10 Awesome New Mousepads to Replace Your Sad Old One

The mousepad is often forgotten, left to rot beneath shiny new PC hardware because you just think, "it'll do." Here's the thing: A good mousepad not only adds to the aesthetics of your setup, but it also improves your PC experience, whether you're gaming or just browsing the web.

So throw out that nasty old pad now and grab yourself one of these!

1. All hail Pad-Zilla!


Why have a mousepad when you can have a whole desk pad?!

2. Comfy gel rest for your wrist


OK, so it looks a little dull, but is comfort ever boring? Absolutely not! Keep your wrist in tip-top shape with a quality gel rest.

3. Your mousepad is boring — get one with LED lighting

Razer Firefly

This is the Razer Firefly. It is a mousepad. And it lights up. Make it perform the light show of your dreams as your mouse dances across it!

4. Rambo Cat on a Unicorn

You can't (yet) get a NinjaCat mousepad, but the next best thing is Rambo Cat. Right? And he's riding a Unicorn.

5. Hard mousepad for high precision gaming


If you're a hotshot PC gamer and you play with high DPI, you need a hard mousepad. And you need to get it from one of the best in the game.

6. A metal mousepad feels no pain

If you've been hanging onto your old mousepad forever it may be time to get a metal one. If nothing else, it probably won't look as nasty so quickly.

7. A mousepad so thin it's like it's not even there

Razer Sphex

Not only does this Razer mousepad look sensational, it's so thin it's barely there. It's like a skin for your desk, which is nice, because it also sticks to it as well.

8. A mousepad by eSports for everyone

Fnatic Gear

Fnatic is one of the biggest names in professional gaming. And now it makes products like these awesome mousepads for everyone. You don't have to be a gamer to want a great mousepad!

9. A cat ... 'cause who doesn't love cats?


10. A multitasking mousepad

This isn't a Pad-Zilla, but it's still pretty big. But it has TWO kickstands for your phone(s). Who doesn't want their phone right next to them all the time, amirite?

Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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