This Funko miniature version of me is the WEIRDEST package I've ever received — And you can make yourself, too

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Popular toys and collectibles brand Funko POP! recently began trending in tech circles thanks to Microsoft Designer, of all things. A new prompt lets people generate a personalized Funko figure of themselves with AI, with surprisingly tremendous and detailed results. The timing of this trend didn't escape my notice because I had actually received a random package from Funko a couple of weeks prior — a box containing a Funko POP! of myself... After looking into the matter and custom-creating a vinyl figure of someone else, I'm here to provide all the information you need.

Funko's POP! Yourself lets you create your own personalized vinyl figure right now for just $30 at Funko, with various hair types, clothing, accessories, and even pets. It's a lot more limited than the Microsoft Designer prompt, but the difference is this actually exists. It exists, and the results are impressive, and you don't have to wait long to get your own. I don't know why Funko created a miniature version of me and sent it to me (I've never worked directly with the company), but it certainly got my attention.

Disclaimer: This article was made possible with product samples provided by Funko. The company did not see the contents of this article before publishing.

I never thought I'd have to review myself

This is the last thing I expected to find when I opened the package. (Image credit: Windows Central | Zachary Boddy)

Taking a look at myself is something I usually reserve for therapy, but Funko decided to give me a literal interpretation with a miniature version of myself. I wasn't expecting it — To be honest, I've never worked with Funko at Windows Central, and I still haven't been in contact with them. One day, I simply received a mystery package, and inside was a Funko POP! of... Well, me, clearly inspired by my Windows Central / Twitter profile picture, holding a tiny laptop and game controller.

That's how I learned about Funko POP! Yourself; it's a newer program at Funko that lets anyone create an entirely custom vinyl figure of themselves or someone else. You go through Funko's website and select your options, checkout, and wait for Funko to build your unique figure to send to you. Learning that this program existed by getting myself in the mail was a shock, as expected, but it opened my eyes to a potentially fantastic gift idea.

As for my review of myself... Funko's POP! Yourself program is lacking a little in diverse options, but this is recognizably me. I wish my now-purple hair was included, but my profile picture is admittedly out-of-date, and it wouldn't have been an option regardless (maybe in the future, Funko?). Funko sent me my figure on display in a little box alongside a friendly note and a code to create myown POP! Yourself figure. Obviously, I had to give it a try.

Creating someone else went surprisingly well

Using Funko's complimentary code, I created a miniature version of Katlynn, the mother of my daughter. (Image credit: Windows Central | Zachary Boddy)

Funko was nice enough to include a code that let me design my own Funko POP! Yourself figure for free, and I had to try the program before writing up my thoughts. I considered attempting to make a celebrity or even a random person, but I ultimately decided to make a miniature version of Katlynn. We're very close, her being my daughter's mother and all that, and she was very amused by the miniature version of Zachary that appeared at my doorstep. It seemed fitting that I experience that amusement from the other end and add another Christmas present under the tree simultaneously (shh, it's a secret, so don't tell her).

Using the Funko POP! Yourself website, it's quite easy to design your vinyl figure. You have limited options, but Funko does seem to be expanding the program over time with more variety. You start by choosing one of three body types (feminine, masculine, and "baby") and one of four skin tones, then between lashes and no lashes. After that, you can choose your preferred hair (or hat, if you'd like); I wish there were more hair options here and more color choices for each hair type, but Funko seems to be covering the basics. You can add glasses if it suits your fancy before you move on to the real meat of the process: clothing and accessories.

Clothing is where you're most limited, presumably because this area is most difficult for Funko to mass produce, but there is a variety of styles here. You can choose from several outfits or piece together your own with a separate top and bottom. Different designs give you more flexibility, so there's still little chance someone else's figure will be wearing the exact same outfit as yours. Accessories are where you can truly customize your POP! Yourself, though, as there are a ton of options (and more added all the time, including seasonal accessories), and you can choose two different accessories.

Funko gave mini-me a tiny laptop and controller, which does feel appropriate as long as you ignore how my figure has no idea how to hold those things. There are plenty of other choices, and you can preview how your figure will look with each accessory. There are even a couple of necklaces to choose from, although I wish there were more. Once you've chosen your accessories, your POP! Yourself figure is complete! There's one more option, though, which sold the entire idea to me.

You can add up to two animal buddies to accompany your figure. It's mostly different dogs and cats, but there's also a cool-looking snake and a goofy-looking rabbit. These buddies are a little smaller than I expected in person, but it's still a neat addition to the POP! Yourself program. Each buddy you add is a $4 upcharge, but what's $4 when giving your mini-me a lifelong companion? The final step is to name your figure, and then you can preview your finished creation, save it for later, or complete the transaction to have Funko make your digital figure real.

The base figure is $30, and each buddy adds another $4. There's also an optional protector for $8 if you're really serious about protecting your POP! Yourself figure, and some optional add-on accessories (with many being free to add). Honestly, I think Funko has priced these very reasonably. Funko vinyl figures are never known for being affordable, so a custom-made-to-order version just for you costing $30 feels like a fair price.

A solid gift idea or odd addition to your collection

In a separate package, Funko also sent me a handful of Star Wars figures. Thank you, but I'm not sure there's anything to really write about them. (Image credit: Windows Central | Zachary Boddy)

The Microsoft Designer AI prompt that made the rounds across the tech-obsessed internet obviously produces more impressive, personalized results... But none of those Funko figures are ever going to actually exist. Funko's POP! Yourself program is more reasonable from a business perspective and exists today. There could be more options across the board, but Funko does seem to be adding to the program over time, and prices are, at least in my opinion, quite reasonable.

If you're looking for an easy, affordable, and unexpected gift idea, creating someone else as a vinyl figure is a great idea (unfortunately, it's too late to get one of these in time for the holidays, but I had to wait for my custom figure to come in before writing about it). I know Katlynn isn't expecting it, and it's certainly an exciting idea. Of course, nothing is stopping you from adding yourself to your existing Funko POP! collection. I personally don't have one, but Funko seems intent on starting a collection for me, so I guess I'll make mini-me the centerpiece.

You can explore Funko POP! Yourself entirely for free, designing all the vinyl figures you could ever want. If you pull the trigger on one and get your tiny vinyl human delivered to your door, prices start at $30 at Funko.

Funko POP! Yourself | From $30 at Funko

Funko POP! Yourself | From $30 at Funko

Gifting a miniature version of someone to that person is definitely one of the most creative, surprising gift ideas I can think of. Or you can just make yourself because it's kind of awesome seeing yourself as a Funko figure. Either way, this is an actual thing you can go do right now.

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