6tag, the first Instagram client for Windows Phone with video upload support and more, is now available

Tonight, Rudy Huyn’s long awaited Instagram client 6tag has gone live in the Windows Phone Store. The app, which was recently renamed from 6tagram due to copyright issues, is the first 100% API compliant Instagram app for Windows Phone 8 devices (Windows Phone 7.x support is expected later).

The app is a free download with in-app purchases to remove ads ($1.29) and to enable optional video uploads ($1.49), though users get one-free upload to test the experience. The app, loosely based off of Huyn’s other work, 6Sec (for Vine), features the same easy to use design along with every feature that Instagram offers, plus more.

Features of 6tag for Windows Phone 8

  • 100% original filters: XPro-II, Earlybird, Rise, Amaro, Hudson, Lo-fi, Sutro, Toaster, Brannan, Inkwell, Walden, Hefe, Nashville, 1977, and others.
  • Video recording with cut scenes
  • Linear and Radial Tilt-Shift blur effects for extra depth of field.
  • Instant sharing to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr and Foursquare, VK
  • Unlimited picture uploads
  • geotag your posts
  • Interact with friends through giving & receiving likes and comments
  • Front & Back camera support
  • And much much more...

In addition, the app has a Live Tile with counter for notifications and Lens support to quickly snap and upload an image to the Instagram network.

The app is not official or endorsed by Instagram though they did clear the name and any potential copyright issues beforehand, ensuring that the app won’t be removed for any future claims. The app uses a reversed engineered API to access the Instagram network, though Instagram is evidently looking the other way on this matter despite it technically violating their terms of service.

Head to the Store to download 6tag now for your Windows Phone 8 device (including 512MB phones). Free (with optional in-app purchases). Thanks, everyone, for the tips!

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Fucking awesome!
  • +920!!! I bought buy just to support the amazing work and effort put into this! Anyone know where to see popular at?
  • tap on "search" and the popular pics will appear under the search bar. This is the only feauture i miss switching from instance.
  • Its done this way because that is how it is done in the official apps from iOS and Android... (^_-)-☆
  • same here :) I removed ads almost right away.
  • Sweet. Find me @aaa_6112. See you there!
  • I'm called abraanddabra on Instagram,  come and say hi :)
  • Silverblade_x! Haha
  • @dgcsg
  • just added you.
  • Yes sir
  • Hey Rudy, have you heard from anyone from Microsoft or Nokia? Because you're on everyone's radar right now.
  • FASTPUBLISH: 6tag leaks your account data, stores your private videos
  • Just downloaded it! 
  • I get a not available for your device message.
  • Wait for the store to refresh itself. It may be lagging.
  • This is awesome.  This is the reason why I checked the site before bed!  I had a feeling....
  • On the other side of the globe it's the nice morning news for me :) Downloading
  • Paying $1.50 for no adds totally worth it!
    But in the other hand I'm considering to get the Video playback and video :P
  • Its USD 1.29 to remove ads
  • Got it! You totally rock Rudy!! Nice app.
  • Well I don't have adds at the end :P
  • *ads
  • I'm new to instagram, but I'll download it and give it a go.
  • Is it free, cos I wasn't asked to buy?
  • Free, you can pay to remove ads or have video uploads. :)
  • Thanks. I don't mind the ads and being unable to upload vids at all :P
  • Sorry if this is a silly question, but where do I go to make the payments to enable videos and remove ads?
    EDIT: Nevermind! Figured it out after searching around for a while!
  • You just click on the ads.
  • Got it! I'm testing it now. I've already paid to remove the ads and and about to do it for unlimited video upload. :)
  • What country? It is not yet available for me! -US
  • The Dominican Republic.
  • Maldito loco el diablo lol
  • hahahahaha pero como se le safa a ustedes el dominicano. 
    Habrá que abrir un foro para los dominicanos aquí en WP central. 
  • Pero señores.... ustedes saben que desde que se juntan par de Dominicanos donde sea (aunque sea virtual) se arma la chercha!!!
  • Ya lo sabe, loco. jajajajaja
  • jajjajajajaja yeeeah lml
  • I'm not seeing any ads here. Where are they?
  • I found them when going through hash tags, but that is all.
  • I found them in activity and clicking on one of the photos somebody liked.
  • How do you pay to remove adds and upload videos?
  • For ads, you have to wait till they appear, they will show an "X" to remove them. For videos, its after you've exceeded the 1 upload limit.
  • Thanks! Gotta support our people. Even though the ads didn't even bother me
  • Already paid here in Peru :P
    to remove adds, only hit the "x" in the edge of an add.
  • *ads
  • Question... Do you know or anyone for that matter, how do I tag people??  I see the "tag" thingy, but I can't put any names..... I'm a little confused.
  • Yay! Just downloaded. Amazing!
  • Hey Dan! You're in the screenshot on the store!
  • :)
  • It'll be interesting to see if this app is enough to quell the whiners. Also, it'll be nice to see the Lumia 1020 just smash everyone else's photos! :)
  • Instagram lowers the photo resolution though :(
  • Does anyone know the final resolution of an Instagram picture? I mean, if I upload a 2000*2000 photo, it gets resized to...?
  • 612x612
  • Woohoo I'm finally going to open an account.
  •   Its the first app that offer full instagram experience, only video filters are missing but they will be added in future patch. Also Rudy promised that in next weeks we will have a 7.8 version as well. Great news for wp users and windows phone.  Still Microsoft and Windows Phone STILL need official Instagram app for publicity reasons, (also it will be completely free) even if Rudy's app is better. We all need to support 6tag. 
  • As much as I like this one, the first app to give full instagram experience was Instance. Yes, it doesn't have video, but neither did Instagram when Instance was released.
  • Its not full instagram experience without the official filters! Instance filters is still its weak point. Also instance had many other issues like tags etc. 
  • I'm really excited for Instance V2. From the screenshots and bits of info I've seen, it looks to be quite the competitor for 6tag
  • It's so...beautiful..
  • Yeah M$ is doing it big. Maybe Nokia may not go bankrupt after all
  • What?
  • MS did not do anything. Nokia will not go bankrupt. This work is by sir Rudy Huyn :)
  • This is great news that it's finally out! Now just waiting for Rudy to support WP7.8 devices.
  • Me too! Waiting for the WP7 version of 6sec as well.
  • Wp7 :( :( :(
  • The developer said there'll be a wp7 version!
  • Hopefully it does. Instance was abandoned for wp7
  • It wasn't...
    Daniel is just busy with V2.
  • Read your articles and forums....
  • Am I the only one having issue downloading. When I click from app it says not available yet. When I go to store I can hit install but from there it gives me an error code. -Lumia 925, US
  • I was able to download it on my 925, US
  • try changing the date on the phone to 08/22/13
  • So, for those of us beta testing this app, should we download 6tag now or will the beta still be accessible?
  • I was wondering too....he most likely will update it like he updated 6sec once beta was over...
  • Beta ends in a few hours if it's still working for you. Ends 22nd.
  • Nope. The Beta App has expired. it will show a prompt when you try to open it!
  • Yea I just tried same for me, there goes our answer lol
  • Beta still working for me! Still not midnight here.
  • Yep, just downloaded 6tag because the beta stopped working.  Great app.  I noticed the live tile is slightly different on the full release than on the beta.  The logo is smaller and centered whereas for the beta the logo took up the whole tile (on small tiles)
  • I like the first screen.. Video in the background..
  • Good work Rudy, this is a great app!
  • I think Rudy is sleeping right now... He deservers this!!!! Tomorrow will be a great day for him!!
    Once again, congrats man!!! 6tag is probably the best made for WP....
  • Thanks Rudy!
  • Can I get a Hell Ya!!?
  • Woop!
  • So smooth very nice app. He should also create 6Book/facebook and 6Tube/youtube, very talented man.
  • Hahaha those names sound like porn sites.
  • I'm not sure about Facebook, but I would kill to have a YouTube app from Rudy, seeing as I'm a YouTuber.
  • YAAAAY! So glad this has been released, now to give Rudy some money. :D
  • Long live Rudy! You're the man!
  • I love it.
  • Thanks Rudy!
  • Outstanding! Me happy!
  • Thank you Rudy!!!
  • I heard all hell breaking lose, so I checked the WPC app. Sure enough, 6tag is available.
  • Man, Rudy Hyun is my hero.
  • Installed and bought twice. Thank you Rudy.
  • Its epic so far.
  • Goodbye Instance!! PS: You guys are right though! It was a door to open a Instagram path, I used it a lot. If it does have a Video support in the future, I would be looking forward to return back to it!
  • To be fair though, Instance is really good, yes it doesn't do videos , but still good . I have posted over 500 pictures using Instance .
    Thanks Daniel
  • +1
  • I bought instance to remove ads. Please update it. :) Make it more functional and I'd be happy.
  • Instance was good, that's why I bought it... but its clear that D. Gary doesn't have the time to keep it updated. Still grateful, his was the best by far before today.
  • Yeah, I liked that one too (and bought it). It was definitely a great step towards getting into the Instagram door.
  • He very much does have the time, and he's working on a huge V2 update right now! :)
  • Thanks for setting the record straight Jay!
  • Instance was released a while ago, crashes daily and has not been upated even though it's extremely unstable. Yes I know Daniel Gary is super busy, yes I know V2 is coming (very soon, for a while now), but I find it interesting that it took Rudy a month to create an app from scratch with more features, beta test it and release it, while at the same time releasing 2-3 updateds for 6sec app.
    They are all very busy, this is not their full time job and they have lives, but if you charge money for the app (I know it wasn't much) there is a certain commitment to supporting it regulary.
    I appreciate what Daniel Gary did and Instance was a great start, but it would have been nice if he put in the time earlier on and not when Rudy started talking about 6tag.
  • You sound like a petulant child. Instance was what?...A $1.50? 
    Also, it crashed maybe twice in my experience. Maybe it's your phone's fault.
  • Actually, you response makes you sound like a child. I mentioned that the price is not a big deal. Do the research and you'll know that it's not the phone's fault and I'm not the only one having issues, there are a lot of users with the same issues. 
  • I wish Rudy could make EVERY SINGLE APP ON THE STORE.
  • He would if people at Microsoft or Nokia were smart enough to hire him full-time to do that. He does in 2 weeks what an entire team at Microsoft can't do in two months.
  • To be fair though, Microsoft has an Instagram client built. Instagram just won't sign off on it. 
  • Lets hope that this Instagram made by MS be not so bad like the FB made by MS...
  • Pfff... Facebook is pretty good and updated frequently. It will be as good as possible soon enough.
  • Sorry, I was talking about the old FB app...
  • MS is pretty good at making apps. Halo, Fresh Paint, YouTube, Bing apps, etc. It's the FB service causing issues (notification issues specifically) with the FB app.
  • If the Instagram MS built is the one Nokia has for months, then Rudy's is still better...which brings me back to my point: they should hire him :P
  • Have you seen it? Why do you say this?
  • How can a lonely developer convince Instagram to give blessings to his app whereas mighty Microsoft with all its money fails to get their apps the same nod? Either Rudy is too charming or Microsoft's Instagram design sucks compared to this app.
  • Maybe Instagram has an axe to grind with Microsoft, not with Rudy? Maybe Instagram CEO hates Microsoft, they don't have anything to hate Rudy?
  • I wouldn't want that to occur. Yes, it would be awesome to have Rudy as a full-time developer, but as his own man he can code whatever the heck he wants. If he actually worked for MS/Nokia, things like 6tag couldn't happen for legal reasons. ;)
  • Plus his throughput would be slower. Longer pipelines in large corporations
  • thank u
  • Got it!!!
  • Download first, read later.
  • +1
  • Its packed with features everything transitions smoothly. Great I love it!
  • Just installed it and it's outstanding. I'm wondering though, if the problem with photos from third-party apps not showing up in tag searches still persists...
  • Not with 6tag, its been discussed. This app should work fine for everything instagram.
  • Not sure how the official app works, but I find it a little stupid when I apply an effect for the photo then go to border and each border has its own filter.
  • yes, as I recall that's how it works officially
  • Then I'd rather use it just for uploading. Lol.
  • Thanks Rudy ! You are the man .
  • I have the beta, do I need to download this version?
  • Ditto question, might just keep the beta.
  • Just tries to go into the app and got an end of beta message. So you can't keep the beta. Glad to pay Rudy for his work!
  • How did you guys pay to get rid of ads and have video uploads?
    So I have to pay $3.39 to have full access?
  • You don't have to remove the adds (I admit, I think 1.29€ to remove adds is excessive), but if you want video upload, then yes, you need to pay 1.50€ because you'll be using Rudy's own servers as he doesn't have access to the Instagram ones directly.
  • Thank you
  • Thank you
  • To be fair, the 1.29 to remove ads, also helps the funding of his servers. He's not making huge profit margins or anything like that. :)
  • Not complaining at all, I was just confused.
  • I know that. But I think 0.99€ to remove the adds would actually be more profitable and more people would actually remove them. At 1,29€, many will say "bah, just let the adds be" and not remove them. It's not an enormous difference in price, but psychologically it would work better.
  • Ads seem to pop up everywhere except the feed page. Just wait for an ad and click the 'x' in the upper right corner, you'll be taken to the buy page.
  • Thanks
  • Anyone having trouble signing in or resetting the password in app
  • yes... cannot sign in here either ! app resets my password every time even though my login is correct :-(
  • Well I figured out that during all of that API business with Instagram I reset my password. So it was a user error lol. Hope it all worked out for you. The app is great!
  • Great looking app, but still major props to Instance dev for starting this race.
  • Instance v2 is coming out really soon. We went from having no Instagram clients 6 months ago on Windows Phone, to having two of the best ways to experience it. 
  • I kind of hope that instance (or whatever he has to change the name to) sucks... because I have paid for both of them & will have to decide between the two.
  • I disagree, your support for Instance helped bring it to Instagram's attention, I hope both get awesome and you get your money's worth.
  • When wp7 version comes out
  • Probably early to mid September by the latest.
  • OMG...I've been checking my phone every five minutes since 6Tag was first announced. My life is complete...
  • How to I get the paid version?  I want to support the dev.
  • Nevermind, I figured out how.  
  • Please give it a 5 star rating to show support on Rudy's work :D
  • Omagaaaa I just shit my pants
  • Cool
  • Put it on Instagram.
  • LOL :D
  • Thank you fellow beta testers. :D
  • Waooo 6tag is fck**n awesome! Sorry Instance, but this time Rudy Huyn wins.
  • How can I add a picture for my avatar in 6Tag?
    Nice app.
  • Settings->Tap picture field
  • I really like it but I'm looking forward to the next update for Instance:)
  • I can't wait to see the stats on the downloads. I'm really hoping it opens up some eyes and gets great recognition for Rudy.
  • I prefer instance, guess its gonna take me time to adapt.
  • Who says that you have to adapt. Instance is a fine app too and I'm sure updates will continue to come. Use whichever suits your needs/tastes/ hell, use both if you can't decide.
  • Yall are making me so jelly im on 7.8 :@
  • i want to purchase the video uploading but i have no video right now to upload. is there any way to purchase it without uploading one?? thanks.
  • Awesome app, much more fluid and intuitive than Instance. Great job Rudy!
  • This is gorgeous. Wish I could watch the welcome video every single time, this made my day (night)
  • Hmm. My phone is warming up. Like really, really warm.
  • Because this app is hot!
  • My L920 also gets very hot using this app.
  • Dammit tags still don't work. How to get this thing to work
  • Works fine for me, it even gives me suggestions on tags!
  • You've been flagged by Instagram. Go into "about" and click FAQ.
  • App works great. All you cheap bastards buy it and support this deveoper.
    wetworker on instagram. add me.
  • Anyone having trouble connecting to Facebook?!
  • Yes.. i think there is an issue,i am not able to connect either
  • Not for me, linked up to Facebook & twitter just fine.
  • No problems for me. Linked right up.
  • Oh my fault! I figured it out, it's working fine now
  • I get a "this app is not available in your region" error?! I'm in Philadelphia, USA. How is this a region-specific app?!?!
  • I'm in Philly, had no problem downloading the app..
  • I'm in Philly today too. No issues.
  • I just downloaded it everything looks ok so far
  • Bought and paid for! Fantastic app. Instagram would be idiots not to pay Rudy a handsome sum of money for this and make it official.
  • This Rudy guy is a Animal when it come to Coding... Why haven't Microsoft hired this guy?????
  • Are you trying to jinx everything? He is doing great on his own!!!
  • Follow me guys @lumiatography. I only use the 1020 :)
  • Following you.... Follow back.  I will also give you a shoutout :) @ostiposti
  • Btw my tags from instance were working. I showed up In searches.
  • I thought you would get blocked if you use instance to post and all your pics are not public. Think Rudy mentioned it somewhere as well. Is that not the case? I am almost ready to create a new account for the fear of being blocked by using instance. Anybody confirmed it works?
  • Yeah that is my point they were supposed to not be working right? When i search hash tags now I see my photos. Check it. All my photos are posted with Instance and show up in #lumia1020.
  • The app is perfect!
  • AWESOME!!!!
  • Just bought it and paid for video upload and to remove advertising!
  • Hoping instagram doesn't cause problems....I'll definitely put the cash out! Great job!
  • Good app. But I still prefer Instance in terms of interface and speed. Not a total fan of 6tag's diagonal background. Will have to use this since I'm having a few issues with Instance this lately. Nevertheless, good app. All it needs left is toast notifications. ;)
  • As long as there would be an off for toasts, I don't want my phone going off an extra 30-40 times a day.
  • Instance is actually WAY slower.
  • 6tag takes a few secs to load its timeline and notifs for me on my 620 compared to instance where it loads immediately. :/
  • Instance is slower on my Lumia920...
  • Ditto.  Also, crashes alot.  Only reason it's still installed on my 920 is so I can log out "officially" when v2 is released.
  • Great job, Rudy!!!
  • Holy crap, 344 ratings in what....30 minutes? New record.
  • First comment!!!!!!!! #Yes #catsofinstagram #instacats #JustKidding #TooManyTags?
  • Awesome, really polished. Congrats to the author! I registered it instantly, he deserves it.
  • YES! got it.. And its amazing, much better than the official one on IOS. Follow me on instagram @firas_md
  • BAM! Another "app objection" for WP8 bites the dust. Is there anything left that WP is actually missing out on? I suppose just a "notifications" tile - that should be pretty easy to implement. Is there an app for that?
  • Nah, until there's an official app, only WP users (and only some of them) will quit talking about it. And yes, there's still plenty that we're missing, but we're getting there.
    "Unification" is the closet thing to a notification center, but not a whole lot of developers on board at this point. It's believed that a notification center is coming in the 8.1 update, which should launch early 2014 (sooner if we're lucky. I'm not feeling lucky though, so yeah, next year.)
  • great app,, one of the best in WP apps... :)
  • This app is beautiful thanks Rudy. As well as the 6sec app your awesome.
  • Love it - although I have to say I that the quality of the filters as well as the method of how they are applied is *much* better in oggl IMHO
  • Yeah finally! Many thanks Rudy!
  • Crashes frequently on 620 just like instance.
  • +620
  • Same here. Two soft resets in the last hour. Lumia 720
  • Try to pay attention to what your doing when it crashes so you can let Rudy (and any other app Devs app) know what needs to be addressed. for example are you pressing the back button or quickly flicking through pic are you watching a video. It makes it easier for the Devs to address *Cheers
  • Well theres nothing specific.it crashes after 7 or 8 minutes of use nearly every time.instance had the same problem.i hope these issues will be sorted out in the upcoming updates.
  • It just seems random. Took photo, edit it, wrote the description and then got distracted and let the phone went into lock . After that it didnt came back from that state, with a black screen and receiving mails (sound notification), I needed to do a soft reset to bring it back to normal.
  • Rudy finally released the kraken.
  • Add me toneloce84
  • Alot of comments! Alot of downloads. So fast.
  • Wouldn't accept my password, and now its telling me that it reset it for me.  On top of that, the "reset" action fails, meaning I can't log in :(
    Its weird, because my password still works on the instagram website and my other device... 
    EDIT: not sure what happened, but it works now.. and I love it!
  • this is happening to me as well!!!!! need help!!!!
  • Downloaded it... Really sweet, big bow to Rudy! So let´s see what instagram does. Wait for a few 100 k users and the close off the service to make WP look really bad?
  • They will lose many of those followers, Instagram has only acted slightly better than Google in my books, twitter and pinterest are growing very fast.
  • Who is this guy and why is he so f***Ing awesome!!
  • Fantastic app! Can't wait to play around with it a little more.... I'm sure this may have already been brought up, but I was wonder if there was a way that existing videos in camera roll can be uploaded. Already purchased the video upload feature.
  • hey, did you find a way to upload camera roll's videos? 
  • Nothing Buy version, i hate ADS !!!!
  • Click on the X in the upper right corner in the ads, and you'll be redirected to an in-app purchase to get rid of those ads :)
  • Amazing!!!! So speedy and finally lets me do everything Instagram did!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you :) Question...I enabled the live tile under settings...but I'm not getting a tile count when I have notifications. Is anyone else getting them???
  • Same here...not getting any count yet!
  • Live tiles are not working for me neither. I've enabled it, but not showing any photos from my stream.
  • IMHO...6tag beats Instance. Maybe Instance could make do with a version 2.0 already!!
  • I may be a fan of Rudy's UI design (6sec) but there will always be a spot for Instance on my start screen. Instance was one of the first apps to break the barrier IMO.
    I could deal with switching between using both once in a while. 
  • Now, let's wait for Instance Version 2 to be released. :)
  • Awsome with an Instagram client with Swedish translation! Great work! Bought it right away
  • The best so far!!
  • lol daniel you are featured on the official screenshots in the store :D
  • Beautiful! I don't care if there ever will be an official Insta app.. this is better, more handsome than anything Instagram would do
  • can't upload userpic :(
  • this app is utterly gorgeous , not that i didnt enjoy instance , but 6tag is way beautiful , 6sec and 6tag are more awesome than
  • Can't wait to check it out!
  • Rudy got my 1.29. Didn't even hesitate. Well done.
  • Does anyone have an news on how and if the "suspicious" accounts become unsuspicious again if you just wait? Daniel? ;)
  • All of a sudden, I feel an urge to put on a #45 Notre Dame football jersey...
  • App looks awesome. Not an instagram user but I will be buying and using this.
  • I'm actually tempted to open an account for the first time :)
  • got the app , lucky to be on WP :D !
    find me on 6tag , username - iasyraf .
  • Hello yeah
  • Waiting for wp7.x version of this. Hopefully it will come out soon :)
  • Onya Rudy great job and free! Would of paid to support your work, bet there will still be bitches saying there's no official app cry cry. This and instance are better than the official app anyway
  • Yay!!
  • "this is fucking awesome"
  • Great app! Really loving it.
  • Bought. But i wish that Tile and in-app colors would follow my current accent/color theme on the phone. Should make the home screen look better.
  • Plus 1
  • Co-sign!
  • That might be weird question...but how can I actually LIKE someones picture?
  • Double tap
  • cheers budy, realized that just after I posted ;)
  • The tutorial in the beginning shows you 
    Double tap or swipe right or left for additional options.
  • Used half a day. Flawless app. 
    One gripe would be the battery drains like a champ too. But I'm pretty sure it will be resolved with a update.
    Oh and being able to reply directly to a comment would be great.  Otherwise perfect and I love it more than the official app on my old iP4. 
  • If it is really better than the official app from ios...that is huge. That will convince a lot of the young crowd that one of their favorite apps has a better experience. Big win for windows phone.
  • Is there a way to 'like' a video without having to flip the pic/video over?
  • double tap !
  • What a truly beautiful design.
  • Loving the app, however phone gets really hot and it eats the battery on my L920. Hopefully fixed with future update.
    Once question though, is there any way to share a video you have already recorded? I can record videos in the app and upload but how about ones you already have saved in your library? Is this a limitation of the OS not allowing acces to video library. Resolved with GDR2 by any chance?
  • That's a really good question. Didn't notice that until now. Maybe it's an app limitation, probably due to be fixed in future updates? I hope so...
  • When I first downloaded this app it had 400 reviews, that was only 7 hours ago. Now it has over 1100, that's the fastest I've seen an app go up in reviews. All of them are 5 stars too. This app is worth it though.
  • Amritash7
  • Great app, great developer. Add me @kkrlessey
  • Question: how does the live tile get the picture background? I've had the double wide since the download this morning but not seeing the pic(s) behind the tile like in the advertised screenshot. Any tips on that?
  • Same prob here
  • Daniel, is that a stop&shop app that I see? I need that. Please tell me how you got it, I cant find it in the store.
  • Thanks Rudy! Please go and follow me!  @dgcsg
  • Been waiting for this app since i bought my phone.
    But here in Norway i cant seem to find the app in the app store.
    Same goes for 6sec app, i've been searching for it the last week and only today it showed up on my search.
    Maybe Norwegian app store has some sort of restriction on apps? if so... very "smart" move of microsoft
  • if you have the "wpcentral" app on your phone, try navigating to this article there and then swiping once to the right to get to the "more" tab and click on download app.   I didn't find the app in the store either but through wpcentral i can get access to it!
  • Thank you, very much! That actually worked :)
  • No problem
  • Hei grunnen til at 6sec ikke var i storen var at Rudy Huyn hadde satt den som skjult i påvente av en oppdatering, og grunnen til at 6tag ikke vistes (vises forsåvidt nå) er en treghet i oppdatering av storen som gjør at det tar noen timer før en app kommer i alle regioner etter release ;-)  Håper dette forklaree litt.
  • Thanks rudy for all your hard work and dedication to the app its fantastic i love it. Five stars.
  • 6tag is gorgeous.. from the time the app launches to the layout and feel.
  • Been waiting forever for this app! Simply perfect! Now let's move on to 6tube, shall we, Mr. Rudy?
  • Soo happy to have Tagging.  I do have the say that the app is battery draining like crazy so far.  20% in about 30 minutes :(
  • Awesome. All I need now is some decent Dropbox and GTD (here's hoping for Wunderlist to come back) apps and I'll be totally happy
  • for some strange reason keep gettin the reset passward notification. any help would be great. wanna have the awesome experience everybody else is having :(
  • New to this so guys follow me and I'll also follow back
  • Kicks ass!!!
  • By by Instance.. :)
  • Having an issue linking twitter with two step authentication enabled. Anyone having the same issue?
  • Turn off two factor authentication. Connect. Then turn it back on.
  • Many of you may already have noticed this but, if you take a picture, go to the picture, choose edit, 6tag is an option. THAT IS COMPLETELY AWESOME. this guy has done alot of thinking about this app.
  • A suggestion for the battery drain complaints. I am on a 1020. I have read before about not have more than 6 apps running with background updates. Take a look at that. Also try rebooting the phone, when was the last time u done that? My phone was on 100% at 6:45 this am and right now its 9:40 and my battery is at 78%. I watched several podcasts that added up to over 15 mins and normal app uses like 6tag and Bing news,weather and sports. Sent a couple of texts.
  • Rudy Huyn has set a standard. If Instagram decides to come officially then they have their work cut out for them.
  • AWESOME!! Its better than the Android and Ios version. We love u Rudy
  • so u have to pay $2.80 to upload video and take off ads? why 2 prices and not just one
  • Look in the FAQ section.. Rudy explains it very clearly.
  • Bravo! Instagram should simply white label this
  • Add me @Ajsanchez77
  • Great app. loving it. but my push notifications and tile count dont work. Lockscreen notifications only appear if i open the app first then lock the screen.
    Like that there'e a notification counter at the top tho, so now i dont have to keep swiping to the left (instance) to see if something's new
  • Any idea of launching this app for windows 7.x. Please launch this app.
  • This is excellent.
  • @jayruguitar
  • Need help here. One of them downloaded it but got this error while signing up. Please help. I am not able to sign up its saying the email m using is an open proxy
  • Very solid. I'm loving it. Although, I'd love a button or gesture to jump back to the top.
  • Just push the 6tag icon to jump to the top! :)
  • yey, i can now continue with my photo sessions..hehehe, please follow me on 6tag mics_kiss18..
  • +920... just got it.. nice, neat and a joy to use
  • Does anyone know how to "tag" people?  I see the tag icon in the back of the picture but when I tap on the picture the "who's this?" thing pops up but I don't know how to add the names....
  • Yeah, tap on the person, and you should be able to start typing their instagram username when it askes, "Who's this?"
  • The app is amazing! Just need a snapchat one next!
  • @Fuhrer_D
  • Awesome! Works perfectly! finally i have an account on instagram :D! jiji
  • Loving this. I never got videos to play by themselves or at all in instance. And also the live tile for me in instance never worked. I know I had it set right. This app the live tile is already working. Nice work I love the user interface. A little sluggish IMO though.
    Only complaint,,,Why had a large tile if it doesnt do anything but show the same logo as the small tile?
  • A big thank you to developers who pick up the slack of multi-billion dollars companies. 
    How these guys have failed to see that there is clearly a strong demand for such apps on our platform is beyond me. Its rather shocking. 
    I'm glad the 3rd party exists to do what others won't, can't or are too slow to bring to market. 
  • If you put   #hashtag live tile on main screen,batery drains abnormaly....
  • Seems that the live tile doesn't show any numbers here for me... Not sure if im alone in this.
  • YES!!!!! LOVE THIS APP! Follow me :D
    IG: FredyFizzy
  • Ughh
  • I'm loving it. Another beautiful app from Rudy Hyun.
  • So far so good. Paid to remove ads right away. Not because the ads were bothering me, but b/c Rudy deserves the $1.29.
    One thing that I did notice, and maybe this is just me, but in Instance if I do a search for "John Doe" user I can find him. In 6tag, it seems that I have to search for johndoe to find him. The problem with that is that I might know the person's first and last name but not his/her username. I guess for that I will continue to use Instance.
  • In the menu, select "About": you'll have a feedback/suggestions tool there. Send this one to him :)
  • Good to know that it is not just me being blind and not finding the option. I will follow up with Rudy.
  • Such a beautiful app.. So glad its finally here!!! Lumia 925
  • Does the $1.49 video purchase automatically remove ads or do we have to pay both $1.49 and $1.29 to have both video without ads?
  • It is made so if you only want to remove ads pay $1,29 if you only want to upload video and don't care if there are ads, you can pay $1,49 (it comes up automatic after first video upload which is free) and if you want both video and ad free you have to pay both, I think its a small pay for such a great app.
  • Where to buy $1.49. Tap at the ads, just show $1.29.
  • Great app. Beautiful. I just feel like it loses the windows touch. Tapping icons instead of swiping left to right is not how WP feels.
  • I don't think it goes overboard with it though, but there are certain aspects of it that could definitely be more WP influenced. That's what I liked about Instance.
  • Just like the new fb is, Completely lost the WP left right swiping. at least 6tag have some left and right swiping.
  • Yep, it's smooth and works great, but lacks the WP feel.
    You know what's funny? You could make an excellent Windows Phone Instagram app by modeling it directly on the WP Central app. :)
  • Great application. Microsoft should hire this guy.
  • Thank goodness! Maybe now my RSS feeds related to windows phone won't have tons of stories about how there's no good/approved Instagram app for WP. 
    I have no clue what the big deal about Instagram is, but apparently this has bothered a lot of people for a long time, so I'm  happy for that. If only there could be the same outcry for the lack of physical keyboards/bluetooth keyboards with WP8 maybe something would get done!
  • I only use instagram occasionally. I tries clicking on the hash tag #nasty in a post, but nothing shows. Works for all the other hash tags I've used. Does instagram censor out certain tags?
  • Looks great !!
    Is there also an activity log (who commented on your photos, who liked photos, ....) ?
  • OK, found it 
  • how is an app that required reverse engineering of the API, 100% API compliant? lol.. 
  • I want to pay for video uploads but why can I only upload videos on WiFi? Same happened to me in 6sec. This is so frustrating.
  • Keep it up ! I just bought it too
  • So do tags actually work in this one, unlike instance? Or since they are both unofficial they still won't?
  • They work.
  • Awesome!!!
  • Holy crap...actual notifications that work. That's the best part of this app.
  • I already have the app but I went back into the store and can no longer find it... What's up there?
  • It is hidden in the store (but you can still download it http://www.windowsphone.com/en-us/store/app/6tag/7d795cdf-fb1b-4bdf-8f5e-76eb19f7079e ) cause it lacks privacy policy button. The update is on the way.
    Obviously some people reported the lack of policy button to Microsoft . Its a typical situation when a new flashy restaurant opens and the fast food next door calls health inspection to shut them down! Cheap and ephemeral tactics. Lost respect to a certain developer after that. 6tag will be visible again soon.    
  • The profile screenshot with Dan's picture says PROFIL. Should be PROFILE.
  • How do I delete a photo? Can't find the delete button;(
  • Can't find it on the Microsoft store, or the Microsoft website
  • Great app but I have a problem. My account is blacklisted at Instagram and I tried to create a new one from my phone. But It wasn't possible... Error message about inactivated account. Can my phone be blacklisted or something?? I could create an account from another phone but I couldn't logon to to that account from my phone. Any tip some one, please.
  • Din IP är antagligen bannad. Har du Telia kan du starta om telefonen eller bara slå på/av flygläge så får du en ny. Förutsatt att du stänger av WLAN, kan ju även vara den som är bannad.
  • Tack för tipsen. Testade att stänga av telefonen. Slå av wifi som jag brukar köra på hemma men utan resultat. Står kontot är inaktiverat. Det kontor jag försöker logga in på skapades på en HTC. Känns som min lur är helt utelåst efter min användning av Instance tidigare och att min telefon har ngt som Instagram blockar som är oberoende av uppkoppling.
  • Another killer app by the best developer on the WP platform! THANK YOU Rudy!
  • Can u upload saved videos?.. Anyone?
  • Not sure if it's an issue with third party apps, or an issue with Instagram itself, but when I started using Instance before and now 6tag, hashtags don't work on any of my pictures (even when using the official IG app on iOS and Android).
    I can type them in with no problem, but when searching for my pictures under those hashtags, none show up.
  • Try closing other apps your using by signing out for the hash tags to work on 6tag . May have something to do with 1 or more accounts opened
  • I can't seem to open the 6tag app on my 920?
    I have unistalled and reinstalled and it still won't open, does anyone know how to fix this?
    I have also done a soft reset on the phone.
  • Can photos be uploaded to a facebook page with 6tag? If not do you know of any other app? I have an Nokia Lumia 900 and heard that 6tag will be eventually available for Windows Phone 7.
  • Hola! que paso con 6tag para WP 7.8 Ls estoy esperando no me decepcionen
  • Will it ever be available for 7.8?
  • Dears I installed on my phone and as soon as the 6tag began operation received a message that the application was "disabled for violation of terms" and that it would contact the Help Center. I sent a message to an address 6tag (https://6tag.uservoice.com/) because I did not find any references on the existence of such Help Center. Responded well but that they would contact me soon, but so far have not received any support to solve this problem. Eula Eller
  • Why I cannot upload videos on 6tag?..