Latest WhatsApp update adds Hindi language support

While almost every other day, I post about the growing Windows Phone app ecosystem in India (and get jealous rants from folks here from Brazil), the growth is rubbing on the global players as well.

In its latest update, WhatsApp has added support for Hindi language. Hindi, along with English, is the official language of India. Globally, behind Mandarin, Spanish, and English, Hindi is the fourth most widely spoken language.


WhatsApp has stepped on the gas in the past few months with continuous progressive updates. Within the month of December 2013, version 2.11.340 added the ability to send pre-recorded videos and multiple images, and was followed with version 2.11.344 that included few bug fixes.

The latest update – version 2.11.350 – adds the support for Hindi, which makes WhatsApp available in 32 languages now, and some under-the-hood bug fixes. The faster update cycle is awesome, especially for an almost ubiquitous app.

If you’ve set up your Windows Phone with Hindi language, go ahead and update WhatsApp from the Windows Phone Store. Or like me, just give it a spin and enjoy some gup-shup!

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Thanks Vasu for the tip!


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Latest WhatsApp update adds Hindi language support


I second that. Viber works okay if you barely use it but when I started using it daily, it started lagging and crashing.. When you make a call, there's a possibility than even when you end it, it will keep saying there's a call going o, leaving you to restart your device. They need to update it, it's so far behind the iOS/Android versions and it's poorly made.

WhatsApp, on the other hand, is fast, never gets stuck and much more reliable. Wish it had voice calling. My girlfriend and I use this for texting now and only use Viber for voice calling.

LINE is a good alternative for Viber.

If u have any problem with getting Notifications on time, Just Remove da app and Reinstall.. It will fix that case..
(aaand its not onlly for Viber,its the same with every other app, same as Skype and Whatsapp) i had haard time getting Notifications from Viber and skype.. i just reinstaled  them and now works great :)

Nah. I do love any app's splash screen. Even more, I think twitter should has splash screen too.

Native apps such as Calendar or Contacts just launch their start pages without showing a splash screen, that saves time.

Volume wise WP is second to android in India(2013), so guess there's a large market to cater to

the only update every WhatsApp user wants right now is that to allow us to decide weather to save a pic or not...which have been recieved...

Am I the only one who have problems with picture attachments in whatsapp?

Since almost a month I cannot attach pictures from skydrive albums because I don't see those albums in the picker and I also see older albums which I previously have deleted....

Yeah the only workaround is to first go to SkyDrive and save a pic to phone and then send it whatsapp, ya wouldn't wanna be in a rush!!

I did some email with the whatsapp support about this and their answer was:


Thanks for your message. Sorry for the delay! We have received many emails recently, and we do our best to answer them all. Thank you for your patience.

Please note that you can access to local folders, skydrive or facebook folders currently cannot be accessed.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us. We would be happy to help!

(censored employee name)

WhatsApp Support Team

hmm, 'currently cannot' are the keywords of hope that they'll fix it sometime soon...?

A problem I'm having is that pictures taken inside the app are sending as squares and the pictures are being squished. I wouldn't want to reinstall because I have important things inside certain conversations that I dont want to delete. Help?

Did china got black update today? Last week it was posted that they were gonna release black update for them??

I'm in China, I have a 720. I just read on a website that they've postponed the update for tomorrow!

The stupid connectivity error is still there upon exiting the app! I'm sure that the network is working fine on my phone.

Does anyone know how much whatsapp is worth? Can Nokia not just buy it on the basis that Microsoft will absorb it into it's line-up of native-esque apps akin to iMessage?

Whatsapp has already rejected a $1 Billion bid from Google, the Founder-CEO wants to maintain the service independent and Ad-free.

The vibration when a new message arrives also seems different since this update. It used to be a couple of short vibrations, now it vibrates just once. Or so it seems.

Nice they brought out a new update but still the images made in portrait mode are squeezed, which I think is far more important than a new language...

And is it just me or did they made the font a little bit bigger again?



This option was not removed in the current update. It was removed in a previous update I think 2 prior to this one. I too liked that feature. Sucks that they removed it.

Whatsapp is still creepy compared to android. I can't still send videos cause videoscaling does not exist on this phone. You can't even do the email trick because you can't download videofiles from email. Things that were workin like charm on wm, seems like a big effort for wp... Bad

Need Urdu language but the problem is that there is no Urdu language in Windows Phone 8(Keyboard) :(

Hi everyone,

Since the previous update there is a bug that they haven't fixed yet. It occurs when I want to send to a contact a picture taken inside whatsapp app; it changes de proportions of the image. It doesn't happen when you attach a photo from the gallery.

Does anybody have this problem?

thank you

Abhi nahi, abhi to pehle iska beta version aayega jo ki test hota rahega..... Aur aayega to sabke liye saath hi ayega... Oct'14 k baad hi.... Filhaal gdr3 aane wala hai

I cant take pictures from the app because it ruins them x(.... also I would love to be able to open a conversation and to start in the first unread msg! its anoying trying to find where to start reading specially in groups... 

thats all I ask for... 

a really positive thing for the windows phone platform in India. I'd personally think the loading time (of whatsapp) is a bit high though

God, i'm sooo relieved, this app finally gets Hindi support. Who needs image-autosave-disablement, ringtone customization and hide-my-online-status anyway?!

I was wondering if anyone knew of a way to backup conversations entirely, including all media so if I do restart whatsapp, it'll be like I never did. Because my problem right now is when I send pictures within the app, the picture's proportions are changed and the imaged look squeezed. Another issue I have with this update is the font became larger once again. Whatsapp should fix this this first or ALONG a language addition. Jeez -_-

I face issue when some one send me hindi language msg it receive at phone like rectangular boxes at my Lumia 800. Please provide the solution