Windows Phone 7740 update being pushed out for Lumia 800, Omnia 7

7740 on the Lumia 800

Looks like some more folks are getting the carrier-endorsed OS 7740 update. According to reader theWeeBear, he just got the mini update to his Samsung Omnia 7 on "3" there in the UK. Likewise, our Nokia Lumia 800 was also updated to 7740 as you can see above. The odd thing? We don't remember updating it (cue conspiracy music). In addition, our own Rich Edmonds confirms his Lumia 800 just received an update notification when plugged in to Zune.

The 7740 update was detailed a few weeks ago by Microsoft and is considered to be an isolated but important update. In short, it fixes two things: a voicemail notification bug and an Exchange 2003 email error. Not every carrier will be pushing it out, however, meaning a lot of may have to wait to either another bug fix (keyboard, anyone?) or "Tango".

7740 on Rogers for Focus v1.3

Update: looks like lots of folks in various countries are getting this. Even Rogers in Canada for the Focus v1.3. Thanks, Se1fcr3ation, for the screen cap.

Did you get the update yet? List phone, carrier and country in comments!


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Windows Phone 7740 update being pushed out for Lumia 800, Omnia 7


I only got the update today as well: LG Optimus 7, open market (but operating on Vodafone PT), Portugal.

Any word if any of the US carriers are pushing this out yet?  Love to have this update on my HTC Trophy on Verizon for the Exchange fix.

Had 7740 on LG Optimus 7 on UK VodaFone about a week ago.
VodaFone UK seem to have been very quick with the MS updates.

Gotta love broken Exchange on a MS OS.
Getting close to killing WP for me, as my phone is primarily a business tool, and I cannot email from it with every reply-to cutting off all prior emails.  I guess the US market isn't that important to MS.

and you're blaming MS because YOU are still running Exchange 2003! It's currently 2011, you might want to update ...

Yes I am.  It's pretty obvious you have NO idea what is involved in an Exchange upgrade.  There is a HUGE installed base of Exchange 2003 actively being used and it is still supported by Microsoft. The fact of the matter is that this worked fine pre-Mango.  They now have a fix and they need to lean on carriers in the US to approve the update now.
It's embarrasing that iOS, WebOS and Android all work with Exchange 2003 without any issues but WP doesn't.  This bug was reported and reproducible before the Mango release.  Mango should never have been released with such and obvious bug or at least made it a known issue so anyone that would have been affected by it did not upgrade to Mango.
If Microsoft wants to catch up in this market they need to remove all barriers to WP being adopted by consumers and businesses. 

I second mikecel79. Also, I'd point out that most of us have absolutely no control over whether or when our companies' IT departments upgrade our Exchange servers (trust me, I would love to be on 2011).
Now, if only they'd added some certificate management functionality in this update. I gotta hard-reset my darned Focus this week to resolve a self-signed cert update problem and get my corp email back onto my phone...

FYI , MS released the update... its yoru carrier that dint... so if anything blame your  BAD carrier for not pushing it out......

we dint even get new WP( fact is all WP are END OF LIFE  in canada)  and we still got the update.

The update went to manufacturers and carriers two weeks ago, the ball is in their court -- complain to them.
Look how long it's taking Apple to fix the 4S battery issue, SIM issue, etc. -- and they make their own dang phone.  And I've had 4 updates on my WP7 phone, which is 4 more than I've ever received for my Android ... still on the original 2.2 it was shipped with.  MS, by comparison, fixed the problem pretty quickly.

change mobileoperator to TMO-HR, plug in with Zune, a new upgrade will be available, after upgrade is done, change it back to ATT-US.

Got the update on LG Optimus 7/E900 OPEN from Germany.
No firmware update for tethering and hidden wifi, even though it has been rolled out to Vodafone users weeks ago. 

I was hoping the Tethering/Wifi would be included, but it the features are still missing (FW/Radio still 

HTC 7 Pro on US Cellular, updating now!  I'm really surprised by USCC and their update schedule!
oh and I'm in the US if that wasn't obvious.

I just received 7740 update on my unlocked  DVP for Tmobile US but I still cannot activate the visual voicemail on the phone. I keep getting an error message which reads ' something happened and we couldnt set up your visual voicemail. Make sure you have cellular  signal or try again later'. Does anybody have fix to this error?

My LG Quantum (unlocked Bell phone) received 7740 last night.  Is it me, or is the ringtone volume ramping up from low to the set volume since updating.  Maybe it's always done that and I just haven't noticed. I don't remember the volume ramping up like that before and I can't find any control over whether it does this or not.  I personally don't like it and would like to turn it off.