Windows Phone Game Review: AE 3D Motor

AE 3D Motor for Windows Phone

The Windows Phone Marketplace has several motor cross games where you can hit the dirt roads (MotoX Mayhem, Bike Mania, etc) . But what about those who prefer the flat top? AE 3D Motor is a motorcycle oriented game for your Windows Phone that has you racing up the highway, weaving in and out of traffic.

You race for as long as you can without crashing into a car, truck or semi. The further you go the higher the score. If you like motorcycle racing games and have a few minutes to blow, AE 3D Motor isn't a bad choice.

The main menu for AE 3D Motor has options to play the game, access the developers website, view the high scores, view the how-to screen and access the game's settings. Settings are limited to sound and vibration on/off.

Game play with AE 3D Motor is simple. Tap/hold the screen to accelerate and use the Windows Phone tilt sensor to steer left or right. The closer you pass vehicles in traffic will earn you bonus points and if you wipe out, game over.

AE 3D Motor

AE 3D Motor has three scenes (beach, desert, and bridge) with two angles of view (above and behind) to keep things interesting. Car will signal lane changes but never yield to on-coming traffic.  If you think the car you are approaching is about to cut you off, it probably will.  The sudden lane changes and traffic congestion keeps you on your toes.

When you crash, and you will, you can submit your high score to the online leaderboard or simply try your luck again. Graphics are nice with AE 3D Motor, game play challenging, and my only nit is that you can't adjust the sensitivity to the tilt controls. The game's title could have been more catchy but where the rubber meets the road, AE 3D Motor is a fun game to pass the time with.

AE 3D Motor is a free, ad-supported game that you can find here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

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Windows Phone Game Review: AE 3D Motor


Love the game , AE does make some decent games . "Doodle Dash" , "Archer" , "Funny Jump" are my personal favorite .

Nice a 3D LANE spliter!! always wanted *lane spliter on WP*  gona test drive this bad boy :)
hmm:  submiting my score resets my phone...

My sisters son was playing a motorcycle game on her iPhone yesterday so I decided to see what was available on WP, this is what I found. Pretty good, but man are we behind when it comes to games.
The day before he was playing an awesome 3d-game where you drive a truck, and he always play the Ninjago games and other 3d Lego games. Nowhere to be found on WP.
IPhone games are just superior. :/