Limited Edition 24K gold-plated Lumia 930 now available in Vietnam

If the color gold for a smartphone simply wasn't enough, a special version of the Lumia 930 is available in Vietnam. The Windows Phone has been coated in 24K gold by Vietnamese luxury brand Karalux, offering an expensive and premium look for those who enjoy showing off some wealth.

To add to the value, there are just 99 units of this limited edition Lumia 930. There are also two inscriptions on either side of the device, reading "Limited Edition" and "24K Gold Plated Nokia Lumia 930" to ensure no one mistakes this for a mere gold coating of paint. Now for the price. The 24K Lumia 930 can be yours for 18,000,000 Vietnamese Dong ($840).

Check the source for details on the coating process, as well as some more premium photos.

Source: Mavang, via: GSM Arena

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Waste of space.
    Gold phones like this... Good grief. Interesting concept but what are the Nokia design team up to? Perhaps the design team should have other things to focus on. Like, I dunno, a compelling 2015 flagship they could being to mwc.
    Actually I'm sure they have something decent bubbling away, and I can't wait - my venerable 1520 and 1020 are showing signs of wear.
  • Dude are you just playing dumb? This was made by a vietnamese company, not by nokia/microsoft, how about you read the post before commenting it?
  • Sorry, missed the most important part of the comment. Sarcasm fail on my part.
  • Well, it may be a waste. But there's a market for it, I guarantee you. :) The 930 is still the flagship and I would like to trade mine in for a gold plated one to get some sort of Apple premium feel to it. :) Perhaps I'd take it in white gold and not red.
  • Reading is hard.
  • Very Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • both of you fools are so caught up in bickering that you're overlooking the most important part if this story - How ridiculuous Vietnam's currency sounds!
  • Its just a 3rd party plating job. Kind of silly, but I guess people do weirder things. Example
  • Your post is the equivalent of a baby rage throwing his bowl of Apple sauce to a wall for not having his way ... Booo hooooo nigga Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Not reading the article != sarcasm
    Nice try... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
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  • Doors open at 23:00. The party doesn't start until 00:00.
  • Ridonculous.
  • Nice
  • Nice, till some mother fucker rips it out of your hand and runs.
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  • My luck they would be one of those urban runners that leap all over the damn place.
  • Hopefully the runner isn't one of the actors in our endless runner games. Chase of ur life :p
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  • haha
  • Still worthless without a glance screen...
  • +1030 ..ekhm.. I meant to write 1020
  • So many features, becomes worthless because of the absence of Glance. *Facepalm*
  • While I do lament the absence of Glance on my 929, it is really a great phone even without it. I don't know how much I would really use it even, since my phone vibrates or chimes when I get notifications and there is usually a clock within eyeshot.
  • Once you have it, you can't live without it. You pull the phone out (with peek enabled) and you can see the time, weather, calendar, date, day, notifications, etc. All that without pushing any button or turning on the screen. You look/glance and slide the phone back in the pocket.
  • Gold sensation. Nice. Wish this available in my country, indonesia
  • Wish the gold version (at least gold colour) is available everywhere!
  • If you have the money to pay for this why don't you have it shipped?
    BTW... Hadn't In another post its already said that the Gold Color will spread outside of China? I do still think it's a niche color though... One reason is there's not many thing that's gold plated/colored in an average person private belongings.
  • Wonder why they chose a Lumia instead of iPhone or Android. Very tacky
  • They simply wanted the best there is :D
  • Ooo... I like the way you think. :)
  • At least were getting some attention.
  • A lot of companies are already selling gold plated iPhones and, to my surprise, Androids. There's a market position for Lumias.
  • When you think about, which really hurts, some will say this is a niche device. Well, are not all WP niche devices, as in used by a very few, a select few?
  • Unique view on things... After Windows 10 mobile are out we won't be the minority anymore though... We will be one of the Giants.
  • This is actually cheaper than a non gold-plated iPhone 6 Plus. Good deal!
  • Yeah and alot cheaper then the note edge.
  • Thanks but no.
  • Beautiful edition . Black+Gold
  • They could have redesigned the package.
  • They as a third party company plating a trim gold shouldn't have to. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • 24k gold plated and still cheeper and better than iPhone 6 :D 
  • Lol Nice One
  • Aman, I wrote you back in the other post.
  • Saw it..
  • Haha. Absolutely right. ++
  • Comment of the day lmao
  • The only good thing about this is that at least someone is paying attention to high-end Lumia devices. Who knows if there is going to be another one soon?
  • I need L930 available on ATT! Microsoft
  • +920
  • Go the next step and demand an "Unlocked" U.S version like that found in the European and Asian International versions of the 930!  That way; you can use it on all U.S. carriers!  More choices and higher resale value too since your 930 will have a much bigger audience for it!
  • I'd actually like to see this trend continue. Excessive but there's a market for it.
  • Nice, I love goollldd. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Alaska: Gold Rush
  • Lol Discovery
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  • ...and childrens there are starving...
  • Name a country that doesn't have both filthy rich and starving youths. It's not a Vietnam exclusive problem.
  • Sweden, Norway and Finland.
  • Germany, Denmark, Austria.
  • So Vietnam can get Gold but Verizon Icons can't get Denim.
  • Lol
  • Hilarious!!
  • That there is the winner of the day. Congratulations.
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  • Haha. @Verizon
  • Nice :)
  • Do these companies obtain a license to manufacture these limited edition products? Or are these just modified versions of the original device?
  • I bet that cover is more worth than the phone itself
  • Its not really a cover, they just gold plate the metal band around the phone from what I can tell. I wonder if it affects the radio signal...
  • These phones must be sold in places like Saudi Arabia or other wealthy countries, not Vietnam..
  • Are you being racist? In the us, we subsidize everything so all can enjoy, equally. J/k
  • Comunism in the US? Good stuff..
  • Not far from it, sadly
  • And why they're still using the generic microsoft packing boxes
  • Probably to prevent the delivery people from running off with them? :p Joking aside, maybe they wanted to recycle the old boxes as opposed to throwing them away and in the process save some money.
  • Horrid
  • LoL Lumia is not able to declare confirm dates of Denim release but has ample time to release gold plated Lumias 'Its all about Money Honey'
  • *enjoying Denim update since several weeks back*
  • Read the damn article! A company in Vietnam coated the phone in gold. Not the OEM.
  • "The Windows Phone has been coated in 24K gold by Vietnamese luxury brand Karalux, offering an expensive and premium look for those who enjoy showing off some wealth". (Taken directly from the article) Must one say any more??......
  • 24k gold but same price?
  • I'd rather have a 128GB version than 24ct gold
  • If I had money to throw away like that I still wouldn't buy it. Now if it was a Lumia 830 that would be a different story.
  • And why would you prefer an 830 instead of a 930?
  • Probably for the expandable memory and superior battery life. To some people day-to-day functionality is more important than specs. Don't get me wrong; I would already own the 930 if my carrier had picked it up when it came out. They didn't, but they got the 830, and I'm thoroughly enjoying one now. It's still a premium experience. The camera is the best on any smartphone I've ever owned, and all my iPhone 5/6 and Galaxy S5 toting friends have been jealous of its capabilities ever since I was the only one at our NYE party that ended up with useable shots. And I took them all with no flash. Just think how much better the pics would've liked if I was in possession of a 1020 successor. (I'm looking at you, Microsoft. Make. It. Happen.)
  • The 930's lack of expandable storage is a deal breaker. I store all of my music from the Xbox Music Pass on a 64gb card. That way I don't have to worry about connectivity to stream music. The 830 really doesn't have as good of specs as it should. If it had the same processor, screen resolution and camera as the 930 people would probably accept it as a flagship.
  • You don't use Spotify, I guess?
  • Cool ideas and devices coming out but nothing from Nokia/MS has personally peaked my interest since a certain 41mp camera phone came out.
  • The price of $840 isn't that bad...I wasted more just being under a 2 year phone contract and had nothing to show for it...
  • It still cheaper than that overpriced iPhone....
  • Still cheaper than an iphone :)
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  • Thanks for the correction
    Was a typo
    Good job grammer police :D
  • There are probably better dating sites than Windows Central, just sayin Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • The new iPhone costs about the same without actual gold on it, so this is not a bad price. 99 Vietnamese opium kingpins can't be wrong!
  • A Lumia 1520 successor would Be nice, with stylus support . And microsoft office needs to Be optimized for touch screen and stylus support. 3d touch is not necessary. All those features on the galaxy phones are gimmicks. Microsoft still has no proper direction for windows phone. They have the best software and don't. Know what to do with it. An optimized office would easily blow any Samsung gimmicks out the water
  • You got to be kidding me .... Irrelevant post .. blasphemy Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Best avoid using this without a case in public unless you like being followed by magpies on bicycles :P.  
  • That's gawwwwwdy. That would sell in the US lmfao.
  • Gold with green back. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Where's the gold 830?
  • Chrome sides would look much better than gold..
  • Tacky......LOL... I guess to each their own, If it was solid gold or something maybe it would be interest for the super rich but, not for me that is for sure...
  • I'd buy one, why not. If nothing else it would look like an award or something. Mount it on a wall. "Last Nokia Phone. RIP"
  • MSFT has 2 months to come up with a new high end phone
  • Blinkblinkblinkblink
  • Like 930 wasn't costly enough...
  • First I want to say , that's a nice 24k gold plated Lumia! Next, this is a
    great App I use on my Lumia Phone. Thanks Windows Central.
  • Too bad it's just a gold plated bezel, Would have been much nicer if the entire bezel and back were plated. Damn nice phone and If I could get one I would be all over it like flies on sh*t. And still cheaper than an Iphony 6.
  • So this is actual gold? Holy s...
  • Unless they also fixed the plethora of build problems, this is what one calls polishing a turd.
  • Its a holy shit
  • I'd buy that for a dollar.
  • Gold 830 please!
  • I thought Vietnam was communist...
  • I hope the owners don't use their new phone too much. My 930 gets hot enough to melt that gold back down again.
  • What's the point of buying the gold version of the Lumia 930?
    Isn't the same as the original one?
  • Overcompensation went from buying a car with a loud engine to buying gold-played smartphones. Awesome.
  • That's a lot of Vietnamese Dong ;)
  • LOL!!!
  • I wonder how much it weighs, its already a heavy phone lol
  • It only 24 karat plated.  Maybe 2-3 micron thick!  I don't thick you could tell the difference.  LOL!
  • Wow, it's amazing how much effort has gone into making something so ugly... just look at the close-up photos, it has a tacky pattern running along the edge with pointless lettering on the side.