WeatherBug goes Mango with latest update, includes many new features


It's been awhile since we've seen WeatherBug get an update, let alone a significant one. So it's nice to see version 2.0 finally (finally!) land in the Marketplace with some advanced Live Tile and Mango support. The full change log is as follows:

  • Live Tiles - New standard live tile and Live Cam views.  We've also added detailed one-day forecast and two-day summary forecast secondary tile options.
  • Visual Forecasts - Easy-to-read, at-a-glance displays of essential weather information you need quickly and easily.
  • Bad Weather Warnings & Alerts - Receive dangerous weather alerts faster from both the National Weather Service and our exclusive WeatherBug Network
  • Live Cams - Scroll through and view live shots from HD cameras in the WeatherBug Network

New tiles

Of course the new stability (and hopefully reliable background updates) should be the real story here, but those new Live Tile options are quite nice as well. This app falls nicely after the Microsoft Weather app in that it offers many more functions but has ads for support. The app seems zippy enough and we really like the layout (though we'd gladly pay $0.99 to remove those garish ads).

Overall, a nice update. Note: WeatherBug is now re-listed under a second entry in the Marketplace, so a standard update won't work here. You must fresh install the new version, which can be found here in the Marketplace. Thanks, Jaison S., for the heads up

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Reader comments

WeatherBug goes Mango with latest update, includes many new features


Well what do you know, one developer who realize that if there not good at supporting all locations, maybe they are to skip that. Used to be on Swedish Marketplace but now no more. I wonder when we will get a location based weather app with a working tile doing only 4 things. A live tile that works AND shows current location Spells Swedish location right and all the while displaying the actual temp currently. I don't know about other, non US locations, hey, maybe even there, have anybody used a weather app delivering my 4 points correct no matter what?

I apparently living in Savegarten...there is no such place. Latest temperature example was this night were we had a drop down below minus, the apps (yes tryed them all) displayed depending on app +4 to +6 degrees Celsius.

HTC hub use AccuWeather btw so need to use em both....oh and I live in Sävedalen 2km outside of Gothemburg, if Savegarten a german location it makes at least, some sense in how you say it.

2 EU miles..not km :-P. No other closer location gets spelld right on Accuweather services, å, ä, ö is just not there (used to be on Android and Windows Mobile's hTC Sense.

Not sure about the whole spelling issue, but weathermaster is the only one I have seen that has a live tile that shows current location. Not sure why weather apps don't all have that option.

Works better after rebooting. Still no live tile update. I'll wait an hour to see if it starts on its own. Ads aren't showing up but that doesn't bother me.

The live tile is a bit different at first.  If you just pin to start from the app list you wont get a live tile.  You need to "edit" your location after first creating it, then select a live tile type.  Default is none.  Then after saving it will give you a new tile which is live.

What's the use of the cameras? I live north of Toronto Ontario but the cameras are of Rochester NY. If they aren't going to tap into the camera systems in your area then why bother. Overall a nice update though.