The Windows Phone 8.1 Xbox Music team wants your feedback and suggestions

We recently covered the forthcoming update for Xbox Music on Windows Phone 8.1. Needless to say, the app is chock full of problems. But it also has a ton of potential. The group behind the app has promised bi-weekly updates, which is probably one of the reasons why they tore it out of the core OS and made it an app. Smart, eh?

This morning, the team has gone one step further and created a forum on User Voice for your suggestions and ideas. Like previous User Voice categories, this one you can make proposals, and users can then up-vote the item. Microsoft isn’t senseless, and more often than not the top suggested items do get put into production.

That means you should participate, instead of just opining about how unhappy you are! To do so, head HERE to User Voice and get started

Update: There is also a User Voice for Xbox Video, in general, which can be found here. (Thanks, Zack!)

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The Windows Phone 8.1 Xbox Music team wants your feedback and suggestions



No it doesn't. That's fortnightly. Biweekly can be either fortnightly or twice a week. Since fortnightly is specifically 2 weeks, biweekly is usually used when one means twice a week. MS should learn to English :P

Only in America. The rest of the 'English Speaking World' actually speaks English, not 'merican.

It can actually mean both. Every 2 weeks or twice a week. Gosh english is such a confusing language. :P

Because Americans cannot handle a language with subtleties and nuance. More childlike, but less confusing :D

Hahajaha.....That's the main reason why I asked this question cuz its kinda confusing to me. If not then I guess we have to wait and see what will happen in a week

Biweekly can mean either 'once every two weeks' or 'twice a week'. But in this particular instance, expecting Microsoft to update twice a week is too much so it means once every two weeks.

 the prefix bi- applies to the week rather than to the events that occur, therefore giving the sense of “every two weeks”. Since the term is also used in the UK to mean “twice a week”, it is ambiguous there. In British English, for the sake of clarity, it is advisable to use one of the synonyms instead.


I would've normally said this is a useless comment, but seriously. Can we just have Zune back? Dat Z Logo, Tho!

It's not so useless. I think putting up a UserVoice site where we're supposed to yell Microsoft how to make a good, or great, Music experience is a joke. They KNOW how to do it, because they've done it before. Can I put a suggestion that says: Can whoever the buck stops at for this experience and hire someone with vision? I mean, really. Just put some talent toward this stuff, set the standards high, and stop throwing away all the good stuff you've already done over and over and over. +1 vote for that, there.

Yeah give us Zune back, or just music player like it was in Windows phone 8. We don't need an app that will update itself every week or two.

thats a boneheaded statement. if we can have an app thats being updated that regularly, we'll have devs constantly listening to us, and improving our experience with the software. I fail to see the advantages of porting software that only gets updated through OS revisions. they're not going to implement every little thing that gets suggested, so we can expect that the devs and designers will have our best interests in mind, as Microsoft as shown a strong refocusing I'm their consumers

Right, but, have you seen that work on the Music app on WIndows? It gets updated fairly regularly, but its still not even "good" much less "great." Listening to feedback is important and wonderful, but you also cannot design by committee. There feels like there is no vision for this experience (or Photo) on either platform, anymore. At the very least, they completely threw out on the old vision, and now we have no idea what the new one is. Because so far, its just a jumbled mess.

Fantastic comment and exactly right. Whoever came up and headed Zune had vision. Some kind of lunacy prompted them to kill it and replace it with ridiculously limited alpha bug ridden software not worthy of newbie coders and they have had plenty of time to take it somewhere and while it's much better it's still unfortunately nowhere near the simplistically beautiful Zune in functionality or usability. Suggestions might help us in usability but they need vision to bring it back where it needs to be. I still say everyone connected to it need to be banned from using itunes because I don't believe they actually use it and understand using it.

Or even better, the player in Windows Phone 7. I'd rather have that with no updates than this POS with updates. It worked exactly how I wanted a media player to work.

Yeah, you WP7 guys have it so good. With your Zune music player and wireless syncing, you guys have it so nice. :P lol

I really miss being able to discover/dl music on my PC and have it sync wirelessly to my phone over Wi-Fi. I feel like the cloud is Being shoved down my throat... I don't want to stream all my music, I prefer to waste my data on other things! Also fix for the podcast app its slow and has less features and again I don't want to stream everything so stop looking for podcast I don't have locally on my phone!

Yea Man, Podcasts are crap to use on Windows phone, ridiculous that MS just threw away the fantastic podcasting in Zune and still has not replaced it with any thing functional.

Great suggestion. I voted for it. Zune was one of my major reasons for having a WP. I hate trying to sync music and videos now, it's just so bad.

Its too bad a request to FIX the sync problems has to be voted on in a setting that is supposed to be for new features. But, I voted for it.


What they need to do is:

Open Zune HD --> Copy --> Open Xbox Music --> Paste --> Overwrite? --> Hell yes!

How i wish that would happen.. But they wont do it because they want something called cloud, and Zune wasn't that good with it. And cloud... Huh.. Wont even think of using it here in India, its useless with the kind of internet we have.

Well, they did promise bi-weekly updates, which seems like it'd fit the bill. Since they publicly committed to it, hopefully they'll deliver.

I know you don't develop apps Dan but I was wondering how difficult is it to implement all the features from the late ZUNE HD to the Windows Phone APP.
Is it the size?
Requires additional hardware?
It almost seems as easy as copy and paste but they never do it...
(I'm not a developer)

It's not a matter of difficulty, so much as roadmap, vision, and lining things up. Better to have the devs focus on core functionality than waste cycles with easy to add later fluff. I for one would like the ability to choose where my photos sync, but it slams them into pictures/phone name. Same goes for mobile uploads - at least be consistent! I don't camera roll auto upload because it doesn't put it in pictures/phone name. And then it also won't auto-upload saved pics or screenshots. But these are all small fry issues, which are easily changed once core func is solid.

They want the cloud, which isn't that important for me as a decent player is. Sadly, they want to use a mess with cloud rather than putting back Zune and adding cloud to it.

responding to  "It's good that they are going to listen but they need to release updates often."


understand threads better. bye

This is really what should be at the core of any enhancements MS makes to XBM.  I just don't see its value as a service I would pay for otherwise.

I actually hated that. I'd end up skip through a song by accident all the time. Like the current design much more.

Well, this feature has the second highest votes on user voice. Maybe when they add it back, they will add the option to turn it off for those who don't like the feature.

I will assume that you don't understand the reason why people want this feature back for driving. It's so that you don't have to look at your phone in order to change tracks.

"This morning, the team has gone one step further and created a forum on User Voice for your suggestions and ideas."

I have been using this for ages!!

in fact

"James shared this idea  ·  Jul 17, 2013  ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…Flag idea as inappropriate… "


its been runing for almost a yesr.


posts your suggestions in the comments section instead of the Uservoice forum Microsoft set up, as previously mentioned in the article you definitely just read

Hi guys 

i think  it should allow us to share the more than one song over bluetooth

it would be very helpfull to share our favourate tracks with others



Everyone's been leaving their comments on here in terms of what changes they want to see to Xbox Music, why is his any different than anyone else's?

Daniel, do you have any idea why MS didnt just rebrand Zune and keep all its features andd make that Xbox music??? What was the reason?

Diet tracking still takes way too long to load up. Also, not being able to add more than one food at a time makes it painful to use the program as the loading takes ages each time a food is entered.

Lolwut? It wouldn't even show my installed games.

Edit: Eat my words, The app had just been updated..again finally able to show my games.

Anyone know how to get a hold of the Xbox Video app guys? That app is actually even worse....Windows 8/RT & Windows Phone. Thanks in advance.

Movies that I bought thru Xbox One app don't show on my Xbox video WP app is this normal? The TV shows are there, just not the movies. Is it rights thing or a screw up?

Who knows how this stuff is suppose to work anymore. They are all over the map. Features that do work, they remove or break next week.

Exactly. Who has the energy to beg and plead for things anymore? They keep throwing the baby out with the bathwater and its pretty exhausting. Especially after they spend years getting you excited about those features, evangelizing them to you and you to everyone you know.

Everyone did except people that never used it.  I HATE the flack Zune gets even on shows that I like like The Colbert Report!  The players and the service were ahead of it's time.

Beautiful and functional. 4 yrs later and they still haven't come close to catching up on Win 8.1, and WP8.1 is getting progressively worse!

I personally loved the way the album art would continue to display in windows phone 7 even after finishing listening to a track

+1020. But why the heck should people have to vote for that? Does Windows Phone not have a design lead who says: Our experience is about beauty, engagement, and content being the chrome? So, no, don't remove the art? It's like, not an obscure feature request. It's like voting for: "Please do better at your job, especially on the things that are obvious."

Having music/audio related apps in the hub was huge. I don't know why they put podcasts out by itself as a separate app...

I want a dedicated space on the action center bar like Android, it's a pain in the ass to push the volume button for change song when not in the app. Sorry guys, I'm lazy, wrote that for me :P

This is great and I'm not one of those always whining, never grateful or satisfied users. Just bring back the Windows Phone 7.5 tile that always displayed the last artist played and add the beautiful wallpaper backgrounds that panned across the app.

Hopefully the "repeat 1" option STAYING ENABLED when switching tracks using the prev/next buttons isn't a bug, and stays that way.

I hated it resetting after switching tracks. I want to listen to the same thing over and over again, then change my mind and listen to something else over and over again. It's not weird.

It's the only thing in the current Xbox Music app that I like. (I don't care much for playlists.)

Anyway, can't wait for the updates!

How about when I download a song it automatically goes into the cloud. I mainly dowload music on my phone not my computer and can never seem to get it to stream onto my desktop or Xbox One without seperately downloading it.....

While playing music need artist background in hd like in Nokia mix radio and overall performance improvements and bug fixes.

Yup. While I certainly love transparent live tiles,I personally am of the opinion that it looks even nicer when you have a few "normal" tiles mixed in. I think things would look especially snazzy with this guy's suggested live tile (wp7 style, basically) among the other transparent tiles. Voted!!!

It's quite easy, just say: Play (or "play me") song title. Ex: Play s summertime sadness, and Cortana will reply " here's summertime sadness". Are your songs labeled correctly? If not, that might be the issue.

Honestly, just bring back Zune. Cloud music is extremely convenient but if I had Zune back I really wouldn't mind not having my music in the cloud. Zune just worked.

I doubt that that Splash screen is slowing anything down more than a few thousandths of a second.  If they replaced it, it would just be with a longer-lasting "Loading...." or "Resuming...." status.

Wow how many comments about Zune, I would really like they get it back and make our dream come true. I mean Zune player had everything, it didn't need any update, it was just perfect!

We're just posting topics of discussion. Some of us will put these in the user voice forum too.

Yes. Please vote for ZUNE features. Maybe there should also be a suggestion on User Voice to read ALL the past User Voice suggestions for the ZUNE features.

New releases section for songs and albums, direct link to audio (equalizer) settings... Oh, and just to fix the bloody thing would be great.

I've applied to work for Xbox music yet nothing but silence for years. Apparently their current employees can handle it..

Look at how it worked in WP7 (including speed, which was much better), make it so playlists can be edited/added, fix the sync bug and make the now playing queue easily visible and editable. That's all I ask, really. Mainly the speed, it is much slower now jn WP8.1 than in WP8.

I'm glad their doing this and hopefully more of the app development teams participate in this type of feedback. Since it will help improve the overall quality of WP8.1 which sits pretty high already. Also relived someone posted a metadata suggestion already since the app decided my meticulously handled tags were incorrect.

I added a suggestion to have an option if you want to have the never dissapearing music control in Volume centre. Please vote if you find this attractive

Ugh, Flixster. It really is a kick in the teeth that they still can't be bothered letting UK users stream films through the app. =/

The most pressing issue they need to fix is a stand alone application for the PC that allowes you to connect any Microsoft device out the box.  The idea that the PC is dead is a joke. 

When a person gets a new device, one of the first things they sync to their device is music from their personal collection. All that other stuff comes later. If you pole the average user no matter if they have a tablet or PC they all have a collection of local music somewhere. I’ve been a music subscriber since the zune days and currently an Xbox Music subscriber. I also buy a lot of independent music from places like Bandcamp. If that syncing experience is bad it sends a bad message about Microsoft and it's products and services.

The software should allows the users to edit Metadata ,organize their collection as well as sync and Backup. 

Put all the features that was available with Windows Phone 7 using zune software, add more imprivements and features and you'll' have a solid experience.

They should also try to introduce more social featuers back. MixView would be a great feature if they aded it the start screen. Playcount was also pretty sweet and the ability to send reccomendations to friends.


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They need to just make the Zune HD interface and functionality an app. Then it would be perfect.

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Should have been tested and fixed before released as "final". It's not been released to the public yet, but it is at RTM stage. And yes, two week updates is much better.

Make it easy for people to transfer thier music from iTunes and Goolge play.  I have many friends that this is one of the hurdle to move to WP.  And I believe there are many others out there that would like to move to WP but, they have invested to much money to abandon their music for not reason.  Google did this just recently and if can do it I am 100% sure you can as well. 

Ref: Jorge,
YES. My wife wants me to move her apple music from her Windows 7 laptop to her SurfacePro2 AND her HTC 8X windows phone!