VLC making its way to Windows Phone very soon

VLC making its way to Windows Phone very soon

It looks like highly-anticipated media player VLC will be making its way to Windows Phone next month. Developer Thomas Nigro is planning to first release the app as a beta, just as he did with the recent Windows 8 app. Nigro is planning an August release for the first version of VLC for Windows Phone.

Part of the work on VLC is the new music player as an alternative to Xbox Music. For those that are unfamiliar, VLC is a media player known for its support for a wide range of files. VLC for Windows Phone will require Windows Phone 8.1 to work.

Are you excited that VLC is coming to Windows Phone soon? Let us know below in the comments.

Source: Thomas Nigro on Twitter

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VLC making its way to Windows Phone very soon



It's not breaking news but i really like to see an official app on WP

and a good player for MKV and subtitles file (it supports .srt on Win8) hope it does the same on WP

Mostly it's needed for .mkv files and I hope it gives us options to change audio in videos with dual language audio. And ofcourse it's a breaking news for WinPhans

Moliplayer is a good alternative and it plays most of the formats and its a good app which I've purchased.

Agreed.  That is what I've been using in place of VLC, but once VLC is released I'll almost certainly switch to it for just about everything.  I have enjoyed OneMusic as my alternative to Xbox Music, but it will be interesting to see what VLC brings to the table there.

Yes. But the downside to that is that u have to pay for it. From what I hear VLC is gonna be free. And with the free version of moliplayer you can only use the app for a limited time so u always have to reinstall it

The W8 version is very late, lacking many feautures, and doesn't have an RT counterpart..



...However, better than NO app :D 

Unfortunately I have to agree. The desktop version is brilliant but the modern version is still like an early alpha build and they haven't updated it since its release

Yeah sure it's is widely known and the biggest factor is VLC maybe free (I am not sure about it) and MoliPlayer is a paid app but I'm sure people are not going to dump MoliPlayer as it is also a very good Media Player.

Same thoughts here. We got moliplayer for WP, mobile.hd for WRT. VLC is simply late, stopped waiting for it months ago.

I'm glad you mentioned mobile.HD.  I don't understand why the reviews say it doesn't work with many videos.  It worked with everything I've tried.

Whoa, you've read its reviews! I thought this thing ve got some enemies among journalists because I couldn't see a word about that great app.

Someone told Microsoft to Call google and tell them for bring their apps for windows phone... Hardly waiting for a good blogger app ... Or Microsoft u dev. Itself for slap google ...

Music? Forget that... It'll be good for .mkv files from the excellent bit torrent client we windows phone users have (wp torrent pro i think?) all of which are totally and perfectly legitimate obviously... I have a couple of media players that play .mkv files already but vlc is a well known and usually very nice solution I will be very happy to have... Won't replace Xbox music for me bit definitely be my new go to for video files which I watch a lot of because my wife and I have a small cabin in the woods with no electricity and no cell coverage so I normally download a bunch of crap on my 1520, charge up the battery and we can watch movies all night... Even got a case with a kickstand so its actually pretty awesome.

When 8gigs of music is streamed to you, i can certainly use xbox music.

Fire up windows, put music in folder, fire up windows player, make sure music play sees folder.  Fire up music on windows and wait for sync.  Go to windows phone, enjoy music after music after music.  Currently being lazy on dumping 1.3gigs of music on my 925 to my pc to cloud sync it.

Some of my music is two decades old that is now synced with no repurchase, just the monthly fee, and when you have 2 tablets, 2 desktops and a phone that it syncs with, well worth it imo.

Its convenient, has a huge selection and, in my experience, it just works... What's not to love?

Would be nice to combine xbl, office 365 and xbm to one subscription with sharability features... I share my office 365 with my wife... Would like to be able to share xbm too (we have two subscriptions now) and xbl... But we still would need to separate gamer tags... Would like to see MS come up with some super sweet family plan deal providing flexibility and value... Even if it didn't save us much dough it'd be awesome if it was streamlined and simplified to one bill.

@duncanstives For now I don't need a family plan because no one uses a WindowsPhone in my family but my father may switch to WP if he finds a device better than his Lenovo K900 and around same price as LenK900. If he switches to WP then even I will need a sharable plan so that it doesn't costs too much.

You can't? What happens when you try?

Works great.for me... Only issues I'd REALLY like to see addressed is the lag before song information is displayed under lock screen while switching tracks... I often listen to my music on shuffle at work and sometimes I would like to skip a few songs... Its annoying to have to wait each time to see if its a song I want to hear... Its not long but if you skip 10 songs (waiting each time) it adds up... Way annoying.

What took so much time for the developer to develop a simple VLC app for Windows Phone... It has been in news since last year...

To be precise vlc not in windows rt is MS failure not team VLC failure ! Coz anyways all winrt apps runs in a CLR so MS should have made all WinRT apps run in both x86 and ARM(windows rt at least if not windows phone ) !! Except for the native code !!

Personally I use MoliPlayer Pro for my video needs but VLC is always a welcome, for those who don't / can't use MP Pro!

I'm eager to see how VLC competes with MP Pro (though paid, but still) which has improved a lot since its original release :)

*fingers crossed*

Very likely. I mean especially with the new WP owners, they'll definitely look for "VLC" in store before any other video player. But it would be interesting to see how it competes with MPPro with respect to features. MPPro has got a lot of them!

If VLC gets something different for me... Definitely would get it... Or else No thanks VLC... I would rather support the developer who was and is with Windows Phone irrespective of its audience count...

If the VLC for WP is like the desktop version which plays almost every format of videos and audios then all we have to say is RIP MoliPlayer

VLC will most certainly do that.
But MPPro has some exceptional abilities that are not even found in desktop version of VLC. Downloading videos from inbuilt browser, instant wifi transfer, upnp sharing, highly detailed settings page, the video player UI (that includes swipe functions for volume, brightness, screen lock and a lot more!) in fact I doubt VLC can't compete with MPPro, not initially at least.

I think a lot of people would love to have both the Media Players because VLC plays almost anything and MPP has a lot of good features that are not available in VLC. The features of MPP maybe a plus point in keeping it a famous app.

Yes, definitely.. But I really like the friendly interface of MPPro.. If vlc provides something on that levels, I'd go for it.. Otherwise I'm more than happy with Moliplayer pro

Think they said that the RT version would be out around the same time as the phone app. It will take ages for them to actually work properly though. The windows 8 store app is still pretty awful and the android app is still in Beta. It's a really complicated program, especially to put on a mobile platform. Just glad that its coming at all.

Some boring history lesson comes here.

I bought my 1st gen Surface RT in 2012 december, 18 months (!) ago. The same month, VLC started its kickstarter (money theft) campaign, to port their video player to Windows 8 metro. There were promises made, that both the x86+x64 and the ARM version will be released. In 2013 april, people started to realize there are no miracles on this planet, and the unmaintenable spagetti code of VLC cannot be simply just compiled for visual studio 2013, but it needs to be actually rewritten from scratch. And that will take a SH*TLOAD of time! That was the date, when I started to lose faith in the project overall. In 2013 august, status updates started to be happening less and less frequently: clear sign of major project management or resource related issues in the background (anybody over 25 and working in the IT industry knows what I am talking about, sorry teenagers you will understand it only later when you get older).
Fast forward 13 months: 2014 february, the first public beta for x86+x64 released. By this time, not the faintest hope for any ARM release in the foreseable future (that means not in 2014 for sure). Another 6 months passed since that time, still the x86 version did not receive any performance improvement: it still decodes the video from software, no GPU acceleration support. That means 2 serious issues: #1 on the ARM port (if it will be ever made in this century) for smartphones it will suck the a fully charged battery in 45-60 minutes due to the GPU not utilized for power-efficient video decoding, and #2 connecting to the 1st issue: as the GPU on these smartphones support HW acceleration only for some VERY LIMITED set of codecs, like H.264, there isnt even a theoretical possibility to have a 2,5 hour video playback if watching xvid videos.

So long story short, I am very sad, that my surface 1 RT is already becoming obsolete, still I couldnt watch a damn video using the VLC player on it. When I read these comments hoping all kind of exotic feature-wishes from you guys, I am always wondering: what kind of strong drugs you are living on? When even the most basic VLC features are also missing from the metro app, do you guys really seriously believe, that your exotic wishes will be ever fullfilled? Dont you learn from the past events of this whole story?

I don't know why people are excited about this news. They have still not been able to compile this app for Windows RT and the Windows 8/8.1 version released about 6months ago is hardly usable. What magic are they going to conjure to make the Windows Phone version work when they cannot even fix the Window 8 version.

But whenever I installed VLC on my PC, the system performance will go down and can see many virus/malwares activities detected on my Antivirus. So I keep using Cyberlink Pro or Windows media player with multiple codecs.

I'm really excited for this. Unfortunately, the windows 8 so hasn't seen many updated and if I remember right still doesn't even support multiple snap modes. Hopeful this will not be another zombie app. Still,I love VLC and this is a very good sign of the platform's maturity. Excited to get this!

I'm assuming it's because they're making a universal app, so they figure they don't have to support their current app much.

Hope it works better than moliplayer at playing ogg files. I have complained to the developer who has ignored my queries and does not update the app

How can I be racist against whites by simply stating I like apps made by black developers?? I like Japanese movies over Chinese ones, but that doesn't make me racist either!

VLC is an open source software program so like all other open source Projects it too is most likely to be Free

Hey isn't this an awesome movie player? If I remember correctly it plays anything you throw at it. As well as it has an audio booster built in. I hope the windows phone version comes with all features.

Exactly! They made a win 8 app version, but they can easily install the desktop version. It's the Win8 RT that really needs a proper mkv player!

The description descriptions it as a port for WinRT platform but it doesn't installon WinRT lol... That really needs VLC, not the desktop one.. and yes phone...

Maybe it will work for both phone and RT

The developer should also give you a car, and let you stay at his house whenever you are in the neighbourhood too, right? While we're making demands of the guy.

Also, you should go buy me lunch tomorrow, that'd be great.

Of course you can. There is UC Browser and Nokia Browser. UC browser is very good, haven't tried Nokia browser though

Wonderful. Seams, windows phone is sure to gain momentum as soona as wp8.1 will running on all the phones officially. Good to here that. Pretty exited.
Patience! Worth to wait....

I had hoped that the VLC media player would come soon after it's release for Windows 8. It's better late than never.

Meh ... MoliPLayer Pro is still very very good, VLC needs to be much better than MoliPlayer for me to make the switch.

Even on the desktop, I prefer KLMCP over VLC and for music foobar2000 is the best prosumer media player.

For those who want foobar2000 on WP, please go here: http://mobile.foobar2000.com/ 

Does anyone know if the developer has plans for Xbox? Imagine being able to play .MKV files without using workarounds!!!