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New Windows Phone 8.1 gallery shows off navigation bar and more

A flurry of Windows Phone 8.1 news has been coming out today. That’s mostly thanks to information leaking out onto the interwebs thanks to developers with access to the private Windows Phone 8.1 SDK program. Our heads are still spinning with all the new info coming out, but there’s a lot more to come. Over on Twitter, @AngelWZR has shared a ton of new screenshots from Windows Phone 8.1. Check them out below. 

Navigation bar in Windows Phone 8.1

Navigation Bar

First up we have some screenshots of the navigation bar that will be coming in Windows Phone 8.1 (for new hardware with keys). It’s a swanky little feature that we’re going to come to love. You can control some of the behaviors of the navigation bar via settings. For example here we see that the nav bar can auto hide or auto show and that we can toggle that behavior. We can also select the color of the navigation bar to always be dark, match the background or match the phone’s accent color. You can then see how the navigation bar persists throughout the operating system. 

Podcasts and OAuth 

Podcast oath

Looks like Windows Phone 8.1 will bring some dedicated love for supporting podcasts. We’ll be able to use Bing to search for podcasts and of course control things like whether to only download over Wi-Fi. There’s also OAuth support for when signing into Gmail. 

Lock screen, music UI and advertising ID

WP8.1 Screens

Here we see the Lock screen, notice that the time is larger. There’s the UI for Xbox Music and a setting page for something called “advertising ID”. It looks like some apps will be able to look at your behavior across other apps for advertising purposes. You can reset your activity if that’s a little too creepy for you. 

Project my screen, photos+camera settings and new NFC support

PlayTo Photos NFC

Want to project your Windows Phone screen to a TV, monitor or project? Plug in via USB and you can. It also looks like some devices, probably newer ones, will be able to do this wirelessly. New settings page for photos+camera. Looks like NFC support is getting a little more powerful with Windows Phone 8.1. Here we see support to pay for things via NFC and toggle it to work with a locked screen. 

New calendar week view and syncing across apps

Bing News WP8.1

New week view for the calendar! Plus a mini month view in the bottom right. The next two screenshots show a cool feature we’re looking forward to with all the Bing apps – personalization and syncing across apps. Here you can sign in with your Microsoft account and have your preferences follow you between Windows 8 and Windows Phone for all the Bing apps, this particular example is of Bing news. Actually, developers can utilize account syncing too, so that should be really useful for people with multiple devices.

Share UI, Battery Power Sense and new messaging settings

WP81 Screens

New sharing screen. Notice how your recent destinations are on top? Good move because it’s always a pain to scroll down to Twitter, especially if you use it often. Next screen here shows off a new thing called “battery power sense” which will show you which apps are killing your battery. Messaging is getting an overhaul. Notice how it says “receive texts using”? We’re guessing you can select your preferred messaging platform as default. 

Ringtone settings, separate volue controls and location settings

Ringtones Sounds

Here you can look at the new settings for the ringtones+sounds settings page. Separate volume controls for ringtones/notifications and media/apps. Also shortcut to sound settings. Apps that use your location show that little circle icon. Now you can toggle off whether or not they show the icon when accessing your location.

We’ll keep poking around the interwebs for more information on Windows Phone 8.1. In the meantime, tell us what you like the most in the above screenshots!


Reader comments

New Windows Phone 8.1 gallery shows off navigation bar and more



No. Seriously. No.

File Managers are legacy. The future is you using an app, and not knowing/worrying/caring wherer the data is (its in the cloud). This is so obvious it hurts. My kids don't know what a file manager is. Soccer mom does not know what a file manager is. They click it works. I know the bit torrenting twerps all want file manager to manage their stolen movie collections, but normal users do not need file managers. I've NEVER needed a file mnanager on Windows Phone. Let it go.

OK, but we're far away from being completely cloud computing. And even cloud services must allow the traditional structure of file managers for basic control. File managers are still far away from death and, even if you and your kids don't care about it, me and plenty of other people do.

Talking about these leaks, I found them pretty nice. They do give plenty of weapons to Windows Phone compete with iOS and Android face to face. WP is an outstanding platform which grows every update, but for me, until now, it just lacks on some elemental resources - nothing that would compromise it's use, but also important factors to my daily device.

Posted via the WPC App for Android

Still doesn't make much sense. Even if we do live in an ideal cloud computing world, you face the same issues we discussed above. File managers are the most friendly abstraction for system files, and just doesn't make sense to get rid of them...unless someone come up with a neat and powerful solution, I don't see the major point: why the cloud, in order to be fully embraced, must get rid of traditional tools we ordinarily use and can't get the job done without?

Posted via the WPC App for Android!

How about that guy who just downloaded a document but there is no app to open it with? Or how he needs to attach that file to an email and send it? Or, maybe, he just wants to send a file via Bluetooth but the file is not in a format the device or any installed apps recognizes? Or even there is an app for that file, you would have to open each file in its own app and then hope the app supports sharing the file.

It's not all "soccer moms" and children. It is us, and not just us. There are business men, etc. who rely on this stuff and having an app - just ONE more app - brings a great deal of flexibility with it.

I blame Apple for this. They created prisons and Microsoft is blindly following. You can keep the product easy to use AND not sacrifice power for it. It's not a dichotomy as Apple would have you believe.

Couldn't agree more.

I had a Windows Phone once (I'm going back, although it will be my secondary device) and an iPod Touch. Both forced me to invariably use my desktop to achieve certain tasks, many of them covered by your comment. It's OK, sometimes we can't avoid the comfort of the desktop, but in many many situations I was trapped by the access limitations to my system files.

Note to mention that, in order to send or just visualize certain file, you would need to open that specific app and hopefully find this file. It restrains your control and cuts off all possible practice of the device. So, yes, file managers are really a must have.

Your view of Apple's dichotomy is also a good point. It's a huge step backwards compared to the standards applied in almost any operating system. There must be a mid term, if you don't want give the freedom Android gives, for example. Microsoft is going this way, and I'm glad for this.

Posted via the WPC App for Android

Being a ex Microsoft I totally agree that,when it comes to windows phone , MS is blindly adopting what apple did with its iPhone but they don't see android is more favored due to its flexibility. Why put severe restrictions? Power users need some sort of flexibility. People don't care if there is a feature they don't use but they care if there is a feature they want and it does not exist

Wrong, Android isn't market leader because it's more flexible. Most users don't give a darn about it. The reason why there are restrictions, is to make the system safer, more stable and easier to use. I agree that some restrictions don't make any sense, but if you remove all restrictions, it will be a mess like Android is.


Usability doesn't need to compromise power use of a device.

And yes, I get what you meant by 'prisons' and I agree with you! That's exactly Apple's vision... Make it easy for normal users and easy it shall ever be! Microsoft, on the other hand, has always given us plenty of ways to use their products. I think they should learn from Apple how to make UIs as easy and simple as Apple does but they shouldn't restrict power users from an advanced use of a device.
After all, isn't it what Bill Gates successfully used to do in the past? He used to bring to MS' products all the new stuff which was out in the market without compromise MS' identity.
That's my opinion. 

You are right, it is very usable as a consumer device.

shit for: power users, business, offline use, when you max the storage of the phone, sharing, privacy/security, sd cards, usb, and modding.

I know that's far from the majority of users. But, a simple file manager app would be more appreciated than an undercapable cloud manager app that only manages the native cloud service the phone comes with.

It's because of this my next phone will likely be a blackberry. (I'm not the majority of users)

Here here. I feel a file manager will just screw things up and make WP harder to use for the average person.

Unfortunately, they won't let it go. I'll actually be sorta upset if they do add a file manager and Windows Phone ends up looking and working like Windows Mobile, which was a great and powerful mobile OS just way too complex for the mainstream user.

have you considdered that not everyone want to have their personal information in the cloud ?

Do you know, lack of File manager, other than the lack of notification center is the number 2 reason for people not adopting WP (at least here in India)? If you think I am lying, you can check the user review section of any windows phone model, you will see people reaction when they are told it doesn't have a file manager. Whatever reason might be, to store pirated movies, or to arrange my local pictures into albums without having my phone connected to the PC. The lack of file manager has hurt the initial adoption of WP pretty bad. The common response is "come on, even the basic java phones had a file manager, and you call this as smart phone OS?!?". So yes, many need a file manager

As far as what i came to know ...File Manager is available in WP8.1 of now..this feature is locked in the current Version...Hopefully it will be unlocked in future version =)

I don't know how I feel about his navigation bar....its going to look really fing weird with the same icons right above one another....or is this just a feature for phones with out the capacitance hardware buttons?

Why on earth would anyone want to do that? It makes no sense at all to not use buttons that are permanently there in favour of wasting screen space with buttons that have no need to be there......

Yes a little weird. But if you have young kids who tend to hit the buttons every 2 seconds while playing a game or watching a video, then it would be nice to disable the permanent ones and have the onscreen ones auto hide so that don't hit them by mistake. Hell, it would be useful for me. I doubt that'll be an option though.

While I think it should be added, I'm not sure how it would be used for picture backgrounds. 90% of the screen is covered by the tiles. You would only ever see anything when swiping right and looking at the full app list. But it would be nice to have different colored backgrounds besides the b & w options.

So will this update have to go through your provider?  If so, we can expect it...say...Fall 2014!  Yay!!!

When I was on Android I'd try to steer clear of flashing, rooting and whatnot. But at this point I feel like WP developer versions are pretty solid, and pretty easy to install. Sounds good to me.

No no.. You're mistaken. Windows Phone 8.1 will not be updated to any exisiting handsets BEFORE January 2015.

The carriers are in control. Not Microsoft/Nokia or Microkia whatever the fuck they are now.

New phones that come with 8.1 will be released sometime late Sept / Oct.

Think of it this way. the longest most undesriable date you can think of then add 6 more months and you're close to the actual release. These companies are god awful and need to *made* to speed this shit up.

where do you know that it will be available for us on Jan 2015? that's 11 months ahead! I'm sure MSFT will skip this way as it's an OS upgrade, so it will be available on June for new hardware (for sure, and it will be probably also for the existing hardware with the OS upgrade) and April for developers and enthusiasts.

I guess with all this hyperbole you're spouting you'll end up being pleasantly surprised. Like going into a movie thinking it will be so-so usually means it will be better than you thought.

It would really suck to have to get a brand new device, meaning a renewal of contract, just to get an update where we have been able to receive updates through the dev preview program. Why would it suddenly be so different, and exclusive to new devices. I am doubtful that this update brings new hardware requirements, which it shouldn't.

If you are enrolled in the Developer Preview Program, updates don't go through carriers. 

Stop making shit up. Obviously existing handsets will get 8.1 way before 2015. Probably by August at the very latest. Either way with developer preview we can get it much earlier.


No. MS need EAP/TLS and MDM out like yesterday. They are losing phone deals to Apple as MDM is not fully fledged like it will be in 8.1.   Windows Phone 8.1 will be out May/June this year for new handsets, and most likely rolled out to existing handsets at that time also. You have no sources of information, its trolling wild speculation.


Agree with you there. They need to get their MDM together. The DM sync architecture is also still farr off Apples APNS

Not trolling, but you're speculating  yourself as well.  Only MS and the carriers know.  Same goes for Dev preview since thats controlled by MS.

I bet MS played around with that, and they just look funny, and destroy any hope of contrast... IDK.

Want that too, in fact that change alone might give windows phone a great boost . We've had the same look and feel since the first windows phone and now it's getting boring . Even Apple made changes to the look and feel of ios .

How long after release? Even if MS allow change to the background in a year or two, that will still be way quicker than how long the transition was from ios1-7

Selling is such an optimistics word, and i say it because i have a month selling my lumia 920 in mint condition and people dont bat an eye at it, when i ask why they reply "cause it uses windows phone and it sucks"

Something else must be wrong. I sold 3 allready and they were sold all in a weeks time. One of them even before I put it for sale :) Like my current Lumia 820. She has to wait untill after Build 2014.

Because there was no other iOS versions that introduce GUI changes other than 1.0 and 7.0... In the beginning you couldn't change the iOS background from black but iOS 4.0 allowed you to set a wallpaper. That's about 3 years after the initial release.

All I've been asking for for years is black font/icons for the start screen,
a clock on the video playback screen,
the ability to attatch documents from email,
and (sigh), an option to set the number of columns to your liking (I prefer 2 on the larger devices).

I do hope that we can toggle the number of columns.  On a 5" screen, I might like to stick with two columns so that the small tile size isn't too small.

I would have thought that there has always been an elapsed time display while playing videos, which there is.

He wants an actual clock, telling him the time, visible when he taps on a playing video. Which would be quite handy, especially if you are just watching something for a little while before doing something else.

MS is definitely started little late than google and Apple. But this is just initial stages for the mobile era which is too early to say a platform is a winner since technology changes quick. Its good that MS is still in the game and things will get better but I don't think wp8.1 is going to be a game changer... Since majority of non tech users go by brand. Unless until MS wows customer with something which I don't know what; we the WP community will be minority n just hope things change. I don't know how to explain but there is a hesitation to recommend WP devices n services since there is always something missing ( hw is little heavvy, slight bump, few apps missing, bright colors, ).. Other platform might have it too.. But not to this extent

Since it's essentially baked into the OneDrive app, it'll probably look like the snapped view version File Explorer view of the SkyDrive app in 8.1.

Data Sense, Battery Power Sense (all I ever wanted) and Storage Sense... Will be great to have a Sense Hub...

And I still thrilled that maybe we will can use Whatsapp as the default messaging app (of course, the developers will need to implement this)!!!

what's app needs to finally drop the audio hack and it needs to be integrated into messaging hub for sure, would be great to be able to use Speech with it like with the native messaging app

So, that navigation bar is for new devices right? Will that option be available for older device cause that doesnt look good to enable it.

It sounds like the option will be there regardless, but by default will be disabled for hardware key device / older devices and enabled for non-key devices.

I just want my calendar to open in the traditional calendar view.. I hope there's a option for that....

Depending on what screen you're on pressing the volume rocker should bring it up. And the music controls should be screen biased... You can also get to them from settings....

From the screenshots it looks like you press the volume rocker to get the original WP8 view as shown in the screenshot of xbox music. Then you see that little arrow in the top right, tap on that and the separate volume controls drop down. See how that same arrow is pointing the other way in the later screenshot of the separate volume controls.

Rather happy about this, I didn't want that massive thing popping up every time i wanted to change the volume.

I'm really interested in this also... The arrow in the bottom right makes me think it's some sort of drag from the top? (Same arrow as navigation bar, which is swipe up to reveal). Unless of course they stick with volume rocker and the arrow is there due to being such a big use of screen real estate now... Pretty much on the edge of my seat to learn more about this haha... along with cortana of course.

I don't understand how this is only 8.1.... they should totally call it 8.5 or even 9 with all the changes they made.

EPIC update... I"m just sad it's all leaking so early!!!

I wouldn't be surprised if WP9 would be a smaller update just to bring the WP OS name in line with Windows 9.

Yeah, it probably won't be this big.. This update was to once and for all end the "WP has no features" image... But, even after this update Microkia⬅ needs to keep those GDR updates coming...
So, do you think after 8.1 WP is going to be able to satisfy your needs❔

Let us far it is looking good. Although I will still need a colour pallet to prevent me for being sick of looking at colourful live tiles (Skinery Themes helps but Microsloth restrictions still prevent apps from customizing some main tiles).

But who knows. Although you know well that the reason I'll be leaving WP is Microsloth and not a particular hate towards the OS itself. From all the things in 8.1 separate volumes is the one I needed the most currently. The battery sense is also a welcome adition as would be the multiple selection of tiles and the quick settings menu.
Unless they manage to bring another OEM that can match up to Nokia standards (say...Sony) I'm not buying any non-independent Nokia WP, specially not one produced by MS. Not after the nightmares I've had with the Surface (from dead devices to OS updates that kill the type covers and force one to reinstall the entire OS starting with W8 and then doing all the other updates).

Lol.. Come on.. You'll get a Lumia under MS.. Quality isn't made in the factory, its designed at the studio... Everything is in place for Lumia to carry on.. It's a different situation from surface.. Just get a Lumia already.. Lol!
Microsloth... LOL.. Good one..

Everything except Nokia's corporate spirit and quality of assistance. I'm expecting to start seeing MS treating WP customers like they do with everything else: USA first; and then the rest of the World if they have time for it.

Seriously, come to live in Europe for a year. You'll see the abyssal difference of treatment we get from Microsoft over here. And if you want to compare it with Nokia's assistance and support, you better hurry up lol


Wanna bet I won't be getting a Lumia under MS? I *may* get a WP but not a MS-produced one, that's for sure ;P

Here's my plan: Nokia leaves the mobile business, I switch to that beautiful little Z1 Compact as a daily driver. I will, however, be keeping the Nokia L1020 as my dedicated camera (I'm not buying a DSLR, that's for sure). That will allow me to stop depending on MS for my daily needs while still keeping a foot on WP through the Nokia L1020. Then, IF Microsoft proves me that they can offer me the same level of quality all around WP (that means Nokia-level build quality, constant updates, constant development of new apps and features, awesome customer support, Microsoft Care Centres, in resume, everything that Nokia has now and offers me in Europe) then I may consider returning to WP as a daily driver too. But Microsoft will have to work their arses out to be able to do that, specially in Europe. Because that's the geographical space that interests me since it's where I live. Oh, also, NO price fixation. If they put a fixed price on their phones as they do with the Surface and Xbox One, I'm not buying them. One of the few good things about living in European Union is that I can have a phone for sale in my country for 700€ and instead buy it in Germany for 500€ and having it send to me without any additional taxes or import duties. Fixed prices ruin that and I hate them. If it wasn't for these different prices across Europe I would have never bought 4 Nokia Lumias in 2013 alone.

The same Finns still design the former Nokia Lumia smart phones, basicly now Microsoft Lumia smart phones.
We do NOT change because of Microsoft "culture"
You wrote:
"Wanna bet I won't be getting a Lumia under MS? I *may* get a WP but not a MS-produced one, that's for sure ;P

Here's my plan: Nokia leaves the mobile business, I switch to..."

The people are still the SAME

What do you reply now?
Feelings or logic?

Well, that sounds like a smart plan, and for the sake of all of us Lumia fans I hope that MS lives up to your expectations....

The software versioning is subjective.
Windows Phone 8.1 is only a commercial name and it is a reference to Windows 8.1

I know, I am surprised that there isn't an article out yet... That video was intense. I just wish he'd shown the music hub, theme options, etc. Gotta be thorough if you're gonna be a tease.

This is more in line with the actual Store than the OS.

But yes 100% agree, the store needs a couple more features such as this one you stated. To go along with that they might as well add a App Viewer showing you all installed apps and next to them the latest version and whether up to date or needs an update

This indeed looks like a MAJOR update! And I think "major" is still a little bit of an understatement.

Why wouldn't it have been a major update?
It was clear from the beginning that this release would be a major update (only for the hater was not so)

While I have known that this is a major update, I honestly did not expect THAT MANY changes would be included. My expectation has been completely exceeded. And I am pretty sure, there are features that are still yet to be unveiled. So excited!

Must have search box in messaging if we've long list of messages then we can search a message or person like emails.

The only thing i didn't like about those leaks, is the Music. By far, the most ugly UI for music I've ever seen in an official app. I really would prefer to see the album occupying the entire width of the screen. AND A SLIDER for the music. Maybe something like the iphone music player. Showing embedded lyrics with one touch. I understand that they want to pull their Xbox music service, showing artist background, offering Smart DJ and that stuff, but those services usually fail, (I have not been able to use smart DJ at all, and the fan art background never work, have to use MPATool to enjoy that feature). 

Same goes to the video part, I liked it how it was on WP 7.8, separated by series, movies, musical videos (if you tagged the videos with zune), but now it only show a dumb and simple list of videos. Again, another feature I miss from the iPod its the ability to activate subtitles from the native video app (not a very easy task, but it was possible). I felt like microsoft is failing on the media part.

The whole media part is more important to me than other things. And all the lack of useful and important features on this part is the only thing that makes me want to buy another iPod (but not leaving my Lumia 720, of course).

An option for SMS... That always shows when receives... Even phone is locked but a the content of message shows up. It must be optional. Who want to show or not according to requirements.

I think you're referring to toast notifications for SMS. I agree, there should be a way to disable these. I would rather my phone not display incoming text messages  and just alert me with the selected tune.

I think I shed a few tears, Windows Phone 8.1 truly is the momental upgrade we've been waiting for...


This looks incredible! I'm so excited for this! BING IT ON MICROSOFT! My body (and Lumia 1020) is ready!

Are you friggin kidding me? It's so fast it solved my problem of mamma calling me during sex. That update is so fast I can get her call before sex :D

ok, some features are pretty useful and were much needed because they're something you take for granted on other os's and wp8's been clearly missing them BUT a slide thingy on the music player is something i MISS so much....and a little bit more of customization wouldn't kill us MS, really..i know half of you gonna tell me ''the tiles this and that and resizable'' , not important to me, i want wallpapers behind them,i want to make a phone my own in that perspective! aahh and a BETTER FB APP , yeezus ...ah and the ability to send pictures via the messaging thingy you link to your sms and fb chat, PLEASE! 

The facebook app no longer displays notifications for me, whenever I click the tab it comes up with an error, so I have to use the mobile site instead (which, to be honest, tends to be better anyway).

Been there bro, and thats something you take for granted in other ps's but with wp you have to pray the holy freaking baby jesus and see if it works.

I suggest no one buy a phone until this is released, waiting for updates on my phone makes me maaasdd

Finally separate volume controls.

And it's a good idea to bring Android's Battery Sense to WP. It's good to see exactly what's killing the battery and hopefully be able to remove it.


I'm concerned about the new Xbox Musix and Video apps. I mean, one isn't available worldwide and the other requires a subscription. I know this will probably change but it's still a bit concerning. Anyway, if it means freeing space on the OS, great. I just hope we can uninstall them. 'cause I surely will put Xbox Music away since I never use it.


I still hope they bring a colour pallet to the accent colours menu. Those 20 colours are the most restricting thing ever on a phone that is supposed to be "all about you".

You don't need subscription to use Xbox music app. When it says you nerd subscription, press back button instead and you can play the music you stored in the phone.

You can't. When you open the app it asks for you to sign-up with your Xbox Music Pass. If you press the back button it just leaves the app.

But for that I already have the built in. The thing is, compared to the native experience, currently, the app restricts me more. And that's the point.

Wow...CANNOT wait for this...looks so.. delicious?

Really ridiculously exciting - from both a developer and a consumer perspective.

The one final thing that I would LOVE Is for messaging to work with imessage because so many of my friends have iPhones and I would think that's possible because WP 8.1 has integrated icloud which was a surprise

iMessage is terrible. I turned it off when I had an iPhone. Messages would be lost between me and my wife. Now we both have the Lumia 928 and unlimited text messaging. But, now that Siri uses Bing, maybe iMessage might work on WP at some point.

I thi,k it is stupid to have the music controls at the bottom. The drop down comes from the top.

Have you held a 1520? I love my phone but goddamn, it's big. So long as you get the drop down controls way up in the Himalayas I think it's fair that I get some buttons within range.

Loving the new music UI. Everyone has failed to notice how Microsoft has been catering to 1080p displays with their UI changes. That new hub layout is gonna be gorgeous on my 6" screen.

The second screenshot for the podcast app seems to show a partner identifier number. If that's what that is, I suspect they are partner no more.. 

I'm really excited about the new features and functions. I hope it will finally bring the APIs and universal code base required to push Windows forward with high developer interest. However, I'm a bit saddened that so much has been leaked under NDA, and I really hope that the Windows Phone team doesn't hold back on the public Developer Preview as a result.

Quite happy with the massive, hell, more than massive, upgrade. I could say this is more than 100% addition to what we have now for 'options'. However, one personal grouse still remains- the ability to move files from one folder to another in the hub dedicated to that kind of file. There should also be a folder system for Videos, instead of the way all videos are shown as one single list in the videos hub currently.
Also hoping that the file picker means we can pick multiple files (pdf, docx etc.) while attaching to a mail.

So no other additional color for background aside from black and white?, i remember my samsung pixon, with only white color bg, and now, black and white, lol

Still waiting for a screenshot that has a percent battery left next to the battery icon on the top :( Really want to have this simple functionality, like on an iphone, so I don't have to rely on the pretty useless icon. Or dig into the battery options in settings.

Yes, I know I can get an app to change my lock screen to display it (updated every 30 min at best), but it is such a simple thing--it should be there! :)

Week view for Calender.. super!!
Micro manage sound/tones.. awesome !!
Battery sense on my 920.. awesome !!!
App selection to repy messages.. super awesome!!

Pls dont let this be a twisted April fools joke on us.... not so awesome!! hahaha. 

Seriously, looking real forward to all these....  
On a side note, I sincerely hope it doesnt inpact on my "lag-free buttery smooth"  L920..... I expect it to run and furious as before :-)


Looks like they still have 't fixed the shitty settings. How hard can it be ? Just add icons or arrange it alphabetical order.

Not seeing any of the following
1. Different color tiles for phone, messaging, email, photos, and internet exploer- just like how bing apps have done it, which makes it easy to navigate
2. Group phone calls rather than listing all 5 calls I have made to the same phone number. Come on MS this feature even exist in non smartphones
3. Colored icons for missed, received and dialed calls.
4. Option for grid view for apps
5. Select all and Delete all option for email
6. Document attachment directly via email (word, excel)
7. Re-organized settings menu - grouping and icons
8. Universal search
9. Home screen scrolling. Wish we can create multiple pages rather than one long list to scroll.
Hopefully April 2nd has more features in stock. Can't wait for Action center. Keep up the good work Microsoft and please release these new features as soon as they are announced rather than making us wait for months

1. Personally, this would be nice. But this is often app-centric, as some allow you to choose different colors (stock) rather than your theme color. But not high on my list

2. Not a killer, but nice.

3. Ok

4. Don't miss this at all from my iPhone days.

5. +100

6. +100

7. Not tops, but I find it a strange anamoly of WP that the most recent updates to settings change the position in settings. Alphabetical should be the standard. If you want something more, get an app that allows you to pin.

8. Hoping this is Threshold like Bing search in Windows 8.1

9. Again, this is why I dropped iPhone (endless scrolling of pages). I'd like to see groups such as on Windows 8.1.


Like you I can't wait. Your list has merit, but not as much as many of the listed updates.

Tread carefully,

Still unsure whether this will come to devices with 512MB of RAM, seeing as new device like 525 have 1GB of RAM. Microsoft has been known to drop this kind of bomb very close to launch date, it can be very upsetting.

All this is so exciting. But I saw that new update will be changing the app extensions and all. Will that mean that the current .xap apps stop working/not available for wp 8.1? I am not sure about the backwards compatibility. But this looks like a bummer. Still the update is shaping out to be bigger than any OS has given in a single update ever.

Existing apps work, but new apps targeting only 8.1 won't work on older versions (obviously, because of all the new features not to mention the new application package). .appx is the extension for Windows apps, so it hints at a pretty significant SDK refactor and alignment.

Any word on the ENTERPRISE WiFi support????, I didn't spot any update on this subject yet, and it's the most painful issue for us "professionals"

By the looks of it, not a full-disk manager per se, but a file manager for all user files. Apps will still be sandboxed and only be allowed access to files you select through a file picker/file save UI (though probably things like music and photos will have automatic read-only access for all apps that declare they require access).

I have to say I'm only speculating, going by the fact that Windows 8.1 has no Modern UI file manager (just file pickers) and the fact that we've only seen the file picker from WP 8.1 so far. Also I don't think they would open up system/app folders to the user as these are copyrighted to the developer and also sandboxed. So you would likely have access to the equivalent of your 'user' folder with documents, photos, music, etc; which on a phone is really all you need, unless you're doing something dodgy like extracting copyrighted app installs.

Also I doubt that Microsoft would allow apps full access to your documents, as this goes against sandboxing which is such a key security feature of Windows Phone. So most of your documents will likely stay protected behind an open/save dialog – perhaps this permission will be cached per app session, or forever, based on what the app requires.