Limited Edition 24K gold-plated Lumia 930 now available in Vietnam

If the color gold for a smartphone simply wasn't enough, a special version of the Lumia 930 is available in Vietnam. The Windows Phone has been coated in 24K gold by Vietnamese luxury brand Karalux, offering an expensive and premium look for those who enjoy showing off some wealth.

To add to the value, there are just 99 units of this limited edition Lumia 930. There are also two inscriptions on either side of the device, reading "Limited Edition" and "24K Gold Plated Nokia Lumia 930" to ensure no one mistakes this for a mere gold coating of paint. Now for the price. The 24K Lumia 930 can be yours for 18,000,000 Vietnamese Dong ($840).

Check the source for details on the coating process, as well as some more premium photos.

Source: Mavang, via: GSM Arena

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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