Windows Phone Marketplace experiencing global outage with error c101a249?

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According to some of our readers, the Windows Phone Marketplace appears to experiencing some issues. We've confirmed ourselves that the UK and US Marketplaces are down, throwing a "c101a249" error when an attempt is made to download an app. As was the case with previous outages, we'll not get too worked up about potential maintenance.

Hopefully this downtime will be minimal. Have you experienced any issues today? Let us know in the comments. 

Update: Xbox LIVE and Zune are also down for a lot of users, so evidently the two are connected

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Thanks, revamp, for the heads up!


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Windows Phone Marketplace experiencing global outage with error c101a249?


I don't think this affected everyone. I'm in Los Angeles, California and I don't see any problem with the marketplace. (Nokia Lumia 900).

Just now I thought of commenting about this problem in Monster App Adventures Game. Nice you have opened a new post regarding this issue... well done WP central :)

Still down in the UK. Can browse the marketplace but get the c...... error whilst trying to download.

Can't login on XBOX on my laptop, but np using it on the phone.....can't d/l anything from marketplace...

I'm in Oz.
I've noticed my Zune Tag is unavailable, and XBox Live is down as well as the WindowsPhone Marketplace does not allow apps to be acquired.
Logged into my Live account and found my Zune Tag is not being found and also my Xbox account tag (same thing).
Twitter accounts say they are working on finding the solution

I'm in Aus and I've been playing, gears of war for hours now with no issues, and my Zune is fine.. Also for hours I wonder what's going on

Had this issue this morning in Philly area but working again as of around noon.  Microsoft answer forums had a user suggesting signing in to Zune on your computer, but when I tried to that, I got a different error message that it couldn't connect to the internet, C101A23A.  I don't know if it is related, but I uninstalled Zune, was able to access the marketplace, and then re-installed Zune and everything works now.

I got the error before, but now it seems to be fine.  I did have to logout of the web marketplace and log back in to get MonsterUp Adventures.

While the Xbox.com Support Page has yet to be updated, I was just able to log into Wordament (wasn't able to 30 minutes ago) and download a new app from the Marketplace.  I'm in Southern California on AT&T.

HTC Trophy on Verizon - loaded WMP just fine and downloaded that free game featured on the previous article.

Was having the same issue earlier when trying to download the Facebook app, but after restarting my phone and changing my Live ID password (as it expired) I was able to download it without a fuss. And the only reason I downloaded the FB app is because the mobile site keeps crashing now since they changed the way it works (it's worse now).

Working now in san Antonio, but says monster up is too big to download without WiFi or connecting phone to computer. (sigh)

About 3 days ago i had this problem i think. Bit of search around the web, and updated my billing account and it works again. Weird.

I am having problem with the amrketplace aswell.. I got this phone two days ago from a coworker.. and I haven't been able to even open the market place.. can anyone help me?!?!? all that I can use is the phone, texting, youtube, facebook (posts from 3 monthes ago), and the camera.. I can't login to anything other than facebook and my email.. it will just tell me that I entered the wrong password, when I know that I didn't.. Can anyone help me?!? Please and thank you.