Wal-mart deal alert on the Lumia 710

Wal-Mart Nokia Lumia 4G

The Nokia Lumia 710 has only been available for a few days and we are seeing some really good Wal-mart deals on the newest T-Mobile Windows Phone. You can find it free from Wal-mart.com (with qualifying data plan and two year contract) and one of our readers in Hawaii spotted the Lumia 710 in stores for $18.88. Either offer is a really good deal on a very good Windows Phone.

Now if we can just get Wal-mart (and others) to get the sales displays right.  The local Wal-mart in Hawaii lists the Nokia Lumia 4G as running Windows Mobile 7.5 and that the phone syncs with MS Outlook. Luckily the company's online advertisement displays the correct information and even refers to Windows Phone 7.5 as Mango.

I guess you could call that progress...

Mahalo to Marcus for the tip and photo!


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Wal-mart deal alert on the Lumia 710


Keyboards are on the way out. There would've been a few by now plus the WP keyboard is just as good as a hardware keyboard anyway.

I know they're on their way out, but I'm still hopeful. From the looks of all the moronic young men looking like fools with their pants on the ground, you'd think belts are also on their way out. The WP keyboard is nowhere close to having a real keyboard. Plus, I don't want to sacrifice half the screen real estate for it. It's just my preference. I don't care how thick or thin the device is since I wear it on my belt like a man. On the other side of my belt is my Leatherman, so it kinda gives me balance! :)

There's still a niche market for physical keyboards. I really hope Nokia gets a phone out with a physical keyboard.

WMDeals.com has it on the second page for FREE.  Under current promotions.  Not sure if the trade in works or not.  I just got the radar about two months ago through them.

They still use Windows Mobile 7.5 OS name.. Darn, they should know by now it's Phone. Nevermind, but it's a nice deal, Cant wait they come to our carriers in Slo :)

$18.88 is a great deal. Get the same phone at COSTCO for free, along with free activation and accessories.

Yep, just talked to the guy at Costco the other day about it. Not only is it free there, but they have a 90 day return and support policy on their phones, as opposed to a T-mobile store's 14 day policy.