DALL-E 2 AI image generation is coming to Microsoft Bing

Bing image creator gif
(Image credit: Microsoft)

What you need to know

  • Bing is getting a new DALL-E 2 image generator.
  • Users will be able to type in keywords to generate unique visuals and images.
  • OpenAI is working with Microsoft to filter out inappropriate results.

Microsoft has announced a new feature coming to its Bing search engine soon that will allow users to create images by simply typing what they want to see into a search box. The service, using DALL-E 2 technology by OpenAI, will generate an image based on keywords entered by the user. 

This feature will be useful for those looking for an image that doesn't exist yet. The same AI generator is present in Microsoft's just announced Designer graphics app, designed to make creating unique images and designs as easy as possible. 

Microsoft says it's working directly with OpenAI to ensure the service doesn't return inappropriate visuals and that the AI technology is continuously evolving and learning. OpenAI has removed most of the explicit sexual and violent content from the dataset that Microsoft used to train the Bing Image Creator, and Microsoft has developed its own filter to limit the generation of images that violate its content policy.

The Image Creator in Bing will begin rolling out in limited preview in select regions in the coming weeks and months. The service, once it's available to you, will be accessible at the URL bing.com/create.

Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

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