Third-party Tinder app 6tin gets a big 3.0 rewrite to support Windows 10 PC and Mobile

Developer Rudy Huyn has released version 3.0 of his popular third-party Tinder app 6tin. The update has been rewritten to fully support Windows 10 Mobile. It also supports Windows 10 on the PC, making it a universal app.

6tin 3.0 changes

  • UWP app with adaptive design
  • interactive toast, answer to messages directly from the toast
  • advanced support of continuum
  • dark theme
  • roaming of your accounts between devices
  • create and use pick-up lines

6tin screenshots

Overall, the app is looking fast and fresh. The PC version of the app should be live in the Store shortly, but for now you can grab it on your Windows Phone.

Download 6tin for Windows 10 Mobile & PC (when available)

QR: 6Tin

John Callaham