Windows Phone 7 video at TechEd 2010: Cloud computing

Here's a video of Microsoft demoing the latest build of Windows Phone 7 at the TechEd conference currently going on.

Cloud computing and enterprise was the focus of this session with Sharepoint, Office, Excel and Outlook being featured in this presentation. Overall, the UI is looking real smooth with some nice animations and transitions--in fact, it looks zippier than earlier demonstrations. While full document editing is not really plausible on a smartphone, they stress the importance and ease of document-commenting in WP7 and show off how that works. They do this by opening an email, then modifying an Excel document via Sharepoint.

Plus, that whole spell-correction/word prediction thing has this sorry-speller sold.

Check out the whole demo after the break, it's worth the few minutes.

[Thanks, wreiad, for the video & tip!]



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Windows Phone 7 video at TechEd 2010: Cloud computing


That was extremely impressive, and shoes how good of a business phone this OS is.

Agree here.
(they do need to work in this pinch-to-zoom thingy)

But, once again, I really wish they learn to "hype" their features to promote this platform.

Apple is pretending they invented the smartphone and everyone out there who's hasn't seen what WM, Android or Nokia can do thinks it's true.

Features are good.
Features + Marketing is better.

This video is such an interesting, i really liked it because it contains a lot of information for the Windows Phone 7.. Windows are doing an excellent work this time also, i hope this will blast the market..

I really really really like the idea of just selecting a word and it prompting me for the correction. So man times you try to type super quickly and you make dumb mistakes. Which results in you first moving the cursor infront of the word, then tapping 'backspace' how ever many times.Then trying to type fast again and getting it wrong again(XD). Predictive-Correction is the best way I can describe what I just saw and I like it.