Viber for Windows Phone gets new version [Update: app pulled from store]


Update Just after the Viber app was updated, it was apparently pulled entirely from the Windows Phone Store. We have contacted Microsoft and Viber to find out what is going on with the Windows Phone version.

Original story The popular Viber messaging app for Windows Phone just received a new update today in the Windows Phone Store that offers some new features, additions and improvements, including a new Hold & Talk feature for instant voice messages.

Here's the full change log for the 4.2 update:

  • Hold & Talk - instant voice messages. Your friend will hear you as you speak!
  • New standalone sticker menu
  • Design improvements, including a new call screen and default background
  • Faster conversation loading and other performance enhancements
  • New supported languages - Persian and Bulgarian

The Hold & Talk feature sounds interesting but we will have to see how well it works with this new version of the Windows Phone app. If you use Viber, what do you think of these new features? Thanks to everyone who tipped us!

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Viber for Windows Phone gets new version [Update: app pulled from store]


Cortana support is needed. Cortana has made much things easier when opening apps like Skype,WP Central. Even watsapp should get Cortana support so that we can speak msgs with voice support to our favourites.

Nope. I quit Viber. Its a product if a former chief intelligence office of the Israeli Defense Force. He is still its CEO. I don't want to use any products that are so closely associated with child murders. I know many tech companies have links to Israel (esp Microsoft) but this link is to close for comfort. Boycott Viber.

I made it clear a lot of companies are linked to that terrorists state and it's hard to get around that. However Viber is far too closely linked to the child murdering organization that is the IDF

Have never been able to get this to install....tried on 2 different phones now. Never had a reply from support either. So I could care less.

Uninstall the app and install again then you find new viber faster and smoother and you receive the call in time the notification fix thanks viber team

On my L1520 this update is terrible!

- Exception errors entering the app;

- Exception errors sending messages;

- Cannot scroll normally trough the sticker store;

Opened a ticket on Viber Support, let's see their answer

(Reinstalled the app but the problem continues)

Idk for some reason, it says, that its nt supported anymore.. :| Wtf.. Da app i have works fine.. Bt cant download da new one..
LUMIA 1020 WP8.1 Dev preview(ddnt install update 1) ,ROGERS CANADA...

Yep, same problem here in South Africa, Lumia on WP 8.0 black update. Can't find Viber in the store and if I use the URL from the article gives me some "your device is not supported" error. Wonder what's going on...

Finally the Persian Support!!!
I think the new update is great, but Viber must keep working on it.

Its not just that the apps was pulled from the store, the app diesn't work any more (not able to see chat or to write messages)!
(btw, I haven't uodate my phone yet)