.  of course.....the 820 looks nice also......shoot!

AT&T can go fuck themselves, and Nokia can go fuck themselves too. Exclusive deal with the Devil wont get them anywhere. They lost me.

Look like HTC 8X (Cali Blue) for me either on Verizon or T-mobile.

Would like to point out that AT&T released a "mobile minute" video in which they showcase the L920 and clearly state it's an AT&T exclusive.

It's complicated. Verizon may have turned down the 920 for all we know. Or carriers/Nokia couldn't agree to terms and conditions.

To blame just one side here is just ignorant as no one knows how these deals go down, especially in this case. We're just on the sidelines trying to figure it out.

Exactly what I was thinking. Everybody is hating on Nokia and ATT. It was a business decision. Maybe Verizon chose not to carry it. They made dumb moves like that in the past(ahem:iPhone). My wife and I switched from Verizon to ATT because of iPhone. Now I'm on ATT using WP7.5.

We got HTC 8x. Lets not sweat it. Besides there has been no real comparison between phones. For all we know 8x could be better than L920. Lets not let Nokia and ATT take away our pride and of WP. We have HTC and Samsung who makes very powerful and popular, and tech worthy phones beyond what Nokia can do. Camera wise, its just a matter of time these can beat Nokia.

Im on ATT and will have the freedom to chose the L920 or 8X :-D...haters gonna hate because their carrier chose not to pickup a device. If you guys think Nokia didn't approach VZW, you're crazy.

Honestly, I wish you guys could get the 920, the difference is that im not blaming Nokia/ATT for T-Mobile, Sprint, and VZW's decision to not stock the 920; The device was definitely offered to all carries and the above mention decided to pass.

This absolutely sucks!  I just pulled up Nokia's website and it confirms that it's exclusive to AT&T.  I don't care how good a phone is, I refuse to do business with crappy AT&T.  I guess I can hold out for a specific version going to Verizon, but it now looks like I'm going with the 8x or the samsung (and I really hate samsungs).  I sent a not to Nokia corporate about just how crappy of a decision this is.

The 820 and 920 are exclusive to ATT nothing about time limit and nothing to prohibit Nokia from putting out a 922  or some other number not 920 or 820.  Sheesh   take a chill pill! Its not the end of the world and there is plenty of wiggle room for other carriers to be in on the Nokia 8XX and 9xx bandwagons!

Unless you have an unlimited plan with Verizon, you should think about it. It costs slightly less than Verizon, you can talk and use data at the same time, their LTE penetrates buildings much better than their 3G did, their customer service is getting better, their bills are easier to read than Verizon's (especially online), and they always try to carry an option to the iPhone because they sell such a large percentage of iPhones compared to other smartphones and they have to eat the subsidy (it is huge) for each, plus iPhone users use more data and clog up the netork more. WP is supposed to be their knight in shining armor with web compression (server based), lots of offline features (downloadable nokia maps, nokia music offline playlists, built in features - vice apps), lower susidies to fund, and more control of the product. Verizon won't let 3G unlimited plan users keep an unlimited LTE data plan. AT&T has kept me on unlimited LTE after being grandfathered in from my iPhone 2G days. Think abou it....

You certainly can get lte unlimited on Verizon if you have unlimited 3g. The plans aren't different so as long as you buy off contract your golden.

Verizon (and Sprint to an extent) & Nokia have never had that good of a relationship (probably because of Nokia's resistence to CDMA) so that doesn't suprise me too much; but it would be nice to see the 920 have broad availability. I'm on AT&T so I'm happy. I just want to know the non-contract price.

No no no.. Nokia please release it to as many carriers as possible.. 920 is a really good device.. It will be a big push to the windows phone series.. Future of nokia can also be decided through this windows phone 8 series.. Please look for it..

How about a little love for us T-Mobile customers??? Every phone I've had since being with them in 2002 has been a Nokia with the exception of an unlocked iPhone 4 I bought from Apple's online store nearly a year and a half ago. If at the very least the 820 doesn't get to T-Mobile, it will be a big slap in the face to its customers. What exactly is so special about AT&T that it gets all the exclusives? I would much rather support Nokia because of my loyalty toward them in addition to the fact that they're not part of the Android horde, but if they screw T-Mobile, I'll have to go with the HTC 8X. This is just so disappointing.

It has happened in the past and still happening. Despite what non iPhone people think of that phone, it is a great phone with great features. Why doesn't Tmo carry it?

Yep, its their money and they invest it where every they want. Do you not decide what you spend your money on daily?

I remember Verizon saying that they will start to allow Unlocked LTE phones be used on their network. I hope it is true so that I can get the Lumia 920. If not FUCK NOKIA & I hope they burn in hell for this dumb ass decision..

Say what you will, but expect Nokia's stock price to drop with this news.

Obviously we don't know who is to blame for this between Nokia and Verizon, so let's just put the blame at both of their feet. Nokia had an opportunity to take on the iPhone 5 and SGSIII head on in mindshare throughout the US, but now that is over and done. Nokia will remain a niche product in the US. Verizon had a chance to ensure that they carried the top smartphone offerings in the world on all major platforms. Now WP customers and potential customers will likely pass on giving the phones a chance on Verizon because the most highly coveted device won't be available.

Again, a gross failure on both of their parts to provide what their customers want.

Samsung and HTC make a great WP8. I think people will be impressed enough with those phones. Some people are making it sound like Samsung and HTC are offering poop on a plate. Those phones are awesome as well and people will buy them for the WP8 OS.

Does this mean Verizon is getting matte grey?? I am so trying to stay calm and be optimistic. I really hope att made a mistake for copying and pasting a press for l900. Thumbs up for potential/current Verizon customers

Take that Verizon! That will show you to not have faith in a good product. Choke on that apple. Be a drone.

If this news is true, it's definitely not good for Nokia. At this point in time, they need to get their flagship into as many hands as possible. I would be a day one purchaser if the 920 came to Verizon but I will not wait even if it's a 2 or 3 month wait. The HTC 8X offers some great hardware as well and I need to be back on a smart phone as quickly as possible. The past 2 months with this 4 year old flip phone are killing me.

Does changing the name of the series still make it exclusive? Like maybe VZW is getting the 922 or is that just wishful thinking?

It could happen. There's evidence for a Lumia 822, after all.

Problem is, there's *zero* evidence so for for a Lumia 922 for Verizon.

So was the supposed Verizon roadmap leak that phonearena ran just a bunch of crap? They said that the roadmap showed the 920 coming to Verizon.

As I stated earlier, in the past, when Verizon has had basically the same BlackBerry models as another carrier but a different model numbers, such as the 9900 vs. the 9930 and the 9860 vs. the 9850, the numbers only differentiated whether it was the CDMA vs. GSM model and NEITHER carrier advertised their versions of the phones as exclusive.
When Nokia first introduced the 920, I was skeptical that Verizon would get it because MS and Nokia would want to show some appreciation for AT&T's support through the difficult WP7 days, when Verizon would only carry the HTC Trophy, and were reluctant to even carry that one.  Also, if Nokia decided selling the Lumia 920 as an exclusive was a better deal than offering wide distribution through multiple US carriers, you can bet they ran the numbers and AT&T is paying a good sized premium for those rights.  Right now, Nokia needs cash and selling potential marketshare for upfront money may make the most business sense given their current financial straits.
That said, it still sucks, as someone who's stuck on Verizon.

So you want to bring your company back from the brink of death so your answer is to limit your brand new phone to one carrier? WTH did you they even have the huge press conference to introduce the world to a phone that only a portion would be able to get?
Anyway I have been tired of waiting for this bad news so now I can shop elsewhere. I only wish HTC had a true flagship device, which makes me lean more towards the ATIV, unfortunately... Samsung had no imagination with this device, but I would rather have a higher end phone...
Move along... nothing more to see here...

"I only wish HTC had a true flagship device"...
Earlier, there was a rumored higher end HTC phone, code named Zenith (the 8X was codenamed the Accord and was considered the midrange device).  It was being discussed on WPCentral as recently as a few weeks ago (See http://www.wpcentral.com/htc-windows-phone-8-specs-leaked-three-new-phones for reputed specs, and a recently dismissed fake rendering from a couple of weeks back at http://www.wpcentral.com/htc-windows-phone-8-specs-leaked-three-new-phones).  This phone may not exist or, as they just announced the quad-core Qualcomm chips, it may just have been delayed.  Slim chance  but still a chance.

Yeah I know about the Zenith device, but at this point it probably will not be here until 2013 earliest.. I think they had 3 devices, but at the last minute decided to pull it back and tweak some of the features since Nokia came out with the 920 which probably would have been better spec wise. 

If you like to really use data, go with ATT. Without LTE, Verizon is garbage. Their 3G coverage is slow. Similar to ATT's 2G. I have devices on both networks, and the difference is huge.

Like many others, I'm not switching carriers to chase a phone model, so I don't see how this decision to limit access to devices - assuming it does in fact end up being a true exclusive - could possibly be considered in the best interest of the platform at this absolutely vital point in time for Windows Phone.

What the hell is wrong with, Nokia not putting the 920 on Verizon and T Mobile? Sucks!!!! This phone is going to have relatively low sales numbers because of this. Wow!!!!