1,777 Ringtones and SoundFX Ultimate - Mango App Spotlight

Here's one more ringtone app for your Windows Phone and it's a doozy. 1,777 Ringtones and SoundFx Ultimate is one healthy collection of ringtones and sounds that you can save to your Mango updated Windows Phone.

The app is laid out fairly simple. You have category files up top and the ringtones specific to each category appear in the bottom half of the screen. A preview button sits in the middle along with an "add to favorites" button and a repeat tool. There is also a keyword search field at the very top of the screen to make finding that special sound a little easier.

There are over 100 folders ranging from Baby Sounds to Funny Animal sounds to Rubber Ducky sounds. Each folder contains anywhere from two to three to more sounds. All totaled, the app offers you 1,777 ringtones and sounds to choose from. When you find a sound you like, just tap and hold to pull up the "save to phone" menu. The sound will be saved to your Settings>Ringtones and Sounds menu under Custom Ringtones.

1,777 Ringtones and SoundFX Ultimate has some decent sounds but the app also contains sounds I can't imagine anyone would choose as thier ringtone. Luckily there is a free trial available to let you preview the ringtones before you buy the app. In order to save the sounds, you'll have to fork over the $2.99 for the full version.

You can find 1,777 Ringtones and SoundFX Ultimate here (opens in new tab) at the Windows Phone Web Marketplace.

Wrapping things up, we've looked at three ringtone apps that range from a handful of ringtones to more sounds than you can shake a stick at (Pimp my Ringtones, Ringtone Maker (which really isn't a ringtone maker) and 1,777 Ringtones). When all is said and done I can't help but think the best way to get a custom ringtone on to your Windows Phone is to make it yourself.

The ringtone apps are an easy way to get custom ringtones but there's no guarantee they contain that ringtone that reflects your personality the best.

George is the Reviews Editor at Windows Central, concentrating on Windows 10 PC and Mobile apps. He's been a supporter of the platform since the days of Windows CE and uses his current Windows 10 Mobile phone daily to keep up with life and enjoy a game during down time.

  • An app that so horribly defies the metro design principles shouldn't be in the spotlight...
  • I agree. Looks like an android app. They need to redesign the interface imo.
  • I would say that if you cant find a ringtone for ytour phone in a collection of that many then there's probably no hope for you. I havent looked at it but jeez get bthe free trial and find a rinton or two or however many surely 2 to 10 ringtones are worthe 2.99 and then save them and delete the program if you cant stand the UI. Jeez guys do you have to carp about something in everything new?
  • I just said the interface needs work. And developers should be making apps tailored to the platform. The app could be great, but that doesn't change what I said. Its an opinion.
  • I'll say this much, at least it is what it says it is. "STOP" Its not that Ringtone Maker that doesn't make anything. "STOP". Sorry George, couldn't help myself. :)
  • When are we going to see a legitimate ringtone creator? An app that we can use the library of music on our phone and edit it ON THE PHONE to be a 40 second clip/ringtone. That's an app that I'd buy in a heartbeat.
  • This guy needs to learn how to tap a touch screen. Makes the screen look unresponsive. But, yeah...I'm going to stick to making my own ringtones until a app can can let me do it on the phone. Who (over 18 yrs old) uses annoying **** sound effects on their phone anyway? Lets get some class.Btw...why can't these blog sites find the funny/cool guy in the office to do vlog reviews. I swear every single review video I ever see is some mono-tone boring dude that just makes everything sound unexciting.Ok, rant over and for the record, this guy is alot better than most.
  • Sorry... it's the Joe Friday in me.
  • This guy is OUR GUY pal. Why can't you simply deal with the content rather than nic picking the reviewer. Even better, where are your video reviews of anything. Lets see how well you do.
  • Don't bag on George. He knows is stuff.