Verizon Touch Pro 2 pics emerge

Huzzah! No other info to go with this yet, at least from the ppcgeeks thread it comes from. But, darn it, that's a sexy phone. (Do note how the logo has changed position from that earlier one we saw.) One more pic after the break.


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Verizon Touch Pro 2 pics emerge


What are the odds it'll be neutered compared to the Telus version...

Obviously they're not going to lock the GPS on the TP2, when they just unlocked it on the TP1.

It says Verizon but I don't recall Verizon having a "3G" icon for their service, wouldn't it say "EV"?

Phil is saying that the Verizon TP2 displays "EV" when it's on a CDMA-based EVDO network and "3G" when it's roaming on a (non-EVDO) UMTS-HSUPA 2Mbps network.

It wouldn't make sense for it to display "EV" when it's not on an EVDO network, would it?

Good point I dont think I have seen a Verizon device with the 3G symbol. Perhaps something new for Verizon or just a test device that Verizon has yet to fully customize to their specs.

Probably at&t decided not to invite themselves because they don't want any high end device to compete with the iPhone so the only normal GMS carrier in the states in not getting any of the high end GSM devices out there and if you don't like the iphone...and you want at&t...you must have an iphone :)

are you smoking crack? ATT Fuze anyone? Youre "argument" is ridiculous at best. ATT got the Fuze after the iphone and theyll get the Pro 2 also

Yeah, but look how it used to be. Before the iPhone, AT&T launched the next gen HTC device a good 6-12 months before CDMA carriers. I had just gotten the Apache (XV6700), and then Cingular released the 8525. AT&T released the Tilt, shortly after the Mogul/XV6800 (spec-wise, a full generation behind the Tilt) was released. Then came the iPhone, and all of the sudden the Touch Pro and Fuze were released at the same basic time across CDMA and GSM carriers.

Now Sprint is in love with the Pre, and when they would have typically released the next gen HTC device a few months prior to Verizon, the speculated launch dates are within a week of each other, Verizon's being the earlier.

Um.... it came to Canada, last week. I have two of them here in my household. Telus.

I'm so excited to get this it's not even funny! I check here religiously for updates on the verizon touch pro2

Making sweet love to the iPhone. Once upon a time, no US carrier could beat AT&T out the door with a device from HTC. Oh how things have changed. How many eggs are you not supposed to have in one basket, oh yeah, all of them.

I wonder if they have slid in a Sim card to test the GSM (since its supposed to be dual CDMA and GSM (granted if the photo was taken in the USA they'd have to have unlocked the GSM since that's presumably locked down to avoid it being ported to AT&T/T-mobile)... Now if only they would take a picture of the bottom of the device to reveal if it has the 3.5mm headphone jack!

Supposedly it's a little less than a 1/4 inch thinner than the Fuze. Obviously it's not a huge upgrade from the Fuze or Touch Pro, but if you skipped those (like me), then it's a pretty big upgrade from the Titan, Tytn, or Tilt.

I've got to agree. Either the guy holding the phone has really small hands, or the TP2 is MUCH bigger than my Fuze. The Fuze may be a bit thick, but its width and height make it very pocketable. I can only imagine how that thing would bang around in the cargo pocket of my work pants, whereas I forget that I'm even carrying my Fuze.

Well, according to specs on Apple's site compared to specs on HTC's site, the only difference in dimensions compared to the 3GS is .05 inches in thickness. I consider the iPhone to be pretty pocketable. Also, while it's .6 inches longer than the Pre, it's virtually the same width, and .14 inches thinner.

Just my opinion, but I think the thickness of a device makes it pocketable more than anything else.

Gotta say, if this is truly the Verizon rendition, its nice. I like the black and green buttons.

This is the nicest looking Verizon rendition of an HTC device that I've ever seen. Big ups to the Big Red on this one... they're doing something right in the WinMo dept. for the first time ever!!!

Guess when it rains it pours. VZW TP2 on video, confirming 3.5mm jack, and a back cover with what looks like the picture of the world on it. No Sprint holes.

grrrr....how is AT&T being entirely left of the touch pro 2 shenanigans. Besides the fake render a while back...

Wow, must be not too far off, with all these leaks. Come on Sprint where are you? Are you really going to let Verizon beat you to it this time?

Pissed it doesn't have a Ctrl key, which I used to use all the time when I had a Sprint Touch Pro ported to Verizon. I lost the STP right after Verizon stopped allowing Sprint phones on their network, so now I'm on a key-challenged Verizon TP. The Ctrl key was crucial for cutting and pasting without leaving the keyboard and for quick cursor moves while editing text. (E.g. Ctrl-Left to move a word left, or Ctrl-Shift-Left to select the word to the left for before Ctrl-C'ing to copy.)

But at least it's got semicolon and underscore on the keyboard! Those keys are also missing from the Verizon TP, and they're really needed if you do any document editing, especially tech docs.

Also, I travel a lot internationally, so I currently own a separate unlocked GSM phone for travel. But I stick with Verizon's CDMA in the US because it's definitely the most reliable network (and with data speeds on par with Sprint's). With the Verizon TP2, assuming I can unlock it (when I install a custom ROM on it, which I've always done with my HTC devices), I'll be able to streamline down to one phone. Can't wait!!!!

I've been waiting for a decent windows mobile phone on verizon for a long time. Just please Verizon dont mess this one up. Does anyone know if the video out option is thru the mini UBS or 3.5mm jack?

I was going to get the T-mobile version but i don't like the way they changed the look of the phone and they don't have the 3.5 jack it looks like I might have to wait a couple more months cuz this looks real good. Good job Verizon.