Xbox One preorders for Russia begin July 15 with a nice price drop

Xbox One is headed to more markets in the coming months and Russia on that list. Slated for release in September, new information regarding preorders and the final pricing have been officially revealed by Microsoft this morning.

Starting July 15, Russians can preorder the latest Microsoft console from M. Video, Eldorado, Media Markt, 1C-interest, White Wind, DNS, Yulmart, Ozon.ru, Republic Games and GamePark. The Xbox One kits come with Forza Motorsport 5, FIFA 15, 500 GB HDD, wireless controller, headset, HDMI-cable and 14-day trial subscription Gold Xbox Live Gold.

The best deal for the Xbox One though seems to be through M-Video, who already have a landing page ( www.mvideo.ru/xbox-one) and they also toss in Halo Spartan Assault as an extra in addition to selling the console one day early.

Pricing has also been adjusted, as the Xbox One without Kinect sensor costs 20,999 rubles, down from 22,999, and with the Kinect Sensor it is 27,449 rubles, reduced from 27,990.

Do you think Xbox One going to more markets this fall will dramatically help sales?

Source: Microsoft Russia; via WP7Forum.ru


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Xbox One preorders for Russia begin July 15 with a nice price drop


Weird price reductions. Xbox one with Kinect only went down for a few hundreds. While the other one has 2000 rubles reduction.

India isn't a market of consoles. U can still have only few ppl buying ps and very few going dor Xbox. Ppl here play pc games and that too even pirated. Ppl in India surely like to play games but an avg mindset here is ppl want software for free

And yes, dear Dan. Opening to more markets will help Microsoft catch up to Sony's sales of PS4.
But I for one, will wait for a Halo 5 edition console in fall 2015.

Off-topic: I still want to have a Surface (pro or not) signed by Dan. I like Dan, what a magnificent person he is.
Just don't know how to let him sign it.

White xbox one looks sexy as hell with white furniture. I only need a white PS4 now. Its getting a trend with me and some MS Coworkers :)