Windows Phone 8 Marketplace to support 180 countries at launch

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Todd Brix has announced on the Windows Phone Developer Blog that Windows Phone 8 will support 180 countries at launch. The platform currently covers 63 markets, making this a fairly sizeable improvement. Developers will also be able to make full use of this added support, which will be a bonus for consumers in those markets.

So which countries are being added? Check out the chart after the break for all the juicy details...

Country Support Windows Phone 8

Note that the market list can change before Windows Phone 8 launches. Brix also quickly covered new versions of the Marketplace and App Hub, which are both still in development and have been rebuilt from the ground up.

Source: Windows Phone Developer Blog


Reader comments

Windows Phone 8 Marketplace to support 180 countries at launch


Am so happy to see Kenya in there. It's time the world realized Africa is bigger than South Africa :-)

Finally i see Paraguay there, my country. Now the thing is, would i be able to change my fake account from Spain to Paraguay in my profile? I've already paid for a lot of games and DLC from xbox live for my 360 and dont want to create a new account.

It's great to see the marketplace expanding, but they still need to bring standard features to all countries. I still can't use Bing Vision to translate text to English, nor can I scan product barcodes (only QR & MS tags). I can change my region for the latter, but the former still doesn't work (source language detects as English, when translating TO English, with no option to manually change).