DALL-E 3 technology makes its way to Microsoft Designer, promising accurate and high-quality AI-generated images

Microsoft Designer app on the Microsoft Store
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What you need to know

  • Microsoft Designer is now powered by DALL-E 3 AI technology.
  • Users can leverage the tool's new capabilities to generate accurate and high-quality images using their words.
  • Moreover, the new capabilities can be used to create new brand kits that can be applied on any design.
  • The new capabilities also ship with several limitations, including a Microsoft email account and more.

Late last year, Microsoft unveiled a new graphics design app for Microsoft 365, dubbed Microsoft Designer, powered by DALL-E 2 technology. You can leverage AI technology to design complex designs by simply typing and describing what you want to create.

Microsoft shipped DALL-E 3 to Bing Image Creator during its Surface and AI event, which brought significant changes to the platform, with several users citing better image quality and more. As you'd expect, the technology is now rolling out to more platforms, including Microsoft Designer.

According to Microsoft, through the new experience rolling out to Microsoft Designer, users can create complete brand kits that can be applied to any design by typing a short prompt describing what they want.

Designer simplifies the process of creating your personal brand kit, ensuring your designs consistently match your unique personal style. Whether it’s for college applications, a passion project, or a meaningful event (like a wedding or milestone birthday), just type in a short description and Designer will generate a brand kit with logos, color palettes, fonts, colors, and even suggests a brand voice (like “warm and inviting”).


A screenshot showcasing Microsoft Designer's DALL-E 3 technology creating new logos and brand kits using typed prompts. (Image credit: Microsoft)

Users can leverage the tool's capabilities to further enhance the appeal of existing designs/logos based on their preferences. 

According to Microsoft:

"You control the customization, making it truly your own. Apply your brand kit effortlessly to your designs, and infuse your personal brand voice to text, image captions, and hashtags.  Stand out by letting your designs reflect your unique style and personality with brand kit."

However, the new capabilities in Microsoft Designer ship with several limitations that may affect its user experience, as outlined by Microsoft:

  • Designer is currently only available in English.   
  • You need to sign up/sign in with a Microsoft email account (@outlook.com, @hotmail.com, and more). Work and other accounts are not currently supported.  
  • Brand kit in Designer is currently available only on desktop (Windows and Mac) and is accessible through any web browser.  
  • Designer does not currently support saving multiple brand kits. Support for multiple brand kits will be available at a later time.  

Will DALL-E 3 be a hit or miss in Microsoft Designer?

When DALL-E 3 shipped to Bing Image Creator, a lot of significant changes were spotted (mostly inclined towards the positive). However, the hype was short-lived, with several users lodging reports that the image generating tool was taking excruciatingly long to generate images, even up to an hour. Microsoft quickly responded, citing that it had underestimated the number of users that would leverage the tool's neat capabilities. But the company has since added more GPUs to mitigate the issue. 

Microsoft has also doubled down on censorship and filtering of its image creation tool, which has potentially left it lobotomized

If the issues highlighted above are anything to go by, will users be able to leverage the tool's capabilities at an optimum level? Will users be able to get their creative juices flowing despite these limitations? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

Microsoft Designer

Microsoft Designer 

This is a new graphics design app for Microsoft 365, designed to help users create social media posts, invitations, digital postcards, graphics, and more, quickly and easily. It's powered by DALL-E 3 AI technology.

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