AT&T adding the Nokia Lumia 920 and 820 to their Windows Phone lineup

We've heard rumors, speculation and murmurs about AT&T announcing the addition of the Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone to their lineup and now it's official. As an added bonus, AT&T also announced that the Lumia 820 will also be part of the wireless provider's Windows Phone lineup.

The Lumia 920 will be available in red, white, black, yellow and cyan (yes, cyan). The Lumia 820 will be available in black. Both the 920 and 820 will be 4G LTE compatible and are planned to be available in November. There was no mention of pricing in the press release.

We're still inclined to believe we'll see a pre-order period on or around October 21st with the new Lumia Windows Phones showing up in stores on November 4th. Much like we experienced with the Lumia 900 launch.

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AT&T is having a special, invite-only event this evening in New York and hopefully we can shed some more light on things later tonight.

Source: AT&T (opens in new tab)

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  • I can see the comments now...
  • I'm more worried about at&t messing with the storage. They do that often when it's non-expandable. See: HTC One X international vs. American
  • Yay cyan! Though I'm actually thinking getting a yellow one :-)
  • cyan or yellow..? can't decide...
  • That was the trick Nokia played. They made many like an alternate color and then brought the cyan for its fans.
  • Red or yellow? Yellow or red? Oh wait, or cyan? So many tough choices in life!
  • First world problems. But I love having this problem. lol. 
    I'm still loving the ATIV S, but I'll be honest the 920 is growing on me more and more. Mostly because of the technology that it includes. 
  • Right there with you, buddy. Can't deny Nokia's offerings, but as a media and storage junkie, I'm looking at the ATIV S, too.
  • Before all the "no pricing or availability!!!!!!!!!" hits... I just want to say, Yay cyan.
  • The comments are more like "No Verizon!?"
  • No grey. Ironically the color that describes my mood now.
  • Exactly. I'm not understanding why gray is not a part of the color choices. It's certainly a business color that people would be highly requesting. There's got to be more to this. Maybe there will be some clarity after the VIP event.
  • well.. calm down. Its available in 5 colors allready... no other high end smartphone has so many color choices.
  • White or yellow?
  • Why exclusive? Is that supposed to be an advantage for anyone?
    I mean, in my country, the device will be exclusive for one carrier as well. But that's no big deal as you can also buy contract phones from neutral distributors and use them on any carrier (technology is the same), but for the U.S., where different carriers = different technoligies?
    U.S. non-ATT-customers, someone at the other side of the ocean is keeping the fingers crossed for you :-)
  • No, we can buy phones off contract and use them with a compatible pre-paid phone company. I use my Lumia on H2O wireless which has the exact same coverage as ATT since they use their towers at a fraction of the price. I'll probably never go back to a carrier again. It's not all soon and gloom for us in the US.
  • "doom"
  • As of now, though, those prepaid "carriers" won't have 4G, and probably not for the foreseeable future, which is why I won't be jumping ship just yet.
  • Hey, can you spare $900 so I can buy the L920. Appreciate much.
  • Who says you'll have to spend $900? If you're willing to wait a bit, not only does the price go down but people will sell it used for a fraction of the price. My Lumia was $150. I pay $60 a month for unlimited talk, text 2 gigs of data and $10 worth of international calling per month and no late/ hidden fees where I magically have $15 tacked onto my bill at the end of the month. I save at least $500 a year doing this.
  • There are a few advantages.
    - Truck loads of money from AT&T
    - Free marketing push by some great marketers that understand the North American market
    - Air of exclusive branding. "Everyone has a HTC 8x or Ativ S but only an elite club has the Nokia Lumia 920."  Yes, some people think this way. This is especially prevalent in the clothing industry and the video game industry(mainly by PS3 fanboys saying Uncharted 2 man! much better than Gears of War and exclusive to the PS3 while Gears was on the PC).
    - This one ties into the one above but if you were deciding between the 920 and the 8x, would you rather have the one exclusive to your carrier or the one everyone and their grandma can get on every carrier? Call me shallow but I like to differentiate and would buy the 920 based on this fact alone. Although this doesn't apply to me because I am not sure who is getting it in Canada between Telus and Rogers. Since AT&T got it, I am guessing it might be a blanket deal and Rogers gets it exclusive.
    Nokia probably thinks that the above far outweigh the profits they would get from doing a multiple carrier release. I tend to agree with their business professionals with the iphone 5 being pretty new and the GS3 being somewhat new-ish. If AT&T believes the Lumia 920 is going to take the scraps leftover from the iphone 5 and GS3 and is willing to pay you up front for it, wouldn't you take it? I would in a hearbeat.
  • "Exclusive". Ya, looks like Nokia Lumia 900 all over again. (poor sales).
  • This link:
    says the 920 will be *exclusive* to AT&T.  Noooooooooooooooooooo!  A big hearty f**k you to Nokia if that is the case.  And to Verizon for letting it happen.
  • Don't forget that Verizon is rumored to get an 822 model, no reason why they couldn't have an 922 as well. Besides, Nokia and Verizon are are part of the same wireless charging consortium. I don't think Nokia is trying to screw anyone. If Verizon is serious about WP8 and really wants it, there are ways around it. We will just have to wait an extra month or so...
  • Why are you pissed at Nokia? Verizon is the one opting to miss out, but they're offering HTC and Samsung instead (unofficially). If Verizon opts to screw their customers, how is that the OEMs fault?
  • It isn't necessarily up to Verizon either though. AT&T may very well have made a deal for exclusivity in order to carry ot.
  • after dealing with Verizons horrible support of their only wp7, I left and went to at&t.  its nice to have a company support a product they actually sell...HTC was no help at all
  • AT&T just announced that the Lumia 920 will be an exclusive. Nokia, I don't understand why you would do this to yourself... Why cut out most of your potential customers?
  • I guess it's time for us on other carriers to put the 920 behind us and start considering other phones.
  • C'mon Surface phone!
  • THIS
  • But why not switch to AT&T? Is it that bad as a provider?
    Since i'm not US i don't understand what the big problem would be. I was under the impression that AT&T was one of the bigger (perhaps biggest?) providers in the US?
    Another option would be to buy it seperatly and get a sim-only subscription (if they can do that, not sure but thats the way some folks do it over here in The Netherlands)
  • same here. I don'T get why people are so pissed about it..? can't you just buy it on amazon off contract unlocked and use it on verizon? Thats what i always do in germany.
  • Verizon's network is CDMA... the GSM technology in AT&T phones will not work on the Verizon Wireless network.
  • Its the 2nd biggest carrier in the U.S. And some people have been screwed over by at&t but I like at&t since I pay I'm paying only ⅔ of what I would pay with Verizon, Verizon is trying to screw over my fiancée from her old paid off contract, I get the best coverage in my area with at&t, and I have always had a good experience with customer care (I am also a at&t plus member as well though).
  • It would cost me $40 MORE PER MONTH to switch to At&t.  That is NOT an exaggeration, I've priced it and re-priced over and over again trying to figure out the best options that IS the best option.  $40 more per month???! On a 2 year contract?? = $960!  I'm better off paying for an unlocked handset then.
    If switching to At&t was a negligible difference, like $15 more, not $40, then I'd be all for it.
    The only way I'd buy a Nokia at this point is if I can get an unlocked version, and if I'm patient enough to wait for an unlocked version.
    I do not want the 'mid-range' 820.  And if I'm not going to get the Lumia 920, then I might as well go with the Sammie Ativ over the 8X since it will have expandable memory card.
    I do not understand at all why none of these OEMs can build that one great phone.   No matter what a person chooses... HTC, Nokia or Samsung, there is a trade off to be made.
    Want a memory card slot? Then give up process power.  Or, keep process power and have a memory card slot, but give up the amazing camera options.  Get the better camera, but give up network choice and some other options, etc.  Its pitiful.
  • How many times do people have to be told that it's as much Verizon fault that it's exclusive to ATT as anybody's. Verizon had the option to carry the lumia line before and opted out. Art has been the only one really waving the windows phone flag, so when everyone else was finally ready to hop on board, you bet ATT made sure to get exclusivity for having been a supporter from the start. And they probably secured exclusive rights long before the 920 was ever announced. Probably made the deal at the time they decided to carry the 900.
  • Any word on the 920 being an exclusive to AT&T ? Just wondering as I am interested in the rumored Verizon model and being an exclusive could delay Verizon users getting it (and making me wait for the MSFT model).
    Oh, well, going to install a 7.8 rom on my Trophy tonight or tomorrow... at least I can figure out the layout of my tiles for when I get a WP 8 device !
  • It's definitely exclusive to AT&T:
  • WTF...Looks like I am not getting a Windows Phone 8 device any time soon.... PHUCK YOU VERIZON AND NOKIA FOR MAKING THIS HAPPEN
  • The 8X is still pretty spiffy.
  • 820 in black. What about other colors and the shells...Or will tonight event reveal that info..
  • Dear Verizon customers: Sorry
    Dear Me: FUCK YES.
  • Hahaha!!
  • Dammit, storm trooper or avatar!?
  • Did he just say that the 920 is exclusive to at&t? Huh? Please dont let this be true
  • yep.
  • Thanks to the AT&T exclusivity, HTC just got themselves a sale! I guess in a way I should be thankful; my decision is easier now.
  • Yep. I actually like the 820 better than the 8x but I'm going 8x on principal. Nokia is officially dead to me.
  • He said it: Exclusive for AT&T...
  • As a Nokia share holder all I have to say is: "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, WHY????????????????????"
  • I seriously hope the exclusivity means that there is a Lumia 922 or something exclusive to Verizon. Otherwise, as a stock owner, I am disappointed.
  • October (Surface tablet) and November (L920) are going to be very expensive months.
  • +1
  • Jiminy Christmas, what is the holdup on pricing info? Hopefully they'll share that tonight.
  • Find out if the cyan is matte! Looks like it from the renders, but I need to know!!!!! Buying the cyan regardless though, lol.
  • On the products page from nokia it looks pretty shiny to me:
    I'm guessing its not very different from the 900/800 cyan?
  • It's so hard to pick a colour.. Black looks great, but I'll skip that cos all phones are black :P Cyan is great too if its available at launch, but then it could be mistaken for N9 or L900. White looks really amazing too, but in a way not "special enough" :D Sorta thinking about red the most as it looks great and is unique to the Lumia 920 (and 820, but different "form factor"), so when people see I have the Lumia body in red, they shall all know it's a 920!
    But damn.. The stormtrooper looks great too :D
  • Soooooooo...does Verizon know it's exclusive to AT&T as well?? So was the leaked roadmap  wrong, or did things just change?? Either way since I'm on T-Mobile, this was irrelevant for me...just trying to sympathize with the Verizon users who I know were PRETTY excited for the 920...
  • I'm thinking the leaked roadmap may have been more fan-fiction than anything else.
  • Nokia just lost themselves another customer if the AT&T exclusivity is true (I'm hoping it isn't despite what it says on their webpage). Looks like I should get used to the idea of owning an 8X.
  • Maybe an 8X off contract, maybe but, that 16gb is too limited. My 16gb Trophy is always out of space (always deleting to install or add stuff.)
  • You'll probably love it!
  • The big question is... Is Cyan matte finish? If not that is really sad there is no gray. I don't want black to be my only choice.
  • I'm assuming this is why Microsoft/Steve Ballmer were praising HTC's devices at their release since all the big carriers will have them and they aren't exclusive to anyone. Seems like AT&T/Nokia will push advertisements for the 920 while Microsoft gets behind all (or some) of the other carriers to push the 8X/8S. I'm bummed gray won't be available, but luckily I have AT&T will be able to pick one up on launch day.
  • Yay only matte color is black? :-/
  • Is the Cyan matte or gloss? I really hope that Cyan isn't exclusive to the US and comes to Rogers.
  • WAIT....the 820 is exclusive too?
  • No just the 920
  • No, the 820 is exclusive to AT&T as well.

  • There is a rumor that Verizon will get an 822. So if that is true, I wonder if they will get a 922 also. There phones will be better because they would have higher numbers ;-)
  • It'll be the 821. Have a family member who has used it (he works for VZW). He said it's not testing well, though.  Granted, that isn't surprising, given it's low end nature.
    He won't answer me when I ask about a 921, though.
  • What the heck do you mean by the 820 being "low end"?
  • confirms my worst fear being a VZW customer.  Man, I guess I'll have to jump on the 8x for now.  I'd go for the 8s, but don't want another WVGA screen.
  • Did AT&T say 820 was exclusive? Only that website says so. I'm going to wait it out and see what happens
  • Interesting, even though we saw that page showing Verizon showing the gives me a litlte hope that the 922 will show up on Verizon....
    or it could just a BS rumor and Verizon might get just the HTC and Samsung, in that case, i might just wait...
  • Omg this is a disaster for Nokia. The 920 not being on Verizon is the horrible. If Verizon was on board they probably could of tripled they're sales in the US. WTH is going on? Now im definatley starting to get a little scared for Nokias future. Unless at&t makes the biggest marketing push ever. This just broke my heart
  • Why isn't the exclusivity mentioned in this WPCentral post?  You'd think that would be the big news here...
  • Maybe they know something we dont know? Like 922's?
  • Nokia will get no traction in the US market if it keeps playing this exclusive game. I guess HTC won the US
  • That's what I'm sayin!
  • Elop has been saying this in every interview - they are going the exclusive way as it worked for them earlier. I don't have any hopes for L920 or L820 on Verizon. As a TMobile customer I am really disappointed - I have a 710 and L920 or L820 would have been an good upgrade. Now I will probably go with Samsung ATIV.
  • When the hell is it coming out?? I am waiting. And will continue to wait. I don't care if it's October 21st, 26th, November 2nd, 4th, or 11th. JUST GIVE ME A DATE! All of these "announcements" and "unveilings" are leaving me exceptionally upset. We KNOW the phone is fantastic. We KNOW it's coming soon. I'm tired of checking these sites every single day to find out when the phone will be released, seeing announcements about it, and not getting the one piece of information I actually care about (though truth be told, I definitely had a sigh of relief when it was confirmed to be on AT&T). This is getting very frustrating. /rant
  • It looks like the 920 will have carrier branding on it.
  • This is not good for Nokia stockholders
  • Yep, they've been downgraded again. Now to SELL! Wonder if related to this ATT exclusivity? JK.
  • So much for no ATT branding on it lol
  • I swear, if T-Mobile doesn't at least get the Lumia 820 in their lineup, I'll scream... I figured we wouldn't get the 920, so I've had my heart on the 820 from the get-go. I really don't want to get the HTC 8X. What the hell is up with all this AT&T exclusivity?!
  • I'm pretty sure T-Mobile is getting the 820. That's been a pretty solid rumor for a while now...
  • Nokia's website even has the Lumia 820 as AT&T Exclusive!!!  WTF!!!

  • I know. I saw that too and it makes me see red. WTF indeed! Why does AT&T get BOTH phones exclusively??? Very unfair.
  • Put "Lumia 822" into a Bing search and you will see that this "exclusive" 820 to AT&T might not matter.
  • I keep seeing this as being related to Verizon. I'm on T-Mobile, so it wouldn't be relevant to me. :-/
  • I'd rather have the 8X. The 820 has a WVGA resolution!! Trust me when you see the screen on the 8X it will blow away the 820. Also the camera will probably end up better on the 8X as well, not to mention the premium casing the 8X will have over the interchangeable shell on the 820.
  • I'm coming from an unlocked iPhone 4, so yeah, the 8X's screen definitely appeals to me, but I'm a Nokia loyalist. I've heard a few disastrous things about HTC phones, including from one of my best friends who owns one. I can deal with the lower screen res on the Lumia 820 if I get microSD expansion. I just saw on Nokia USA's website on the 820's page that it said "Exclusively at AT&T," which is why I made my earlier comment. I just hope the 820 does indeed get to T-Mobile or I may just cry...
  • We Tmobile customer have another option - the Samsung ATIV. I would go with a Nokia if it is a choice, if not, Sammy is not bad either. Its Nokia's loss. The moron who thought Exclusive will work better needs to be fired from Nokia.
  • I wouldn't get a Samsung if it were the last option on earth. I'll support HTC, but I've always had Nokia phones. This is a huge disappointment. It's looking more and more like the 8X will be my next phone.
  • what is so bad about the ATIV? To me it is better than their flagship S3
  • Someone said carriers chose the phone they want. So not Nokia's fault.
  • I bet Verizon customers are warming up to the 8X in a hurry. Perhaps WPCentral should reset that poll and run it again. Come on you had to see this coming. Look at the bright side...the 8X is no slouch by any means. You are still getting a flagship-level phone. The camera will still be excellent with its dedicated image processing chip. My wife has the HTC One X and it is a great camera...blows away my Samsung Focus in all lighting situations. You still get a selection of bold colors in a shapely unibody shell. You still get an amazing screen. I wouldn't be too upset by this news.
  • Agreed!
  • Nokia obviously doesn't REALLY want to get back in the game with this "exclusive" nonsense...I honestly thought they woul be in talks to bring the 920 to T-Mobile as well, considering that the 710 did so well there...oh well. My red 8X and I will get along just fine..
  • I thought the same thing and yes that red looks really nice!
  • Awe, I was eyeing the grey 920. I guess go for yellow now?
  • I'm going to wait and see what they say about it being available. Maybe it'll be a month later like the white 900 was?
  • I wonder if by "exclusive", they mean that it will be "exclusive" at launch?  Maybe it will be a "timed" exclusive.  Wouldn't be the first instance of this sort of thing.
  • Totally agree with you.  I think all the people freaking out about the exclusivity are most likely overreacting.  Nokia knows it needs Verizon as a partner to succeed in the US market.  I'm guessing either they'll have different models than AT&T or that AT&T will be exclusive for the first few weeks.  Like you said, this same thing has happened before...
  • So, I have a question for you than. Let's say you're right and it is a timed exclusive deal. How long is an acceptable waiting period? For me, I've been waiting a while for wp8 and had my sights set on the 920 but if I have to wait till next year for it, screw it. Potentially, by that time better phones may be out. I guess what I'm saying is Nokia is losing out on potential customers by locking themselves in. The 920 right now may be "tops" but it won't be for long so why not get as much value out of it right now by providing it to everyone instead of handcuffing themselves to one carrier... By the way, I’m a off contract T-mobile user.
  • They said that about the L900. Good luck!
  • They should give all current wp7 users a early upgrade
  • +100 for this, especially for anyone who bought a 900 before the WP8 announcement.
  • How the hell is Nokia suposed to gain traction with this exclusive crap?  How many Lumias could they possibly sell on ATT? 
  • ...and against iPhone 5, note 2, and one x+! I just can't see Nokia moving forward in the US doing it this way.
  • Can you say another fucked up launch?
    First, is it really that hard for AT&T to pronounce Nokia correctly? I mean, seriously..
    Second, no grey? What the hell was the purpose of showing us grey color in US if you are not going to sell grey in US?
    Third, Yellow and Cyan (most popular choice of many) will be available online only? WTF? I remember Cyan selling out like hot cakes at AT&T stores..
    I seriously hope that Microsoft Stores will have all color choices available.
  • they need to be sold unlocked at MS stores.
  • This phone better effin be $199 on contract for ATT if it is exclusive.  a penny more and Nokia has blown in company going under blown it.
    Furthermore, ATT might be the exclusive carrier, but Nokia needs to sell these unlocked at MS stores.  I do not want to give a penny of my money to that crooked evil company of shysters known as ATT.
  • Timed?  If its times it better be only for 30 days or theres no point.  Its important that for the initial launch that this phone is available on both major carriers.  Not when the hype wares off
  • The price will be $200 with a two year commitment. Trust me its from a good source. I haven't heard what the 820 will go for.
  • Cyan!  Take my money AT&T!
  • Even though I have AT&T, I'm kind of disappointed that Verizon won't get the 920. I think this hurts Nokia ALOT. The 8X and mIcrosoft approval now makes more sense. Still getting the red one for wife and ordering the yellow one online.
  • Stupid decision again by Nokia but cnt say I'm shocked by it. Maybe they do same thing in Europe too, I read elop saying their biggest mistake with lumia in Europe was giving it to too many carriers. Maybe makes surface phone more reality tho as if it goes to diff carriers = no stepping on nokias toes I guess ;)
  • This wasn't a decision by Nokia but ultimately a decision by Verizon. 920 is about to be sold on almost every major carrier around the world except Verizon. Verizon is the one refusing to play ball.
  • You are so wrong. I will leave it at that. Think at&t doesn't want the razr maxx? Exclusive is just a carrier throwing money at an oem and the oem accepting. The 920 will also be an exclusive in most areas. The difference is the USA has cdma tech as well.
  • I left Verizon when the Lumia 900 came and Verizon had nothing to do with it. I was with Verizon for more than 10 years. I feel I made the right choice, but I am disappointed about the att logo on the phone. Was hoping that Nokia took a stand on that. Oh well.
  • Come on. Release date and pricing...
  • What happened to the grey phone?
  • What about the grey 920?
  • ^ Another disappointed Verizon customer
  • Funny, seeing as how Verizon did such a bang up job with the Trophy I wonder why anyone is automatically assuming the 920 would, in some estimates, triple its sales by being on VZW. Hasn't held true for any other smartphone carried on both carriers so what makes this any different?
  • guys remember people were speculating that ATT would release the 920 on october the 20 something? It may be an early exclusive release for ATT and then it will got to VZW. I would expect the cyan to be ATT exclusive and grey for everyone else.
  • Except it was announced for november :(
  • I bet Verizon gets the grey 920, that the one I want and I'm with att..
  • Finally they show a cyan 920. I'm happy to see it being released at launch as well. Since i'm not US, i hope that they will release it in Europe (NL) from the start. We'll have to wait and see but it looks like i found my color!
  • I don't see exclusive in the article, so Verizon should be getting them too, and maybe grey will be exclusive to them..
  • Wow I thought cyan would come later. No I will actually consider it versus black. Help? Lol
  • I wanted grey, so naturally grey isnt announced. lol... oh well, white or cyan it is. (tired of black phones)
  • I predict bad sales numbers for Nokia US. HTC winner this round.
  • He said the 920 is "exclusive" to ATT. Does that mean it won't be coming to VRZ or T-Mo? cause that would be a huge disappointment. Also, the carrier branding is WAAAACK! and where's the grey version? boooo..
  • Daniel, could you please make an entire article explaining why ATT has exclusive rights? People really seem to be under the impression that Nokia is to blame when in actuality, they were probably locked into an exclusive contract with ATT ever since they released the 900 back in April. Verizon had a chance to carry the Lumia line and decided to pass. Verizon customers need to aim their fury at Verizon for not supporting Nokia from the beginning in order to reap the benefits now. Can't be mad at ATT for making it exclusive. That's just smart on them, though I'm pretty sure Nokia would want to spread the love.
  • You and others have no idea how exclusives work.
  • Then by all means, enlighten us.
  • A carrier obtains an exclusive by offering the oem a sum of money. If the oem accepts said sum of money they are no longer allowed on other carriers. Nokia is dead to me.
  • Yeah and my point was that where was Verizon and T-mobile at in terms of offering money for the 900 or 920? They obviously passed on it otherwise why wouldn't Nokia want to get money from 3 carriers instead of one? Who's to say that when Nokia passed on the variant 900 that Nokia didn't feel backed into a corner and felt like they had to take the money and be exclusive to att for maybe a two-phone (900 and 920) deal? To hate Nokia without knowing ALL of the facts just seems silly to me. And conversely, would you have been complaining if the 920 turned out to be a Verizon exclusive?
  • Goodbye Nokia, and hello HTC!
  • cyan versions exclusive to AT&T only for the entire world? Or will cyan version be available in other countries as well?
  • Sweet!!!
  • The 920 AND 820 Nokia pages both claim AT&T exclusivity. We also KNOW Verizon is getting Nokia WP8 phones. Verizon getting 822 & 922 phones doesn't contradict AT&T's hold on the 820 & 920, technically.
  • Sounds like another case of exclusivity where no one will be able to unlock these phones to use on another carrier. Guess we'll have to rely on Rogers again to release an unlockable L920. Knowing them they'll only release in boring ol' black at best. Great.
  • Rogers did eventually release the 900 in cyan. It took forever though.
  • Nokia lists both the 920 & 820 as exclusive to at&t. I think that means other carriers will get variants, perhaps named something like 922 & 822.
  • The Lumia 822 for Verizon was all over the internet a few weeks ago.
  • Maybe just the colors are exclusive?  Lol, I can dream!
  • EPIC fail.  Huge win for HTC.
  • Yes there is alot of anger, including myself. But we just have take Nokia's and ATT's BS for what it is. At least HTC will not leave anyone out.
  • I thought Nokia said that no one was allowed to place any logo in the front?
    What's the real scoop here? Are they or aren't they? Much prefer the phone with only Nokia showing. Less clutter.
  • I am so glad to see Cyan!! And i'm not really surprised at the AT&T exclusive, they probably have some sort of agreement. That isn't to say some sort of variant won't come to Verizon. That is why I left Verizon in the first place.  I also don't mind the at&t logo. On a side note, I really enjoy all the rage comments. / NOKIA is doomed!!!!!! /s
  • Say what you will, but expect Nokia's stock price to drop with this news.
    Obviously we don't know who is to blame for this between Nokia and Verizon, so let's just put the blame at both of their feet.  Nokia had an opportunity to take on the iPhone 5 and SGSIII head on in mindshare throughout the US, but now that is over and done.  Nokia will remain a niche product in the US.  Verizon had a chance to ensure that they carried the top smartphone offerings in the world on all major platforms.  Now WP customers and potential customers will likely pass on giving the phones a chance on Verizon because the most highly coveted device won't be available.
    Again, a gross failure on both of their parts to provide what their customers want.
  • I love my Cyan 900, now I am in a predicament. Cyan or Yellow! Choices!!!
  • Is it just me but does the 920 look like a perfectly acceptable thickness now both in that video and in that picture? Photoshop? Or has Nokia secretly been tinkering with the body this whole time. Because I swear, it looked way thicker than that before.
  • If you want the cool stuff, you have to be apart of the cool club (AT&T) oh yeah!
  • If I will have 4G enabled phone, can I use 3G? or other?
    Tell me more...
  • I was really looking forward to a grey device.  Maybe it will be offered through the Microsoft Store. :-)