Everyone is using this Microsoft Designer prompt to turn themselves into a Funko POP! figure, and you can too

Funko by Microsoft Designer
(Image credit: Microsoft Designer)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft Designer is an AI-powered design app that lets you transform prompts into posters, logos, and product concept art. 
  • Over the weekend, people were sharing this prompt to turn themselves into a Funko POP! figurine. 
  • Grab the prompt below and change the parameters to your specifications, and share the results in the comments in our forum! 

Over the weekend, trending on Twitter (X), people began sharing this great Microsoft Designer prompt for generating personalized Funko POP! figurines. 

Funko POP! creates simple and collectable caricatures of famous characters and celebrities from across the world. People collect thousands of the things, and now Funko even offers the ability to create and design your very own Funko POP! based on certain parameters. However, Funko's system is quite restrictive, what if you could do more?

Using the below prompt, you can generate a more accurate Funko version of yourself based on a wide array of different parameters. 

Microsoft Designer Funko POP! prompt


Microsoft Designer has a lot of guard rails that can block certain topics, even innocuous ones, but keep trying, it should eventually go through. I wasn't able to create one with my full name, but was able to create one just using my first name, for example. 

It's unclear exactly who started the trend, but tons of posts appeared over the past couple of days on social platforms like Twitter (X) and Instagram. Microsoft Designer is based on Dall-E 3 from OpenAI and Microsoft. The platform has grown immeasurably in the past couple of years, and has become integrated into Windows itself with Windows Copilot, as well as platforms like Bing, Microsoft Paint, and indeed, Microsoft Designer as well. 

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The system is great at creating details like hair, accessories, and so on, but struggles a bit when you begin factoring in text and logos. Text in general seems to be a big limitation of ChatGPT and similar large language models right now, although it's naturally one area where platform holders can make improvements in subsequent versions. 

ChatGPT is on version 4.0 right now, with Google Gemini hot on its heels. Gemini promises to generate images and text more accurately than ChatGPT, but Microsoft has shown in a recent whitepaper that it's only the wrapper prompts that give Gemini an advantage. Google basically takes your prompts and tries to improve them using an algorithm before feeding them to its AI, whereas ChatGPT and Bing relies on your prompting skills entirely. When using the correct prompts, it seems that ChatGPT and OpenAI's systems still have an edge over Google. As you can see from the above Microsoft Designer prompt, you can get DallE 3 to generate very specific things under the right conditions. 

It remains to be seen, however, how Funko and other rights holders might react to trends like this. These images are generated without Funko's permission after all. Microsoft has already been censured by Disney for reproductions of its copyrighted characters using Bing Image Creator and so on. Platform holders like Microsoft have argued that they are merely providing the tools, and that copyright violations are simply users' responsibilities. It'll be interesting to see how that plays out in court, when the inevitable first hearings take place in the coming years. 

For now, enjoy the wild west of AI. Create your very own Funko, and share it in the comments via our forums! 

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