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5 things the Xbox One does better than PlayStation 4

Xbox One X
Xbox One X (Image credit: Matt Brown | Windows Central)

Ever since the launch of the Xbox One console, Microsoft has struggled to keep up with the PlayStation 4's (PS4) first-party exclusive success. Whereas Sony's console sees several exclusives annually that launch to critical acclaim, the Xbox One suffers from extended periods of time between releases. In addition, the exclusives that do release often get average reception (bright spots like Gears of War 4 or Forza Motorsport 7 notwithstanding).

Xbox head Phil Spencer has pledged to build "high-quality" exclusive games. However, this will take time. Despite this, there are several reasons to choose Xbox over PlayStation if you're looking to purchase a console.

Extensive backwards compatibility

Players who owned past Xbox consoles and several of their games will be pleased to know that as of now, a staggering 497 Xbox 360 and original Xbox games are available via Xbox One's Backwards Compatibility program with more on the way. If you're someone who wants to swap between classic games and brand new releases on the same console, the Xbox One might be for you.

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This is in stark contrast to Sony's PlayStation Now service, which allows you to stream PlayStation 3 games to the PS4 for $20 a month (or $45 for three). Not only can you enjoy backwards compatibility for free on the Xbox One, but you can also download and install titles on your console as you would with a modern game. For PlayStation users, they have to stream the game, which means that hiccups in your internet will either cause lag or lower image quality on-screen.

The exclusive home of EA Access

One of the leading publishers in the gaming industry is Electronic Arts, known for widely popular franchises like Titanfall, Battlefield, and The Sims, as well as sports games like FIFA and NHL.

Compared to PS4 fans, Xbox One users enjoy exclusive access to EA Access, which is a service that allows you to download and play as many EA games as you like for $4.99 a month, as well as giving 10 percent discounts on every permanent game purchase and the ability to try out new titles prior to their launch for free.

See EA Access on Microsoft Store (opens in new tab)

Seamless cloud storage

Xbox One players receive unlimited cloud storage for game saves as part of the console's adaptive system, which allocates a user as much space as necessary based on their gaming library, regardless of whether they're subscribed to Xbox Live Gold or not. In addition, the Xbox One can be paired with a OneDrive account, and users can utilize 7GBs of free storage in order to transfer game clips and screenshots to it.

The PS4 doesn't offer any cloud storage for saves unless you subscribe to PlayStation Network via PlayStation Plus. Even then, you only get 10GBs, as opposed to Xbox One's infinite space.

A reliable online service

Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network mostly go toe-to-toe with one another in terms of pricing and features; subscriptions to both cost $9.99 a month or $59.99 a year, and subscriptions give you access to some free games and discounts every month. However, Xbox Live pulls ahead in one regard: reliability.

In a recent study by ISH Markit (opens in new tab), Xbox Live's stability surpassed that of PlayStation Network. In addition, Live has faster logins and longer periods of lag-free play. This report supports the common belief that Xbox Live is more reliable.

See Xbox Live on Microsoft Store (opens in new tab)

A rich multi-media experience

When it comes to multi-media, Xbox One has a massive advantage. Something completely unique to Microsoft's console is the ability to transmit your TV signal through it, which means you can switch between watching a show and playing a game in seconds. In addition, the Xbox One family can play 4K Blu-rays. The PS4 family cannot.

Also exclusive to Xbox One is Dolby Atmos support, which will let players who own devices that support it experience their media with spatial sound. Lastly, the Xbox One is also compatible with Kodi, an in-depth media app that lets you access entertainment stored on home devices.

Your thoughts

What advantages do you think the Xbox One has over the PS4? Let us know in the comments.

Xbox One S prices range between $229 and $279 depending on bundles, while the Xbox One X costs $499.

Brendan Lowry is a Windows Central writer and Oakland University graduate with a burning passion for video games, of which he's been an avid fan since childhood. You'll find him doing reviews, editorials, and general coverage on everything Xbox and PC. Follow him on Twitter.

  • All of them are Reasons why my Ps4 Is used for single Player exclusives Only
  • Well that's the difference. You bought a PS4 to play it's exclusives. I don't really need to buy a XB1 for these features. Buying a XB1 for EA access or for possibly more space on the cloud for saved games?
  • That's a good point here
  • Same. I've got a PS4, a switch and a (slightly aging) gaming PC. I've yet to see a compelling reason to buy an xbone. Cloud saves and the ability to play Xbox 360 games don't really cut it.
  • Xbox always focused on multiplayer games. Yes Sony has some great single player games but after you finished them you don't touch them again. Meanwhile games like Halo, Gears and Forza still have a big online community after years.
  • Your sport on. For me the Xbox has more games I'm interested in than Sony's and the reason why I have an x and also a switch. I'm not saying the Xbox or switch are better than the PS4 or the other way round it depends on the games you are into and for me it's np games and this is where the Xbox is king as live is still ahead of psn and has more games I want online. The switch i got as for me Nintendo has by far the best 3rd party games and I can't miss out on games like Splatoon, mario, mario kart zelda and more.
  • Pretty convenient to leave out the massive backwards compatibility catalog and only mention EA access and cloud saves. Backwards compatibility is a huge advantage. I really appreciate Microsoft's efforts to support forward and backwards compatibility. If Sony comes out with the PS5 and you can only play PS5 games on it then I think Sony is going to suffer. In a few more years xbox360 games will be considered retro and having the ability to play them on the newest Xbox 2, 3 or whatever, seamlessly is going to be a big deal. Having your entire Xbox games library coming with you to the next system is a big selling point. I am really annoyed by the fact that if I want to play a PS3 game, I have to keep my PS3. I tried the PS Now and I did not like it.
  • I agree with the first 3 (even though I don't give a f*ck about EA Access, I can see the value). Number 4: "reliable online service" I disagree mainly because I never had any issues with PSN whatsoever. So...that might vary from country to country. And number 5: "A rich multi-media experience" I would agree on the first and second versions of the UI. But the third and fourth revisions of the Xbox UI made the multi-media experience sh*t. So much so that, alongside the ads everywhere, I ended up going back to the PlayStation.
    The only thing that made me pick a XBone over the PS4 was ruined. So there was no reason for me to continue.
  • Yes, I'll have to add that point 3 is actually misleading.
    When they say "as opposed to Xbox One's infinite space."
    It's not really infinite space and it's just a way of saying it reserves a limited space per game instead of limited space for a library.
  • So what's the max limit on space?
  • This is what they said on their FAQ:
    "If you're an avid gamer, you might run out of cloud storage space. If so, free up space by deleting unwanted game saves. Or, keep playing without saving to the cloud." There is a finite number of games and each game has limited space. So it's definitely NOT infinite space.
    Now, if you want the exact space per game you should ask MS.
  • Do you just live to troll Microsoft oryou just paid to do it
  • I'm just paid to write words. :)
  • "nolongerawindowsfan"... I don't think I need to answer this one...
  • Never had issues with PSN? u must be an unique unicorn that survived the downtimes, random DDOS attacks and during Christmas and the big 2011 hack that took PSN down for weeks :/
  • just to be devils advocate here xbl did suffer from a similar ddos attack but they were up faster. I guess that's the plus side of having a cloud giant backing the console.
  • You do understand we're talking about the PS4, a console that didn't exist in 2011?
  • It's about the service, not the hardware though.
  • Yes, but the PlayStation Network from 2011 and the PlayStation Network of today, or even from when the PS4 first released, are not the same thing. Conflating them is pointless. Isn't the point of this article to compare what the Xbox One offers today to what is offered by the PlayStation 4 today? Or to what the PlayStation 3 offered 7 years ago? Why not just compare the Xbox One to the original PlayStation's online capabilities? It would win no contest then.
  • Not quite sure why you're comparing an online service in 2011 to the console that uses it today as a DDoS attack would, in all likelihood, affect PSN today anyway.
  • It wasn't a DDoS attack that was used in the thing from 2011 that was mentioned. The point I'm making is that bringing up ANYTHING in a comparison of 2 consoles that happened before either of them was released is ridiculous. But you're right PSN is vulnerable to a DDoS attack of sufficient scope today. As is Xbox live and everything else that's run on a Web server. Bringing them up at all was also pointless.
  • For a service, like for product reliability, because any individual snapshot can't give the whole picture, it's necessary to look at the historical data to gauge how well that service has held up over time. To your point, fuzzylumpkin, I do think it's fair to weight recent history more heavily than periods further back in a comparison. So if PSN has had no problems in the past few years, that's a good sign. But it's also reasonable to look at reliability over time as a proxy for reliability going forward. If XBL has had fewer issues over time than PSN, then that's certainly a win for Xbox, albeit a small one given PSN's more recent reliability improvements.
  • No. I'm simply not 'murican. I don't spend my days in front of a console (I have a life) but whenever I turn the PS on to play, never ever have I had any problems with PSN.
  • "No. I'm simply not 'murican." That has ANY relevance how?
  • Well, at the end of the day these remains features. (Even though 4 is debatable and subjective, 5 is debatable). The point is there are also features for the PS4 over the XB1 features like remote play, being able to change internal hard disk, game pad, PSVR, streaming on another screen with PS TV, Share play feature... At the end of the day, I think games are actually more important than these features. There are reasons estimations shows that PS4 outsells the XB1 in each and every country. That according to these numbers the PS4 is selling so much better than XB1...
  • So your debatable and subjective features are somehow better than the authors? Also you can play on other screens on Xbox, and share games with others. At the end of the day, you're not really doing anything more than hating for no reason other than to hate.
  • LOL Looks like you didn't understand my point. It's features vs features. I never said one was better than the other because that would be subjective. That's where you misunderstood my comment. :)
  • Then there was no reason to point out that anything is debatable or subjective, now is there.
  • Well, if something is debatable and subjective, I can post it...
    Does it bother you?
  • If you want to call out something for being debatable and subjective, expect the same to be done when you do it, especially when it's done in the same post. Does it bother you?
  • Well, the features I mentioned aren't really subjective.
    Subjective is things like "better controller" or "better online".
  • Being able to change the hard drive is debatable as a feature. "gamepad" is subjective. PSVR is an accessory, which is debatably not a feature. Screen streaming is available on Xbox, so can't even be sure where you where going with that one. So yeah, you used debatable and subjective features.
  • lol once again you seem confused.
    Internal hard drive and gamepad are features. It exists. Whether you find them useful or if you like them is actually subjective but that's not what I'm talking about. See, I don't thin EA access is great but it still a feature that XB1 gamers have. It's not subjective or debatable. The possibility of doing VR on PS4 is a feature. If you want you can pay to have VR. That's like EA access, if you want you can pay to get that. You're actually right about PS TV and streaming via windows 10 PC. I forgot Win 10 actually does that. So my bad for that even though it can be noted that it's probably cheaper to do it via PSVR and you don't need to be in the same network. So maybe the feature is play on different screen even if you're not in the same network. But it's not really subjective. It's still a feature. Not using the word better so not really subjective or debatable.
  • I'd say they were being objective, but whatever.
  • I don't think that's what he meant. He's simply pointing out PS4 has exclusive features too. This article simply is meant to outline some reasons that you might want to go with Xbox instead.
  • For me, all the games I play are third party games (except for Quantum Break, which I'm playing for the first time right now, going back and forth between that and Fallout 4, now in Nuka World; games I target are the big open world RPGs like Skyrim, Fallout, Witcher, etc. and some FPS/RPG hybrids like the older Bioshock and the Tomb Raider games, hoping for the re-release of System Shock). So if one console can improve the play on those games over the other, that's the console for me. Xbox One X consistently (universally?) provides superior or at worst equal play compared with PS4 Pro on all third-party games. With only modest Internet bandwidth where I live, I also can't stream in 4k (stupid Netflix doesn't support download & play on 4k!!! Grrrr...., Dish Network does, but only offers 1-2 movies a month at 4k, and most hot new releases don't get 4k), so I have to buy the 4k Ultra discs for the full experience. That's also a unique and killer benefit to the Xbox One (X or S). Back in the day, I chose PS3 over Xbox 360 for the included Blu-Ray player. Sony dropped the ball this generation, completely ruling out the PS4 for me. Smaller point, but with the Kinect from the original Xbox One, I also like turning on, pausing, and playing my TV with voice control and occasionally doing family Skype sessions from the couch. For me and my uses, there is literally nothing that the PS4 does that would come close to making it as useful as the Xbox. I get the importance of First Party games to sales, so I hope MS fixes that weakness, but unless you specifically want to play those games, I don't see how any objective view can suggest that the PS4 series is really even close to the Xbox One series.
  • "For me"
    Well, everyone has different needs so yes if XB1 replies to your needs then you got your answer. I've already talked of the importance of exclusives and even the image of having more games. When we see studies and survey games mostly more important than features. But that doesn't mean people don't buy console for features...
  • Game Streaming and Backwards Compatibility right back to the Original Xbox are the two killer features for me. When the PS4 allows Game Streaming and Backwards Compatibility all the way back to the PS1, can't be that hard as the PS Vita could do it, then the PS4 has a chance IMHO. I also agree with the 5 points made in the article although the point about unlimited cloud storage needs changing to seamless cloud storage. On the subject of a reliable online service, people seem to forget the hackers that took both Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network offline. Xbox Live proved to be more resilient though and THAT is the reason why it's more reliable.
  • Hmm What do you mean by Game Streaming?
  • I don't mean broadcasting via Mixer or Twitch but streaming to ANY Windows 10 PC and being able to play that game on the PC with a controller and the devices don't even have to be in the same room.
  • Hmm. You actually can do it but it's not limited to Win10 but PC win8/Win10 and MAC. Also you can use PS TV to stream to another TV/screen. Plus you can remote play on vita and on the go.
  • Yes but that requires extra Hardware or Software, this is built into Windows 10.
  • To be fair, a Windows 10 pc is additional hardware AND software, and a lot more expensive than a PS TV to boot.
  • Yes but the point is that most people have a PC but most don't have a PS TV do they.
  • Wait, did you see my link? You can stream PS4 using PC or Mac. Not just win10 PC. If anything XB1 it's more restrictive.
  • Using additional software, did you miss that part of my post?
  • Err Yes, you need to install a software but it's free.
    If you buy a PC or a mac you often install software. That's like saying if you want to play a game you'll need to install it. I don't get your point.
  • lmfao. u don't know about Game streaming!! wow a troll didn't look at the 101 guides.
  • I get what aotf was thinking, that it was streaming as in Twitch or Mixer.
  • @ISO_117
    How is asking clarification about a point I didn't understand trolling?? LOL
    People like you are hilarious...
  • Sony has old games on the PS4 with the PS Now. They simply charge you for it.
  • I have a Xbox one S and a PS pro, granted I have the PlayStation for its single player but I prefer and spend more time on Xbox, imo the overall experience is way better than PS and the elite controller is way superior than the PS controller
  • I personally own a PC and an Xbox and I generally choose PC most of the time, though that's what I grew up playing so I'll always be more comfortable with it.
  • Same here but I tend to use them both equally though.
  • Oh, yes, great point on the Elite Controller -- I forgot about that when I was recounting the advantages for me: better 4K third-party games (One X vs PS4 Pro), 4K Ultra disc playback, Kinect for voice control and Skype. But yeah, when I have to hold either the standard Xbox or PS controller, I yearn to get back to the Elite. It's SOOO much better. That's a huge one.
  • The most important feature of a games console to me is games, which is why I own a PS4 but not an xbone.
  • Microsoft has turned the Xbox One around and made it into a games machine first and foremost.
  • Nice words... Any proof?
  • Yeah, the whole console is more game focused these days with the TV adapter being unavailable pretty much everywhere, Kinect has gone the way of the Dodo and the dashboard having more of a clear focus on gaming. Apps and media are always going to be there, even the PS4 has movies available on the Store but on Xbox they have taken a backseat to gaming, adding Backwards Compatibility with Original Xbox and Xbox 360 Games, Game Streaming to a PC and EA Access, all three of which the PS4 doesn't have, are just some of the things that show they know they got it wrong and have managed to change Xbox One from a media device into a games console.
  • The only problem is that the XB1 has less games than the PS4. In terms of new console exclusives... Looking at announcements in the last 30 months it has a lot less console exclusives when compared to earlier this generation.
  • TBH I'm not worried about exclusives, as long as the games show up on Xbox One then does it really matter. I've never really understood why a game MUST be exclusive to one console or the other outside of first party titles, just seems like e-peen waving to me!!! While we're at it Sony also doesn't allow cross platform play like Microsoft and Nintendo do between both consoles, PC and Mobile.
  • Most PS4 exclusives are from first party studios. It doesn't matter if you agree with exclusives. They are a thing, at least on PS4... The xbone doesn't really have any, that's the entire point. I bought my PS4 for things like Bloodborne, uncharted, the last of us, horizon zero dawn, god of war and Detroit: become human. I bought my switch for things like Zelda, Mario, Metroid and Pokémon. I didn't buy an Xbox because... What? Forza? That's probably on PC anyway if I wanted to play it, which I don't. I'd rather have Mario Kart to be honest.
  • People seems to forget to fast these days...
  • @WolfRamHart
    Sparse in terms of PS standard. Because even that time it had more AAA exclusives than XB1.
    ofc all that changed when you see the amount of exclusives that came out since.
    And it was worse for MS as at the same time XB1 had a drought and even cancelled games and closed studios.
  • @neo158
    1) Exclusives are important because that sets the console apart from the competition. It also shows the commitment of console makers in making games for their customers. Don't you want a company to make games? Don't you want more games? ofc exclusives are important overall.
    2) Sony does more cross platform than MS. So there...
  • You entirely missed my point. I don't have a problem with media features on a console, in fact I like them. My point is a lack of games, not with capability. It doesn't matter how many features are removed or how much they put the gaming experience front and center if there aren't any actual games to play. And I honestly don't find the ankh to play 360 games a compelling reason to buy an xbone. I can play 360 games on my 360.
  • That's a completely fair belief.
  • Xbox was always the home of multiplayer. That's why games like Halo, Gears or Fora are played years after the release while you most likely don't replay single player games that often.
  • hmm; I wonder if PS4 has more exclusives with multiplayer.
    PS4 exclusives is not just one type of game. To be honest, it has a lot more diversity.
  • Same for me @fuzzylumpkin -- mostly care about the games. And almost all games are better on the Xbox One X than on the PS4 Pro. Therefore, best choice for games is Xbox One X. If I planned to play Uncharted (I did play one on PS3, and it was decent, but it was so short, compared to a Skyrim or Fallout or even its inspiration -- Tomb Raider, I felt a little cheated), that would be a compelling argument in favor of PS4 Pro, but with limited time to play, I pick the games carefully and none on my list are Sony-exclusive.
  • ONE Reason why PS4 does better than Xbox: GAMES
  • Only if you go for exclusives. Otherwise the same games are on Xbox One. Not only that but EA Access and cross platform play....
  • Some of the best games of the last few years have been exclusives, and not one of them has been an Xbox exclusive. The thing is you can play the none exclusive games on