White Nokia Lumia 900's show up at AT&T with limited sales

White Lumia 900

Although we're expecting the white Lumia 900 to go on sale this Sunday, Nokia's North American President, Chris Weber, posted on Twitter a couple of photos with customers buying the phones today (see below).

We called six corporate stores (and one affiliate) here in metro New York to find out what the situation is for selling them early. Most stores received one demo unit to be put on display but aren't allowed to sell that one (obviously). Those same stores are expecting a second shipment of white Lumia's either today or tomorrow for purchases, however it is as their discretion if they will let them out the door early.

Most stores we spoke with seemed to be adhering to the "launch date" of Sunday the 22nd but of course, exceptions abound.

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The glossy-white Lumia 900 will sell for the same $99 price point ($450 of contract) as the near impossible to find cyan and abundant matte-black. Should you be so lucky as to get one early, hit us up in comments.

Source: Chris Weber (Twitter 1, 2); Thanks, Motorcycle Jim, for the lead image


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White Nokia Lumia 900's show up at AT&T with limited sales


I was with tmo for 12+ yrs but switched coz I just got to have the Titan II. In retrospect, I should have done it earlier. Really loving att's 4g lte and the stuff that i was worried about takes a back seat.

White phones always look so good to me when they're on the shelf, but I always imagine it a couple months down the line being so dirty and discolored that suddenly it's not very attractive... hopefully for the sake of the people picking these up I'm wrong, I'll stick with the matte black one though.

It's glossy, so I'd imagine it will be easy to clean. I'm pretty sure that's the main reason Nokia made the white one glossy.

I'm pretty sure glossy white stuff still stains though. Plus if it gets scratched, dirt and such is going to get in the grooves. It definitely looks good don't get me wrong, and I think you're right that the glossy white will be harder to get dirty than a matte white would, I'm still skeptical though. But again, I hope I'm wrong.

That's what I thought too, that after a month or two the white phone would discolor, but my very first Windows Phone is the WHITE HTC RADAR and after more than four months, it's still pristine white with no discoloration or smudges at all!

No it isn't, the discount ends midnight tomorrow and the phone goes on sale on Sunday, if u get one early I doubt at&t would allow you too get it

I'm still holding out on a cyan from Rogers. I'm giving them another month, if it's not out by then i'm just going to get a black one. :(

I was at att today, and the 900 was flying off the shelf. One associate was ringing one up, while I watched another associate convince a lady to buy the 900 over the iPhone. Amazing! The 900 and titan had its own section. Amazing! They were sold out of the Cyan,,, still Amazing!

Nah the 900 is destroying any single Android handset including the One X in sakes right now lololol. Doesn't taste good, does it?

Was going to exchange my black with the white one but it had a slight clicking noise in the top left corner so I stuck with the new black one they also took out.

I just picked mine up. It was the only one in the store. I just love it! I wass also told that I would get the $99 credit since I got it today.

I wouldn't be worried about white. Look at apple they use white. Even white cars, when they are dirty they still look good.

Yeah, but the white iPhone looks like a toy....it takes away from it on the other hand the white L900 is simply sexy in all colors

So much WP news lately. Mainly all Nokia. All I've got to say is that Nokia simply rocks. They came to play and came out swinging. They are freaking amazing. Killer promos. Beta test phone is brilliant. Super quick patch releases. One of a kind super slick highly fashionable phones. Custom apps, excellent grade camera optics and you throw Windows Phone OS buttery smoothness on top? Holy crap, why would you ever get an iPhone or the iPhone knockoff, android?
Where do they go from here by the time Apollo hits? Dare to live indeed.

Still enjoying my don't-care-what-color-it-is Quantum. Looking forward to Nokia's WP8 series phones, though, and hope I have extra money to buy some stock!

Still enjoying my HD7 on mobile, would def switch if Nokia launched L900 here. Looking forward to a wp7 or wp8 with that patent design you posted at end of march

So my wife just picked up the white model... Update free, and because of a bug in the system, the phone was free. Just had to pay tax! The rep told me that because the phone sale happened before the 21st, wed be getting a credit as well! Lucky day. Store was completely sold out of lumias after we left!

I've had an iPhone for 4 years and made the switch to the 900. No regrets... Sold the iPhone today for a cool 200 cash.

The white sure looks nice but I am happy with my cyan but if a lime green one comes out I will have to buy one right out.

The white actually looks stunning... Although for corporation, sticking with Black is a safe bet.  :P  Although I think I will get my mom a magenta, hopefully before Mother's day.  ;)

What wrong with white in a corporation? Business men & women wear white shirts and tops quite often. As a matter of fact, no one in corporate pays much attention to other people's phones

I feel the same way. I'm an engineering consultant in an industry where most of our clients are a generation older than I. A white phone would only further make me look like a 'kid'. It is beautiful though...

White looks pretty hot. That's what I wanted originally but settled for Cyan which is still a beauty and have no regtets.

Beg to differ - camera on the Titan 1 is still better than the Lumia 900 :) especially in low light conditions. Not trolling, just saying (IMO whatever that's worth lol). And I'll take the larger screen real estate.
Hopefully Nokia can release a larger form factor phone with the upcoming Apollo in the Fall; that's about the only thing that could get me to trade-in my Titan early...(or perhaps a WP8 Titan 3, cue evil maniacal laugh ;) )
You will be assimilated,

As an early adapter, went from wm6.5 to wp7 as soon as it was released, I can't help but feel vindicated by all these wonderful news. Yoohoo!!!

The Lumia 900 is scheduled to be launched in the Philippines next month, hope they launch with the 3 colors. Personally, I'm looking forward to the white Lumia 900.

Kudos to whoever is making it possible for Filipinos to get all these great phones even earlier than it's neighboring countries in Asia. Way to go!

That is an outstanding looking phone, it looks simply amazing. I am thinking about trading 1 of my 3 black phones in.

Decided to use my one time trade in my Cyan only to find they were sold out, though they still had black. Girl whispered across the floor, "Or... we have white!" Her boss personally came out and swapped it for me :)
Kind of a hard decision because the Cyan is so iconic and in my opinion, the "true" Lumia color. What swayed me was the fact that I could more comfortably use different system colors. While I love Blue, it was pretty much the only color I could use with the Cyan.
Unfortunately, the camera button shook whenever I moved the phone, so I ended up getting AT&T's black gel case. Solved the problem, but hides the glossy White. Shame, but I'd end up with a case regardless.

@Verkunder....Sounds like you're happy with the Storm Trooper.  I have a blue N8, and I have a few cases for it - black, white, a multi color (clear on the sides) and dark red (yes, red!).  They all complement the shade of blue on the N8 VERY well.  I also have a couple of GelaSkins (a chocolate color and a baby blue color), but I haven't put those on yet
There are color options for Blue/Cyan, but just not as many as for a Black or Storm Trooper device.

Called several stores till I found one that would sell the White, just came home with it and still in the credit zone. :)