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6tin swipes right on version 3.1, adding message likes and photo uploads

6tin, the unofficial Tinder app for Windows developed by Rudy Huyn, has been updated to version 3.1. It was only a few weeks ago when we last looked at the app being bumped to 3.0, but today we have a bunch of new features to walkthrough, including the ability to like messages and upload some new selfies.

Update: We've received word that version 3.1.1 has already been submitted to the Store with the ability to send GIFs. We've updated the below changelog to include both releases (version 3.1 and 3.1.1):

  • Upload Profile Photos from Phone You can now upload profile photos that are stored in your camera roll. We hope this makes it easier for you to add new photos and change them more often.
  • Message Liking When someone sends you a message that you really like, tap the heart next to the message. It's a fun and easy way to reward your matches when they're being smart, thoughtful or funny. Your match will receive a notification letting them know that you liked their message.
  • Send and receive "Like" on Tinder messages
  • Send and receive GIFs

You can download the app for both Windows 10 on PC and Windows 10 Mobile. Hit the link below and let us know how you're getting on with the latest release in the comments.

Download 6tin for Windows 10 (opens in new tab)

QR: 6tin

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Are these exclusive features of windows 10 or already in the other platform. Just curious.
  • Already available (on iOS at least), so Rudy is just porting the new stuff over.
  • Yes. Rudy beat "official" Tinder for Android. Sweet.
  • We should start calling "6tin" the official Tinder app for W10M
  • Wow, whatsapp should also implement the feature to send and receive GIFS
  • It's already available on rivals platform
  • I'm waiting for 6mint to replace Mint!
  • And 6aze since Google just opened up Waze SDKs for third parties
  • I miss "swipe to download application" here.
  • Agree. Links are broken in windows 10 phone. Still waiting on the UWP app
  • New features only for Windows 10, let's the fragmentation begin! 8.1 users (like me for about the last 2 weeks now) have a great system operational but the few apps around doesn't get updates anymore... And I refuse to go back to Windows 10, gonna upgrade only Microsoft releases an consistent firmware that solves the battery drain and the poor (VERY poor) signal on Wi-Fi and 3g. My radios have been tried very
    hard to get a get a mediocre storied
  • You cant blame rudy or anyone else for not developing for windows phone 8.1. Even developers on the other platforms stop developing for older models. It is what it is.
  • Yeah get over it and update to windows 10.
  • The OS that isn't even released yet for his phone?  
  • Insider Preview ftw.
  • That did happen before hard-resetting after upgrade. Battery life is right now better than when on 8.1 and I have zero signal issues.
  • Rudy Rawkz! B-) Since yesterday am trying out the giffy one liners ;P
  • I like a sex! It's niiice! Great success!
  • Some people call me Steve...why not? dzienkuje
  • This dude is really working his ass off for apps n update. Kudos' Rudy
  • Hopefully this fixes the constant 'oops, something went wrong' errors. Happens on 8.1 and 10 (both phone and PC). Blu Win HD LTE, Lumia 1020 & Asus T100 tablet.
    Rudy, if you're reading...can you do something so that when there is a message send error, the message remains in place rather than vanishing. It is so annoying (I have to copy each message before sending so that I don't lose what I've written)
  • The current version of 6 tag on the window 10 is very slow. I hope we do get a new version for Windows 10 soon.
  • Off topic
    How to enable toast notification in 6tag?