Win a new Windows Phone from Amtrak (US only)

Amtrak Windows Phone

Want a new Windows Phone? Ride Amtrak on a somewhat regular basis? Then you, my friend, have the chance to win a brand new Windows Phone from Amtrak. There’s a contest going on right now with the folks over at Amtrak that we missed covering sooner. They’ve already given out two Windows Phone devices, but there’s still a two more up for grabs. Full details below on this contest open to U.S. residents.

Take a picture of yourself at an Amtrak train station or of the landscape outside an Amtrak train. Then post that picture to Instagram using the hashtags #Amtrak and #WindowsPhone. Do that and you’re entered to win a brand new Windows Phone device. They don’t specific the exact model, but note it carries a retail value of $610, meaning this isn’t a Lumia 520.

There are four entry periods, two have passed already, but two remain. Period three takes place between 2/18/2014 and 2/24/1014, while period 4 takes place over 2/25/2014 through 3/3/2014. That means there’s still two prizes up for grabs. You also need to follow Amtrak on Instagram to win (@amtrak).

Anyone near an Amtrak station or frequent Amtrak? You better enter! Don’t forget to check out the official Amtrak app for Windows Phone that was released a few months back. You can grab that in the Windows Phone Store or by using the QR code below.

Full contest details can be found on the Amtrak blog

Thanks for the tip thebarnacle!

QR: Amtrak


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Win a new Windows Phone from Amtrak (US only)


Is a chance of winning a new WP worth the ridicule you gonna get from your friends, after they see your face outside some random Amtrak station with #Amtrak hastag?

Ha, I live mere feet from an Amtrak station. Finally an upside to having to hear all those noisy trains all the time. :)

Agreed, the tracks here are only two short blocks from me. And here in the NW we have a lot of freight trains at all hours passing through town.

It isn't so bad. I live a few feet from a train track. It used to be annoying but I kinda like it now. Same thing happened when I lived at an apartment complex that had a small creek through it. The frogs were insanely annoying at first but eventually I began to appreciate it. And I had a couple girlfriends that thought it was nice also :)
Anyways, I'm not sure how long you've been there, but try to find the good in it. The ones here are infrequent, but still enough times a week that its no longer distracting.
Now get out there and win a phone!

I have been at my place for over 3 years so I am used to it. It gives the town a bit of a old town feel to it. I don't mind it at all, as I really like where I live. :-)

I indeed live near an Amtrack station, but it's nit very picturesque, and I don't have an Instagram anyways. :P

I take the Amtrak every year to go on an annual beer trip with a couple friends. Although it isn't time just yet, I'm totally getting on my bike and taking a pic. The Amtrak app works great btw. So does their website while connected to their WiFi.

I never win anything but its still worth a shot.

Hmmm... I already have a Lumia 925. I can't imagine any phone (Windows or not) being better than this one!

i  have a suggestion for wpcentral. Run a poll that asks readers whether they reside in the us or elsewhere. Then you'll realize how stupid these us-only posts are

How about they run a poll and ask how stupid it is that every single time they run a US only deal people outside the US complain about companies based in the US running deals for their own citizens. I mean, it's not like WPCentral also covers deals in other countries right? Right?

+925 Easier to piss and moan about it here than to dig up contact info for their own respective country's Microsoft/Nokia/whatever regional HQ and file a proper complaint/suggestion, where it would carry far more weight.

I recently took the Amtrak from Manhattan back to Boston, and I was floored by how good their WP8 app was. Absolutely stellar. And the service on board was damn good, too. :)