This is the Xbox One, Microsoft’s next generation console

Xbox One

Microsoft has just introduced the Xbox One. It’s the next generation console from Redmond that will help power the living room for the next decade. The Xbox One is accompanied by a new controller, new Kinect motion and voice sensor, and a much, much more.

The Xbox One is powered by the Windows kernel. Hardware wise, the Xbox One will have a Blu-ray drive, USB 3.0, 802.11n Wi-Fi, 8GB of RAM, 500GB HDD, and an 8 core CPU. HDMI in and out.

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Reader comments

This is the Xbox One, Microsoft’s next generation console


lol yeah that thing is as large as my receiver looks like a device from the 80s and it inferior to the PS4 spec wise...

Wasn't the 360 inferior to the PS3? And look what happened there. Hardware is nothing unless used properly. This is where MS has the upper hand. There own hardware running their software. Cant wait for E3.

What happened there was a tie world wide, and PS3 exclusives looked better. Of course PS3 was much much more difficult to develop for than PS4 will be. XBox One ( silly name ), will likely have only a bit weaker hw than PS4 though, so I doubt there will be much of a difference. Most of what was shown of the XBox is relevant only in the US.

Hard to compare spec wise when neither has stated exactly whats in the box. Other than the PS4 having 8GB of GDDR5 and the One not saying what kind of ram it's using they both need to release final specs to say one is better than the other.
EDIT: Wait NVM they are saying it's DDR3 ram. 

Yeah...all those things to hinder your gaming experience. We didn't need a SmartXbox, just a real gaming console. I can currently skype on my TV, Blue Ray player, laptop, desktop, Cellphone and Surface. I am sure some of you can relate. Did i need another Skype or Internet browsing device....NO. Did i need a hardcore gaming console that can run xbox360 games as well...YES. Did i get that....NO!

So far nothing ground breaking. All the game footage are videos, not actual game play. Multitasking however is a good feature.

My thoughts exactly. I was hoping to see some new games, since it was a gaming system and all.

Maybe I was misinformed?

The point is that its more than just a game console, its a singular entertainment device. The one device to rule all devices!!!

yes you are misinformed indeed. Even the xbox 360 is well known to be a home entertainment system, not just a gamming system. And people for all that is holly, it has been said again and again that at E3 the actual games will be shown so chill 

This plays VHS, right?

I didn't want to be, again, "negative". But these people don't help. This design is horrible...I mean...it looks OLD. I have a VHS player with a very similar design...a 16 years old VHS player.

I'll be waiting for the inevitable Xbox One Slim. Which I hope will change this design.

The controller, however, looks really good. Better than the old one. But I'm wondering how it feels on the hand. I'm not a fan of the 360 controller at all so I'm hoping this is an improvement feel-wise.

Agree with you there. Loving the BluRay and all the UI and Kinect stuff. Not liking the design. Can't see this sitting in my front room in the space currently occupied by my PS3. It's just, meh, I don't like it

I agree. The slim model will hopefully look much better. But like a poster said below, this is going to sit in my TV stand and I won't spend any time looking at it. I'm going to be focussed on the TV so I don't much care.

Now that they have demoed the look, are they locked in? Or can they still change the style before they release? I don't see MS doing this, especially since the Kinect has the same design, but it's nice to hope.

Hey look... The kid learnt a new word... t r o l l .
If the guy prefers keyboard keys over a controller, that's his choice. Some play better with mouse and keyboard then they can on a controller. You don't have to jump in and act smart.

You're right, he's just a kid. I have the xbox 360 with kinect tossed in the box. I don't use it because I can't seem to get confortable with the controller. After coming home from work I relax a lot better playing a game on the computer with the keyboard and the mouse, with my hands spaced out the way I want on the desk.
I really like the new ideas that xbox one brings but if I can't connect a keyboard and mouse, I'll pass.

Looks awesome, but I see on the article that supports 802.11 N. This besides a game console is a streaming device.What about support for the 5ghz band which is less congested and inside the house should work flawlessly unless you have a big house and are far from your router.I know one can use gigabit ethernet but since the article mentions the WiFi. Just asking....

I'm liking the new Xbox. Features don't have to be groundbreaking, but innovative. The One (interesting name) does just that. Its an all in one hub (again with the name) that does all your entertainment. You wouldn't need to buy so many devices.

Looks like they spray painted a box black....not hating just saying. I thought they would have updated the 360 logo to a square to tie it into metro theme.

I think it would have been fun if they had just named it Xbox and made it look exactly like the first one (but smaller).
I actually thought for sure they would call it simply Xbox.

Ill get one only because I know the big games will move to it. As for the presentation and my overall impression of the console so far....meh.

Its one thing to throw in the sports edge especially considering the audience, but it seemed to dominate the reveal. I don't watch football nor do I have a fantasy football team. What can Xbox one do for me? Lock down exclusives so I'm practically required to buy it just to get the games I want. Still I'd be lying if I said I wasn't intrigued by the possibilities outside of sports. Oh and not at all impressed by halo tv.

@ash29k Sometimes you have to be specific cause if someone tries to answer your question you don't have to be replying a bunch of times to get your point.What can you expect from a techie.

So who says consoles were dead again? This is what PS4, appletv and Google tv wanted to be. Its going to take over every home.

I agree with those who don't like the design. Seems that at a time when we should be moving away from boxes altogether, they should at least be getting smaller and more design friendly. This thing looks like a brand new 'relic'.  It's a brick.
Also, 802.11n?  Why no 802.11ac compatiblity??   That makes no sense, a brand new box without the brand new protocol???

Honestly, I really liked the look of the Xbox 360 slim and I was kinda looking for something very similar.

In my opinion, the 360 slim had a very nice, slick look to it and I honestly wish that they had held on to that design for the next gen Xbox.

I know people are ragging on the design, but I like it. It's minimalistic. In all the years that I've owned a 360, I don't think I've ever sat back while playing a game or watching a movie and said to myself "Wow, I wish the curvature of the side panels were more eye catching". I'll be more concerned with what the system is projecting to my television. 

Hahaha, love your post... I'm actually excited to have a console I can set something on... No more rounded and oblique bull shit that has to dominate a space because I can't set something on top of it with it falling, sliding or rolling off... I care what it does to my TV system, not to the Feng Shui of my living room...

The majority of people who are not hardcore gamers, the people who want an entertainment box; which are the targeted consumers from Microsoft, will buy these consoles based on first impressions. Does this black box give the average consumer a good first impression? Not everybody hides their consoles either. People tend to buy stuff that looks good with their setup. Does this Xbox look good? No

I play games from time to time but I really like all the cool other features.  I was going to wait to replace my torn apart 360 but I think they just got another pre-sale.

I was hoping for more about smartglass...to me that could be the most groundbreaking gaming feature. 
Second screen for map or inventory selection would be sweet!
(also could use the phone mic instead of the kinect mic up by my speakers)

Although they didn't cover any specific new features of Smartglass, at one point of the presentation, he was using his phone to control the xbox.

Take my money! It looks stunning too. I close my eyes and i can see it hooked in, and Kinect on my Panasonic plasma.

Man, I can't wait to get this. I hope it doesn't cost me an arm and a leg and my soul. I'm keeping my left. Nut!

For all you not so intelligent people on this blog, XBOX just took over your living room. Just command and it shall be delivered.

So, do you mean to say that only intelligent people can see this a entertainment device meant for their living rooms?
You're wording was unintelligible and confusing. Perhaps you were just talking to yourself.

As much as I am sure I will love the new XBOX I do feel they could have come up with a slightly more inspiring name for it!

Da da daa daaa, im loving it! I do hope they work hard to make Xbox One a more great experience in more countries. Plz!

the only thing bothering me is how much i'm going to have to shell out when my son says his lifes over if i don't buy him it!!!!!!!

I really want to like this, but I can't see anything which would make me want to buy it over the PS4. Looks rubbish too.

Hideous console, but I'll buy it for the CoD DLC limited exclusivity and Halo franchises alone. And of course, WP8 is ignored.

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