This 3-foot charging cable tidies itself and glows in the dark: Now 17% off MSRP

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If you're looking for a better charging cable, try FidgetCable. Thanks to super-strong magnets, this cable coils neatly instead of creating a tangled nightmare. Right now, you can get a three-pack for just $51.99.

Longer charging cables are great when you need a little extra reach. But when you don't need the full length, they tangle easily.

Not so with FidgetCable. Along the length of this cable, you will find strong magnets at regular intervals. When you only need a little reach, the rest of the cable sticks together to form a perfect coil or zigzag pattern.

When you need more stretch, you simply pull a little more off the flat coil. The silicone sheath is durable enough to take everyday use, and this Glow model is easy to see after dark.

By the way, the reason it's called FidgetCable is because you can use the coil as a fidget toy. It even looks kinda like a Slinky.

Order now for $51.99 to get your three-pack at 17% off MSRP.


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(Image credit: Stack Commerce)

3ft Magnetic Fidget Cable (Glow/USB to Lightning/3-Pack) – $51.99

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