Microsoft Booth CES

Video tour of Microsoft’s off-site showroom at CES 2014

The big news a few years ago was Microsoft was not going to do CES any longer, instead focusing on their own events like Build, which are better aligned with their product announcements.

But the truth is, they are here, taking meetings with their partners and press (see our interview with director of Windows Phone, Greg Sullivan). They even have a rather large showroom with just announced Windows 8.1 PCs, tablets, two-in-ones and various Windows Phone 8 devices.

Check out our behind the scenes video of Microsoft’s off-site showroom, including all of their wares. Video after the break!


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Video tour of Microsoft’s off-site showroom at CES 2014


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The whole time I watched that video, I didn't even notice what he was showing. I was so enamoured by his dreaminess.. ;-)

Daniel,you dont look like you are in your 30s as I read from a comment by you in a post some time before.You hardly look 25!!!! ;) :o

Better yet.. that PC gets its own post in a bit. We just need to finish up the video..and the post :P Fun machine though. 

Nice tour, quick overview on what Microsoft has to show for. But didn't they have any research-like tech or some software/OS stuff displayed? I would imagine that they would have some other stuff to show that might not be BUILD-suited or something?

I also think that the showreel of the products could be a bit more lengthy. I found it weird that you say "the reason why we are here" and not show the products. Sure they might have been featured on the website, but since they are all there. Like you could only film there for 5 minutes or something. Now you also had some issues with the focus on the camera. If you had taken your time, that would be less irritating. I would love to get my hands on all those devices...

Too bad MS isn't on the main-floor of the CES anymore. Seems like a missed opportunity to give some more attention to the GDR3/Black release.

zero mention of the HP Pro x2 410, that they just announced at CES. It is a horrible name but looks to be a good "hybrid" tablet.

Man I hate to say it but with the landscape of the W8 and the way the tablets are becoming more of a vision, its definitely making RT look dead in the water. At least till its incorporated into WP but MS should not wait until 2015 to make this happen.

I love the way most new convertibles have innovative ways of switching. Dubs WIN8 as the "New", more powerful tablet for everything.