Is this video of Windows Phone 8.1 'Blue' on a Nokia Lumia 920? [Update: fake]

Windows Phone 8.1 Blue

Update 5:30PM ET: Our source(s) tells us that indeed, this is fake. We won't go into details but our source(s) is very confident that this is not real. Sorry folks!

A new video has been posted on YouTube reportedly showing a white Nokia Lumia 920 running the far-from released Windows Phone 8.1 aka ‘Blue’ update.

In the video, we can see the notifications center being demonstrated via a swipe-down gesture from the top of the display. Tapping one of the Tiles also reveals a pop-up menu of some sort, though the smaller icons purpose cannot be discerned.

We’ve reached out to some of our sources to try to verify whether or not the clip is accurate or a clever ruse, and will follow up if we find out more.

Windows Phone 8.1 ‘Blue’ is considered to a milestone update for the OS, but is not due until later in 2013, even possibly into 2014.

Windows Phone Blue 8.1 Screenshots

Certain aspects of it were recently revealed in an eBay-purchased Lumia 920 that had an early test build on board. That device was later reclaimed by Microsoft, confirming its authenticity.  However, certain aspects of that build, including the notification center, were either removed or later altered, showing that this Microsoft’s plans for the future of Windows Phone 8 are still in motion.

Source: YouTube; Thanks, Narv and Jules M., for the tips!


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Is this video of Windows Phone 8.1 'Blue' on a Nokia Lumia 920? [Update: fake]



Looks like, from left to right:
Battery, Airplane Mode, LTE/Cellular, WiFi.  The notifications looks amazing.

I think you're right about the quick settings hub.  I think it looks great and would address one of my gripes with WP: lack of quick access to settings

I was wondering how they would handle the swipe from top with notifications, because I use that gesture to view my status at the top, I see it moves the status all the way to the bottom in this video.
Seems legit...

Thats kind of how it already is minus the notification centre. you dont actually have to swipe to access battery life and signal, you just tap at the top of the screen. most people dont realize that because they're swiping it.

Can't understand the idea of hiding stats while there is too much empty space.
My thoughts that they would make the stats always-on and the swipe gesture will be for notifications. Although I don't like the top gesture, but still better than not having it at all.

Yeah... I agree this is better than what we have now... but it still takes up a tile space. 

Why can't that be from a drop down menu or from the side or when you hold the Back button?  I know this is still early and might not be real, but I dunno... was hoping for a bit more.

How fantastic would it be if you could configure tiles with different toggle settings?  Beyond the ones mentioned, things like battery saver, account syncing, internet sharing, NFC?  I'd be happy with just the most common ones (bluetooth, airplane mode, wifi), but if there are more available, that's even better.

I want BRIGHTNESS!!! lol It's SO annoying since I change the brightness often :( and only found a shortcut for bluetooth and wifi etc via wiztiles type app..

*IF* it's real, I really like that too. It's a very slick/creative way of handling the whole "folder" concept, and while I've previous said I didn't see the point... yeah, I'd definitely make use of it as-shown.

that would be a nice integrated shortcut without downloading a tacky app to access turning those connections on and off from the home screen or having to dig into settings each time just to toggle things on and off.

if its "just" a folder than you probably still only have a shortcut that takes you to that setting in the settings menu (rather than an actual toggle on the homescreen itself which would be much better).

I sincerely hope so... Would hope that Microsoft would have more creativity than putting a notification centre as a pull down from the top... In no way does that reflect the windows phone OS. I would hope for a swipe from left, or when you hold the back button you swipe from right.... I don't know but something better than what everyone else on the market is doing.... Yawn.

This is kind of funny. I've heard lots of people make the argument that swiping down is the most convenient and quickest way to do it, and that they don't want Microsoft trying to be the completely different OS that sacrifices functionality. It's just interesting.

Yeah same here, I think they can do much better than that. The design doesn't please me one bit. Swipe down is too cliche, swipe from left on a WP is excellent. But that doesn't bother me much anyway it's just the design I'm concerned about

They can have swipe down, but still not sacrifice on design language. Maybe, they'll make it so when you pull down, it actually looks like you're swiping the current content to the bottom; much like swiping to the apps list pushes the start screen to the left. It'll reveal a whole new screen and won't be a cliche shade.

Yeah as long as it doesn't look odd and out of context. It's would be funny if they added a start button to WP8.1  :') I'm just hoping it looks great and not like a mess like the control centre on iOS7

I'd say swipe up from the capacitive buttons would be better. 
Swipe up from Windows button brings up notification center
Swipe up from Back button brings up app switch screen
Swipe up from Search button brings up Bing (perfect solution for accidental Bing)
Other functions (short press and long press) can be adjusted accordingly.
For me this feels new and fresh, and nobody else has done this yet I don't think.

That does sound very fancy. I tried it on my phone, obviously it doesn't work but just the feel of it makes it seem cool. Just my opinion though.  Nice set of features but should come with an option to turn them off/on, because it's not for everybody

That way, notification center can be accessed from anywhere, implemented differently than everybody else (android, iOS), but still retains the familiarity.

Yeah it is an idea for sure. I tend to swip from the top to bottom all the time, just to check if I'm on Wifi or my network, battery, signal etc. I mean even without a notification centre I find that little disappearing head bar pretty useful. What if they introduce charm bar to WP8.1? Swip from left to right to give some funky options. That would be interesting but not sure if it would turn out as good

This would be quite cool for phones with capacitive start buttons, but remember that it's not a hardware requirement and wouldn't work on all phones. But maybe there could be an alternative for ones with physical start buttons. I want to say double-press, but that's too similar to iOS' multitasking.

I think that Microsoft should make it swipe down from the top.  By making it familiar to iPhone/Android users they know they're not loosing a feature when considering swapping phones.  You want phones to feel natural.

I always thought that long pressing the Windows key should pop up some kind of notification center and voice search should be accessed by long pressing the search button.

Voice has many other functionalities that search though. You could possibly have a hybrid menu, but it could be confusing being able to speak or view notifications in the same screen.

My favorite so far is the panel being to the left of the Start screen, even though it requires an additional step. Well, I'd prefer some kind of charms menu from the side, but I don't think that will work very well on portrait phones, especially 720p screens.

or a connections/utilities tile that serves as a shortcut to toggling connections like bluetooth, nfc, data, wifi, etc. on and off right from the home screen without having to go a few screens deep into settings each time you'd like to do that.  both would be convenient!

Seriously, it's like he used a pen cam. But hastily made video gives it more legitimacy in my opinion.

The person could have just gotten their hands on something they weren't supposed to see and was trying to be quick and descreete as to not be caught.

Oh come on! If you'd have to record your phone in a video, you either need another awesome 920 or may be a perky little pen cam :P

They do. They use many secret little methods to find out where a leak could come from, even ways of tracking word-of-mouth.

Looks like that's a folder tile, actually. You can see the shapes fading in and out on it, then the shapes are on the smaller buttons when you tap on it.
Edit: Now that I look at it again, it does look like radio settings: Bluetooth, Airplane Mode, Oval (wifi?), and Cellular.

He hit the back button which brought him to the top of the app. I'm surprised he didn't hit the start button. Then again if it was a legit copy the video would've been longer.

Looks like that tile is a quick settings tile for things like airplane mode and Bluetooth.

Yes it is. You can see BT, Airplane and WiFi if you pause it. Not clear, but clear enough to tell.

Looks like a clean implementation, though I wish the settings were integrated into the notification center. The submenu on the tile he presses looks to be bluetooth, airplane mode, wifi, and data/cellular. For that bit I'll stick with Toggle, but the notification center is a needed addition -- regardless of live tiles' effectiveness. And if the settings in the video are within a folder even better.

I'm wondering if the popup menu on that tile is some sort of folder mechanism. To me it seems to be a "special" tile icon of sorts because the menu displayed after a simple tap rather than a tap and hold. Perhaps the menu grows as more items are added to the folder...

Why a swipe from the top? Why not put the notifcations on the left side of the startscreen? It would be a gesture similar to that of getting to the applist. They could even put a command button below the start screen so new users will know how to get to both the applist and the notifications. Seems a bit strange to add new gestures and not use the left side of the startscreen.
It also would work well with Windows 8. Windows 8 has the same interface as Windows Phone but then 90 degrees altered. We've already seen them adding a swipe to the bottom gesture that brings you to the applist. Windows 8 could then have a swipe to the top for its notifications.

"Why a swipe from the top?Why not put the notifcations on the left side of the startscreen?"
Maybe because swiping from the top, regardless of whether you are at the start screen or within an app, will take you to the notifications? If you're within an app, swiping to the right (that'll take you to the left page) will not be able to accomplish this.

Perhaps. But the way the swipe from the top works is unique. They could use a similar gesture to view notifications from the left side when you're within an app. As well as add a 'regular' gesture to access the notifications from the startscreen. Although I can see how that would be too confusing in its own way.
But I also think it works a bit counter-intuitive to add a new gesture in the first place. The startscreen can be accessed with the press of a button. You can then swipe to the left to check out notifications and then press back to go right back into whatever you were running. The same goes for the applist right now. You press start, swipe to applist but the back button brings you right back into whatever app you were viewing. The same principles could be used for the notifications. It would add no learning curve and work for both Windows 8 and WP8.

Closely follows Microsoft's design language and the solution looks refined...I'm starting to think it might just be legitimate.
Would have still preferred a swipe to the left for that notification centre and the tile pop-up short cuts look brilliant.

While I agree that swiping to the right (to take you to the left of the start screen) would be a nice way to access the notifications, this gesture would be restricted to only when you're at the start screen (wouldn't be effective when you're in an app that has multiple pages - to the left and right). However, a swipe down from the top will allow you to access notifications, no matter where you are.

So that popup menu looks like 'quick' toggle settings for:
Bluetooth, Airplane Mode, ??? (NFC?), Wi-Fi
...Which is AWESOME!

I'm still on WP7 and not following too closely WP8. I'm due an upgrade in 2 months. Is MS still going with Zune? I have came to like it.

Its possible that we are in the future and he is trying to communicate to us from the past. We have to tell him about the flying pigs.

While I agree that swiping to the right (to take you to the left of the start screen) would be a nice way to access the notifications, this gesture would be restricted to only when you're at the start screen (wouldn't be effective when you're in an app that has multiple pages - to the left and right). However, a swipe down from the top will allow you to access notifications, no matter where you are.

This is what I keep saying. Its all about simplicity, simply swiping from the top is just 1 step + you can do it from whichever screen you're on, vs leaving an app, and swiping to the right is 2 steps =counterintuitive. I'm not sure why people don't understand this.

You could use the same argument for launching apps. You have to press start, swipe to the right and select the app. It would be better if you could pin them to the startscreen.. oh wait you can.
Well then the same principles should apply for notifications.. oh wait it does. The pinned apps are your essential apps and they produce your essential notifications on the press of a startbutton. For the compleet list of notifications you could swipe to the left just liek you swipe to the right for the compleet list of apps.
But I do understand your reasoning. I just don;t think pressing start and then swipping to the left is that counterintuitive. Just try the gesture out on your phone. But more importantly it doesnt add more gestures and fits in nicely with the current principles. IMO that is intuitive.
Not that its an issue for me. Either implementation works for me but since Windows Phone is supposed to be easy to understand and use I think adding a different kind of gesture is counterproductive. I'm thinking about people like my aunt and one of my co-workers. They like Windows Phone because its simple and honestly they have a but of a hard time to even understand WP's basic gestures. And they aren't idiots, they just arent tech enthousiasts. Same goes for Android, most users have no idea how to access half of the features on their phone. I dont want WP to lose its edge by becoming as 'complex' as Android.

But Notifications should be accessible from home screen as well as from any app.

If Swipe left would be implemented, we just can't access it while using any app.

Ewww, what's with the two shades of red on the calendar tile?!
It's not needed Segoe UI is clear enough without the shaded background.

Something interesting is when he swipe the notifications in the top GSM signal en battery status go to the button too!
it use different methods as android

There are two home screens showing tiles or maybe he was inside a folder?  Nvm, he was at the bottom of the screen before he hit the back button and went rights at the top before going to the main screen and then checks the toggles?

I'm always skeptical when something is such low quality and rushed video. Who has a camera that takes such low quality video? Only reason to make something really low quality like this is to make it harder to detect a fake.

It looks like we're getting a notification centre but now people are arguing which side it should be on. Are people ever going to stop finding things to complain about in regards to Windows Phone?

Agreed. Only a lot to complain about if you don't know how to use your phone properly. Seems nothing is ever good enough for WP owners... Sheesh!!!

if you still have to enter the "wifi settings" menue to toggle the wifi then it is pretty pointless.  I guess it is a good way to have more than one app without needing all the space.
But, come on, we need to be able to toggle wifi, bluetooth, ect right from the home screen.  That is a 2009 andriod feature.

This reminds me of watching Playboy Channel back when I was 8. I'd watch the distorted feed trying to imagine the oblong shapes were breasts, etc. Now I try to imagine the blurry, distorted shapes are notification centers. My life now.

LMAO.... The original American Pie where Jason Biggs tryna watch that porn at the beginning... smh... still a funny ass movie til this day..

All I wanna know if, how is it possible for 12 year old at the Nike plant have access to the 8.1 build and I don't.

Microsoft won't add a notification centre on the left. I think they only want you to be able to swipe to the right side of the phone like Windows 8. Anyway If this is closed to finished 8.1 its not a very impressive update. Those concept videos look much nicer, this is still a really good step

Umm they haven't announced anything yet... And these are early dev builds... A lot has changed and lot more will change... This is why it's not being released until end of year/nrxt year.

I don't like the notification center, to much Android/iOS style, i want to have it at the left of the start screen like the full app list is on the right ...


Notification centre from the leaked images looks like it was made by a homebrew dev. I hope Microsoft polishes it up

Nope lol we don't even get apps we won't get any more updates ever. 7.8 is pretty much finished right now

The notification center could be opened with a swipe from the left, i think it would be better. But this way is also good.

Very cool, if MS wants to start pulling in subscribers they should release the notification center at least...i dont care for it but reviewers constantly complain about it

An inconsistency is that when he swipes down, the tiles get pushed down, but when he swipes back up the tiles remain where they were, seems fishy, also i think ms wouldnt implement a drop down notification centre, the left side of start screen seems much better

lol troll video is a troll video. at least if they release an update like this, people will stop complaining about alot of things from Windows Phone... oh wait no. i dont expect people stop complaining :) so whatever.

again, what if MS or NOKIA themselves are posting this!? lol.. shit looks legit to me!.. MY 810 says "I WANT!" but will it get it?.. only time will tell...

Nope but MS seems to be killing WP with snails pace of getting this OS better. 3.3% market share after more than 2 1/2 years ain't cutting it..

I'm so sick of waiting for a notification centre this phone should have shipped with, just typical Microsoft shipping an incomplete product and taking too long to fix it

When add the centre at the top or the left just live tile the centre. Take what unification gave us and expand it.

The fact that it is so blurry makes me think its fake, my 5 year old samsung can take much better video than this, and so can my 8 year old sony erricson 

The only thing that I want to know is if the notification center will be on the lock screen too cause this is the major problem on the os , right now only 5 apps can show on the lock screen

Yeah that video is amazing lol, I hope those aspects are thrown in sometime soon lol. Anyways! It's a fake thankfully, plus. Even if it were real, it would have been still a very very early beta. Which I doubt cuz, it's rlly too ugly and takes away from the metro feel

Exactly imagine the lock screen (beautiful animation), app menu and notification centre from the video concept mixed with the home screen from this concept http://www.1800pocketpc.com/wp_blue/ I love the tile animations from the Surface N video but I think those animations are to much they're like little videos in each tile I'm sure it would either slow the phone down or drain rt.

Glad its fake.  I like the shade as a notification center But the look of that notification center is ugly to ME.  I didnt like the way folders looks either.  If folders was done that way it looks like there will be a limit.  The pull down shade should have the options of toggles.  I should be able to "pin to notification"

Thank god its fake, don't understand why would WP with its metro UI and hubs would use the old school way of swiping from top.
Notifications can be better, much better than this. Probably this is the very early build.

Swiping down allows you to access from anywhere or within any app. Personally I would prefer something in the multi-tasking menu or a nice live tile app/hub. But... It will probably be swipe down.

If the notification center looks like it did from the mistakenly sold 920, I may perform seppuku because of the hideousness of the app

Glad it's fake. Looks way to amateur to be from a signature update that's being worked on for this long