Video of Windows Phone 8 GDR3 and Nokia Bittersweet shimmer in action

As we continue the saga of the Lumia 920 loaded with GDR3 (Windows Phone 8 Build 10484), the forthcoming OS update from Microsoft, this afternoon we can bring you a video of the updated OS being operated.

The video comes directly from the leaker in our forums, xs2k, who was kind enough to provide Windows Phone Central with a copy earlier this morning. The nearly four minute video, mostly silent, shows the OS being manipulated and various features being revealed, confirming the authenticity.

Features in GDR3 + Bittersweet shimmer that are now confirmed include:

  • Custom sounds for text, voice mail, e-mail, and reminders (not seen in this build of GDR3)
  • Restore over Wi-Fi when you reset your phone
  • Huge amount of work on Bluetooth with various vehicles and devices
  • Driving Mode
  • Screen rotation lock
  • 'X' to close out apps in multitasking
  • Icon for multitasking apps
  • General performance improvements
  • 1080P Display support (for new devices)
  • Support for new Qualcomm chipsets

We may have more video footage to bring you later today, based on feedback in our forums. Stay tuned...


Reader comments

Video of Windows Phone 8 GDR3 and Nokia Bittersweet shimmer in action



I agree but I still want Microsoft to make the settings in alphabetical order as it is a nightmare finding things in settings.

Agreed, or at least if not alphabetical, able to be reorganized and specific ones pinned. Toward the end of my Lumia 900's usage (still works, just replaced with a 925 on launch day) I was using it for work for calls and data, no chargers handy unless the place for lunch had wall outlets, so the first thing I'd do after unplugging it was enabling battery saver mode just to make certain it could make it last the day. Battery Saver on the 900 required at least one screen swipe to get to, and was not logically placed. The 925's also requires the swipe, but I don't need to use it, as it has much better life than the 900.

I agree the Battery life is better on the Lumia 925 than the Lumia 900 as I did the same as you when the 925 came out but I never had an issue with the battery running out on a day usage. If I used the Battery saver I could get 2 days out of it as I used this at Glastonbury this year and compaied to my brothers HTC Titan who did the same I had just over half battery left at the end of the day and he had just under a quater left.
I hope MS do something to get the settings menu in order thougth.

Yeah, its a complete mess. Well I guess we have to wait another year or two for that "feature" to be added.
How things like this get ignored for so long is beyond me, just like rotation lock. "Small" things like these creates a pretty frustrating user experience, something you really want to avoid.

But really , when are stuff like , full screen ie , folders , when are little stuff like that are coming , I thing they could have included them in gdr3 well I guess we will have to wait for wp8.1

That's just it. If Samsung can implement this; why haven't Microsoft or Nokia done it yet. I suspect they could come up with an even better implementation.


Its an agreement thing. Htc got the clock, Samsung got folders.

I would like to see the clock tile available to all wps, but i don't really care about folders. I'm not against them, more options is better etc, but i cant say i want them personally

I don't think that's quite it, MS and Nokia just haven't implemented a solution yet. Nokia can change core framework to WP if they so choose.

designing a new way to handle folders can be tough, i mean they could have some incredible concepts on paper but couldnt decide which to use

Those aren't really features most people care about. They have bigger features both user facing and under the hood that are way more important. As a matter of fact, from all the post I've seen compaining about wp, this is the first time I've seen full screen ie and folders.

Folders=no. Its an outmoded mechanism. A hangover. I can't wait for the day we have no folders.
Apps put their doc type in the rigth place in the cloud. Tagging and searching make the files retrievable. Folder management will look like faxing in 10 years time. Can't wait. Good riddance to folders.

There is something really fishy in the video.....in the extras + info it says the manufacture name is rm_India which means it is an indian phone....but on the top left of the phone it says at&t but at&t doesn't have any store in India nor it functions in India.....so what am i missing....im very curious

Dude.. Since when did it start happening that you put an at&t sim in an indian nokia and the logo magically appears on the phone.. -_-

No, it is a T-Mobile sim card.
so, the firmware is Indian, phone belongs to AT&T, and the sim card is T-Mobile!!!

This is correct. And very odd. U.S. AT&T 920 with Indian firmware and a T-Mobile SIM card. I'm sure there's an interesting back story to this.

Hopefully the expanded Bluetooth means being able to use a Bluetooth keyboard, I mean we have office..... I long for wimo functionality.

I've waited for years for WP to take off and it never did. Now im switching to the new Note which will be my first non-windows smartphone ever thanks to MS. Custom alerts? Orientation lock? Those are headlining updates? By now I thought my phone, my computer, and my Xbox would be this big ugly unified monster that everybody bowed to... but at least you can close "multitasking" apps now without pounding the back button an infinite number of times.

Don't let the door hit ya where the dog should've bit ya❕... This site is for WP fans... Windowsphone FANS❗

I'm a grown man, I know how to walk through doors.

The person I replied to said he longed for Winmo functionality... the OLD version of windows that is more functional than the new one. I told him not to hold his breath because the breaking news in this update is custom alerts. Let the dog bite me on the way out, I don't give a f#ck.

Who's bitching? I mentioned the lack of function in a SMARTPHONE. I thought the GDR3 was a big update that would keep me on the platform... its not. Is that bitching? I found an alternative that Im happy to adopt... theres nothing sad about me so quit making assumptions, it reflects poorly on your intellect. 
Speaking of reflecting poorly, lets have an example about a lack of function in WP: I had a presentation to give for my undergraduate degree (Im a premed biology major/chem minor before you make anymore dumb ass assumptions about me). I load a research powerpoint onto my phone so that  I can look at it while I wait to present at the conference. I notice an edit I wish to make to the text (not to a chart, graph, or animation) and I find out that my Windows based phone is incapable of editing in a windows based program. That is the very definition of a muthaf#cking shortcoming, is it not? I still did well in my presentation, but the point is, I didn't have a device that could do ****WORK**** for me when I needed it to. Do you do work on your phone? I mean real work, not just searching maps to find the gay porn outlet store. The person I REPLIED TO mentioned winmo functionality and I said it was a long way off... and as soon as I say something negative about the platform that I currently use, the fanboys run out and try to start a pillow fight with me. My old Touch Pro 2 would have likely been capable of editing that powerpoint for me (winmo).
But let's all clap for the updates that are coming.
When I said grown man, maybe I should have said educated... because none of you have said anything worth reading. All I get are corny ass replies like "dont let the door hit you" and snide personal jabs about how I must be a sad f#ck. I can throw disguised personal jabs too, but thats not what I came here for and if thats ALL you have to reply with, save your "breath."
I guess you guys are the WP guard dogs or something... Attaboy.
And for the record, Nowhere in ANY post did I say WP was bad...  I simply said that MY needs are broader than what WP can cover at the moment, and in the foreseeable future, in a reply to somebody who might be in the same boat I was in last year. 
Let me know if you need help understading what I wrote little buddy.

a man thought he prepared for presentation but didn't bother to check if the phone could edit, ok congrads u just proved u're a "man" /s
now have u never been taught what the difference between "not for me" and "put it down" is?
since u're a student (if u aren't lying that is) shouldn't this come up in your "research"? i don't have loads of time to research things anymore but i knew that before i bought the phone...
we genrally like meaningful discussion and conversation, but for u and ur arrogant "should be unified by now" fails that *hint* go figure out how business work and how programming/designing is done, biology ain't gonna help u understand these things

What?! Expecting a phone that displays a full powerpoint presentation NATIVELY to be capable of editing it (just like in word) makes me something other than a man? It's not the phone, its my fault for expecting a uniform experience throughout the MS Office suite that comes on the phone? Thats unreasonable? Sigh. I dont make a habit of creating powerpoints on a phone, but the one and only time I needed to, I couldn't, and probably still can't with this new update. I'm not saying anybody is dumb for liking WP because I love mine, it always works, I've only needed to reset it like two and a half times in two years. Thats magic. They have a great foundation, but they arent building much upon it.
@Xaphoon, This is why I come off as an asshole... defending reasonable logic against irrational thought is ridiculous. I'm not a man? I might be lying about being a student? C'mon. Being a man, I can apologize for being offensive when it wasn't my intention. Sorry.
@ the people who responded reasonably, I appreciate your non-offensive comments and your ability to see an argument from both sides without bias. I apologize if I came off a little heated, but it came from a place of love. If I hated WP, I wouldn't care that it let me down. 

And what exactly were you expecting? For your phone to magically become all-in-one light saber/cheese grater/sex buddy combination?

I can't really think what you'd want that's missing from the OS unless you consider the gimmicks provided by Samsung "features" and if that is really the case, I urge you to leave.

Lol you are right, those are gimmick features that don't even work like Samsung promise's, what a shame ...

Just like the "gimmicks" provided by HTC and Nokia. Don't single out Samsung just because you Nokia Fanboys hate them!!!!!!

Why are people so defensive about nothing? I mentioned that I had love for the OS for years and have been let down, and look at all the negative backlash. I came to look at the update and its just this list? I don't need any urging but thanks for your concern.

Let me tell you what I expect from a device: I receive a lot of electronic documents at work... you ladies know what work is right? Those documents often require a signature... that means I sign my name to indicate that I've read said documents. It would be cool to do that on any device without having to print first... do you understand that? I could just sign that muthaf#cka on my phone and send it back in minutes instead of sitting down at a computer, opening my email, printing, signing, and walking my ass to H.R. (thats human resources for you fucking clowns who suggest grating cheese with a phone, but I guess that was supposed to be funny to somebody). Do you understand how much more streamlined the process of signing my fucking name will become? Thats what I want from my device... something that works WITH me.
Its cool though, orientation lock is coming to WP8 so buckle up.
That doesn't sound like a samsung "gimmick" feature to me, but by reading the replies to my comment, most of you kids were probably out on strike asking McDonalds for higher wages recently.  I can also have two documents on the same screen and make edits on the fly between the two... do you think that the new nokia behemoth will have that function when its possible on my windows based desktop? Probably not. The question then becomes WHY? SHIT LIKE THAT IS WHAT I EXPECTED BY NOW. How about I long press to float the icons, long press again on an app and have that app launch on half the screen? Nope... custom alerts.
All comments are not generated by fanboys. I've put thought into my choices and you WP fanboys came out like it was ladies night at the chippendales to try to make some sort of point.
I see that logic has no place here.

Well, for what it's worth I agree with you. winmo was and still is a more useful device for business. WP is a consumer device and even Microsoft has said as much. There is an "enterprise pack" coming sometime in 2014 that might help, but for now yeah, WP is for socializing and playing games. Such is the trend these days. The only reason I'm still on WP is that I don't like any of the alternatives. Google is spyware and using an iPhone for work is even worse than WP. Firefox OS I don't think is out yet and I've always hated Blackberry. So WP it is. And I know it will keep getting better so I'm OK for now. The thing about WP over winmo is the stability. My winmo would crash daily and I can't have that.

Sad to see you go but if you must go, goodbye then. And you'll not be missed since you've never really been with WP LOL!

^this. I see his points. The vulgar statements could have been left out, but yes he makes a good argument. I prefer WP to any other OS out there for what I use my phone for, but in comparison to the other OS's out there, it lacks behind. Sure we have other aspects that the other OS's don't have, but truth be told WP is not up to date in functionality and hardware especially when some features from winmo is nowhere to be seen on the platform. I dig the OS, but others are jumping ship. It's all about prefrence in the long run.

how about closing a program with the back button instead of leaving it with toast notification or the windows button 

I do that right now but if your are deep in an app its usually 2 or 3 taps before you back out. It will be nice to just have this implemented.

I like and am used to how windows 8 does it... Why can't we just pull the app down to the bottom on the phone to close it? What's wrong with beings consistent between the OS's?

I've seen so many people complain about the x to close an app. Of all the things to be concerned about. Holy smokes. Wtf is the big deal about an x? It has been a respectable member of our alphabet for hundreds of years, until now. The readers of wpcentral have put an end to the letter x for all of mankind.

I couldn't care if it's an X or slide down, as long as you can close an app. However, implementing some win 8 gestures would be a good idea. Would be a nice step toward unifying the windows experience across devices.

It's a minor complain, but the sliding is a more elegant implementation. The x is old and you have a small target for tapping. The slide to close was great on webos and the implemented it in w8. Even ios 7 will have it. This is just a step backwards and seems like a simple thing to create. They could probably use some of the code from windows 8 to create it on wp.

Sliding down is fine on tablets, but not on a phone normally used with one hand, phones are getting bigger and trying to slide down to close an app while taking a leek will prove disastrous :P

Good point, plus I don't buy that swiping your big fat fucking slimy finger all over your phone is elegant somehow. A stylus is elegant. Your wart encrusted finger not so much.

I was talking about having a simple screenshot of the running app as opposed to a overlaying UI element. You know what else is inelegant? Your crappy comment and attempt at an insult you self projected. Might want to see a doctor for that wart problem, mate.

How is hitting the x more approachable on larger phones than some swipe? 
It may get difficult to reach the X with one handed use on larger phones. I think they should have both options. X and a swipe. Either way a user can close it. 

Nicely put.
This is whole "tap = small target, slide = more easily executed" is what made WP so special, and it has a name "Metro".
Metro is the main reason why I preferred WP.
X is so un-Metro.

I don't care if it's an x, y, q or dollar sign, having a button is uglier than a swipe. No other OS uses a button to close out apps. It's a step backwards.

iOS uses a tap to close apps. Using tap instead of gestures is more logical. You can use the phone with one hand and not stretch your fingers and hand to do a near vertical swipe gesture to close the app. You simply tap a button. It's more usable this way

No it isn't. Smaller target, missing will launch the app, and swipe up or down is a perfectly doable gesture, I use it in baconit all the time.

Also, iOS7 using gestures to close apps, so referring to anything older than iOS is irrelevant. Android, iOS, Windows 8 and WebOS all use gestures to close apps. Windows Phone should not use a button. It's ugly, it's harder to use, it's unnecessary UI that clutters up the interface.

iOS 7 does not exist in production so it's normal to refer to what exists Windows 8 is tablet OS or desktop os so you get a large piece of equipement made to be used with 2 hands.
It does not clutter the UI and it's not at all unnecessary UI since swipe gestures are used across OS for navigation not actions. So the button makes more sense for consstency and for usability. Also about the smaller target that is visual target the actual tap target can be big enough to ensure you don't miss tap.

GDR3 is also not in production so it is perfectly reasonable to compare the two. Whether or not the OS is released is completely and totally irrelevant and it's dumb to act like it matters. Android uses swipes, as does WebOS. iOS7 is in use on a much larger base than GDR3, and is closer to release than GDR3, but should I wait for it to be globally released before you'll acknowledge it? Seriously, that was a really dumb argument. The button is ugly and a step backwards in usability. Gestures are a much better navigation tool in closing something than buttons, as has been shown in dozens of programs. People are already used to a swipe gesture to close apps, so it's intuitive as well. This button crap is stupid.

Edit: also, here's an example. Baconit has buttons for upvotes and downvotes, as well as the ability to swipe up and down. You know which is easier with one handed use? The swipe.

My point about iOS is not a dumb argument. Is a valid argument. Since when users migrated from iphone to wp they were using ios6 and even now the base of users use ios6 so it is something that works and has been proven to work. WebOS this is a dumb argument. How many migrated from webos to wp that mentioning what webos does matters? On android the swipe is horizontal over a shorter distance and marget visually by aligning the app cards to left side. So it's easier to induce the direction of swipe to the user. Anyway is irelevant as user may have migrated from iOS or android but they are using wp now with its set of rules. AGAIN in wp swipe is for navigation and not action. As you say gestures are better as navigation tools. Closing something is an action not a navigation so the button ideea is better suitted from usability point. Also please keep in mind that the app cards are vertically centered. So in this case you don't indirectly tell user a direction for the closing swipe gesture so no visual clue here as opposed to the button approach. Baconit is an app it does not represent how the WP gestures are integrated in the OS and most of the apps.
So end point it's the right usability choice not a backward choice considering how gestures are used on the platform and as for ugly the beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I assume their design team looked at the options and choosed the best visual appeling one.

No. Just no. Windows Phone is at 4% market share globally, there will be plenty of people left to come over from iOS seven. Call it whatever you want: navigational tool, action, whatever. The swipe works in every other OS, the button has been abandoned and should be by WP too.

MS and Apple have agreements in place to use patented features.... Actually they have used them for years.

You should try it as well. If you slide from the top down, as long your finger is on the screen, doesn't activate the windows button.

I tried it and nothing happens. The window button reacts to tapping. When you slide a fingure over it, nothing happens.

You won't actually. The digitiser for the touch buttons is just an extension of the screen, and the touch buttons only reactsto a tap, not an existing swipe. Try scrolling a page up and down (eg settings), you can actually scroll over the touch buttons without activating them.

I'm not having problems with swiping down, the 3 capacitive buttons on my L920 don't respond when i swipe down... exactly like it should be when there was the feature to close apps like this ...

I hope this is an old build so that the X is just temporary. The animation slides down anyway so why make it so that I have to reach and tap this small button?

Agree! I think it would be nice if WindowsPhone can use gestures like a Windows 8, like drag down to close app, swipe right to switch app, swipe Left to charm/notification center, and changeable background like Windows 8.1

That X to close apps seems like.a crappy cop out. Could they not think of anything more imaginative than that? Maybe slide your finger down to close apps for example.

That's subjective. Looked alright to me. You would complain if you unintentionally closed a app by trying to swipe sideways too I guess. (rolls eyes)

Bad consistency. Managing tabs in IE is a nightmare. We need more gesture bases functions, it keeps the interface less cluttered while maintaining ease of access.

Works well for me. Gestures are stupid, hidden, and unintuitive. The x has symbolized closing programs since the beginning of Windows and does not need to be changed just for the sake of being imaginative. I am looking for ease of use and by golly the muthafuckin x works like a dream come true.

Honestly, you're so annoying I hope it's a gesture to close apps just so you have a freaking anneurism about a gesture everybody else has gotten used to.

Well, if you've gotten used to it then it must be old. We need a NEW solution to close a program that's more ELEGANT! How about you put on a Bluetooth cockring and "twitch to close."

No, it's NOT. You have to press a tiny "..." then wait fro the menu to slide up, chose tabs and keep pressing tiniy "x's" hoping not to tap in the middle of the thumbail bringing you to where you started. The same goes to quickly navigating trough tabs.

Or change the refresh button to the tabs button. Then pay attention to what your doing and tapping the "x" is as I stated ridiculously simple.

It is more obvious with a visual X in the corner.  
I'm a total computer nerd and it took me forever to figure out how to kill apps on my friend's gs3 with the side swipe method.  It's just not that obvious.  But neither is the W8 drag from top to bottom.  :( 

Because you can keep your finger at one location and hitting it multiple times will close all open apps faster then sliding each one down.

Everything I said was grammatically correct and about as simple as the sentence structures would allow. Are you so mentally inept you couldn't even understand it?

I will agree that your point was made and understandable, and that your sentence structure was (technically) correct; That said, use of a double negative is still grammatically incorrect. Grammar'd.

No it isn't. Saying I didn't do nothing when meaning you didn't do anything is incorrect. Saying they have no reason to not do something is completely correct and really isn't even a double negative because it doesn't imply that they have a reason to do something.

Ummm that wasn't a double negative dude!! Nice try at trying to be a smartass though!

No, others implemented it because it's intuitive. Microsoft themselves uses a swipe to close apps, there's no reason for Windows Phone to use a tap.

Also for those ranting about the 'x' and comparing its implementation to that of Android and iOS hell even webOS(former owner and loving how the standards it set are now being hyped by others) think about the process to kill apps on those platforms. You use gesture to bring up running apps and a gesture to kill. Unless MS changes the function of the back button, on WP you press & hold the back btn to show running apps and for design and UX consistency the use of the 'x' is something users will recognise from previous experience of the windows platform but it also means that the user doesn't have to think about what gesture/direction to swipe. The process of tap>tap is more intuitive than tap>swipe. I know ppl will argue that users will grasp the process quickly but MS can't afford for users to be confused about the use of WP. In this instance they played it safe and in my opinion its the right move but you never know, it may well change. MS has of late been back tracking due to c/m feedback.

The gesture is there on other operating systems, it's even there on their own operating system. The button is ugly and more difficult to use than a short swipe up or down.

Man,, WPC is becoming more and more like Phone Arena with the stupid ass comments... Whatever happened to just being a WP fan, and not complaining about every damn thing... It seems like every since the "News" it the fake ass WP fans have been coming out of the woodwork complain about everything... Personally, I don't give a damn how its initially implemented,, I am just happy to see WP become a more robust OS.. Even if it's a feature that they won't ever use they still complain about it... I wonder if some of these ungrateful WP "fans" can be narrowed down to a specific region... I got a good guess❗

No, you wouldnt swipe down from the top, you flick down on the screenshot of the app. I think they should've put the flick down instead of x.

Okay that makes sense, thought people was suggesting doing it from inside the app,and not from the screen that shows what apps are open

Not that you're suggesting so, but
That wouldn't be a good idea because that would restrict the app to that function.. Plus, that might take the developer to make that happen, so some apps would close and others wouldn't have the capability.. All of the apps would have to be updated, and what a mess that would be.. It's easier for us to let MS work this out on their own.. I trust them to not completely botch the idea... Lol❕

I still hope a simple swipe down will replace the X in the final version of the update. It's much more elegant and it bears similarity to the Windows 8. Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 should be as similar as possible (in terms of gestures and stuff). Anyway, now I have something to look forward to this whole autumn :) 

I think Microsoft wants to keep Windows Phone as simple as possible, which is why they're holding back on the gestures. They don't want it to be hard for users to learn.
But I would like to see features from Windows 8 make it to WP. Like the amazing multitasking on Windows 8... if Microsoft implemented that it would be awsome!
However, I do like the new features of GDR3. Closing apps from the multitasking ribbon is welcome, and it looks like we finally get separate volume controls. Also, I think the video was trying to show us that we can set custom tones for SMS now. I'm not completely sure, but that's what it looked like.

True multitasking (snap view, or whatever it is called, from Windows 8) is a *must* if Microsoft wants that fabulous looking phablet to have any impact on the market. I'd buy a Windows Phone phablet tomorrow if it came with a pen and was capable of running two apps side by side. :) But for that to happen Microsoft must invest a lot of manhours into extending the OS to accomodate all the new stuff. 
It took me three days with my Windows 8 tablet to develop a habit of swiping around my phone like a baboon. :) I switch from my tablet to my Lumia and suddenly I cannot close an app by swiping it down, charms bar doesn't appear... :) But yes, I understand your point, an average user would probably be very confused by all the gestures :)

I just don't see why they don't include both.. W8 has both ways... How would that make it harder for new users❔❔

I thought all the updates were supposed to end in O. Mango, Apollo, portico....shimmer?

Bittersweet shimmer isn't an OS update, it's a firmware update from Nokia.
Also, I don't think there's a rule about all OS updates ending in O. Windows (Phone) 8.1 is called "Blue."

Yay! No more endlessly pressing the back button to close apps. Finally cos my back button is almost worn out, apart from this, the rest of the video is same same

That's just a workaround and just brings up the relevant page. We need the ability to add tiles to the homescreen that add toggle the setting on/off just by tapping the relevant tile without it leaving the homescreen. And this needs to include Tap+Send. I would use it a lot more if I could just switch it on more easily.


That would be a welcome solution as well, of course. However, I'm not convinced we'll see a notification center with GDR3.


I have heard that the notification center will be seen on GDR3, but I don't sure, because it's from another source (not WPC), so I doubt about it.
Anyway, I hope that shortcut will be integrated into the notification center.

Yeah i have them, but they're not as efficient or as quick as they should. The settings page is a mess. It would be a lot easier/faster to have options like rotational lock to be a toggle rather than a settings page

I predict the ATT 920 will never get GDR3. I hope I'm wrong, but I think the 920 will be going EOL soon with their release of the 925. Once a device goes EOL it is unlikely to ever receive another update. Ask Titan, Titan II, Quantum, etc users on ATT. They never officially received WP 7.8. I wouldn't even be surprised if the ATT 920 never got GDR2. I hope I'm wrong on this, but this seems to be how ATT operates.

Yeah. That is when they start rolling out the update. Summer 2015 almost every user has the update available.

The swipe down feature many is asking for isn't 'visible' enough and many people wouldn't even know its there. Otherwise this is another boring update. *cheers weakly*

Exactly how I feel, how do they even try to compare themselves to IOS with the crapoy uodates they give us? Look at what IOS 7 is bringing to IOS user versus what they are bringing us, they get quick settings and a whole new look, while the biggest thing we are getting is an "X."

I have an iPad 3. Been using the betas for quite some time. I agree it doesn't look so bad in action and the multi-tasking pane is much better than that of ios6, but its still too candyish to be called a mature UI.

This is a minor update. The major update is due early next year. It's been mentioned on this site and others only about a thousand times.

Most GDR improvements are "technical", such as support for multicore. WP8.1 will offer a lot of non technical improvements.

GDR3 is an interval release; why would you expect something like the iOS 6 -> 7 transition?
If _WP8.1_ ends up being a minor update then I'll be complaining along with you.

+1020 especially coz then there will be no nokia to add relevant features in firmware upgrades.
Personally, with nokia getting acquired, WP 8.1 will be make or break for MS. That would be the time when alot of people will decide whether to stay with wp or to make a shift. For me, its either a great wp update or ios/nexus here i come.
We all know MS has been slow with the updates. There us only a limit upto which we can justify it through our fanboyism and with Nokia out of the picture what MS gives is what we'll get, no scope for improvements.

+920 absolutely agree with rohitsingh. And this is assuming my at&t 920 even gets 8.1 which I'm starting to believe is a BIG if.

Windows Phone doesn't need an overhaul however it's lacking badly in the basics. Can't edit a phone number before calling, can't remove a contact photo, settings page is a mess (add some icons there, idk I'm always lost after 3y using WP), separate volume, push working properly, live tile working properly, Bing wallpaper working properly, the email app handles folders weirdly, try opening a folder and pressing the back button, tah dah home screen, can't select all items when selecting photos, emails, music, Xbox Music is a joke and so on and on.

Dude they're already testing 8.1, let alone gdr3. Gdr2 is out of their hands now, as of june the latest. They can't rest on their laurels as they watch the carriers take their sweet time getting the update out to us

I'd imagine the X to close apps is a placeholder until 8.1 comes in to start matching things to RT 8.1 gestures. Probably easier to implement a simple X button.
I do love the name, and it's perfect for what is probably Nokia's final external update to the OS before they're consumed by Microsoft. One, final, bittersweet shimmer of an update. Almost enough to bring a tear to ones eye.
A shame the video doesn't really show much in action. I'd be interested to see if auto-rotate does anything such as allow the start screen to display in landscape. Probably not but if the function is there I'd assume there must be a few more places in the OS that supports landscape and portrait.
I'd also be interested to see if the volume controls have chaged at all. When he decided to play some music I assumed we much be about to see some new feature but apparently he just fancied some Rihanna, lol! I was hoping we might finally be able to switch between ring, ring & vibrate, vibrate, and silence without having to venture into the settings. I'm not holding my breath for seperate music profiles until 8.1 however.
Nice work though, it's all very exciting!

I don't think the rotate button is there to allow landscape view for apps and the main screen. It is there to NOT allow or lock the screen from rotating even if an app supports rotation.

What the hell was that near the end of the video? He goes into Nokia Music then returns to Home Screen. Scrolls up and down, then there's a check box sitting there. The video seems to abruptly turn off.

It could be a picture of a toggle switch, or we may be looking at an interactive tile, more like a widget.

I noticed this, upon close inspection it is actually the photos tile with what appears to be a screen shot of the settings menu, particularly battery settings. Is this a suggestion the screen captures will be made available in gdr3/bit sweet update??

What they said.
Not to pick on you, but this is one thing that bothers me... people complaining about missing features who don't know what feature are available.
Today I saw a guy on twitter ranting, turns out he just got the phone this week and just didn't know how/where things were.
Next thing you know he's talking about "awesome" the phone is.

You got that right :) totally agree
People NEVER read instructions to find out how/what to do...
windowsphone.com nokia.com are great places to get knowledge...
Nokia Care ON OUR PHONES are also quite informative ;)

Hmm...so this has GDR3, yet Display+touch and extras+info are still together? And since there's no updates in the store...I think this is suspicious.

It's a new device and he hasn't done the updates for Nokia system apps. Not suspicious. We have multiple sources confirming everything in the video is legitimate. Even the Verge is saying the same. So if it's fake, the guy nailed a lot of features that we with contacts know about. That would be even more suspicious ;)

Any word on how much things will change? Having the rotation lock all the way in the settings is annoying (like the vibration toggle) and the x in the corner is a lot uglier than a swipe up.