New Cherry MX kit lets you find the switch that scratches your keyboard itch

Cherry MX Experience Kit
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What you need to know

  • Cherry just released a pair of switch kits for mechanical keyboards.
  • One kit is a variety pack of 10 different types of switches while the other includes 23 of the switch type of your choosing.
  • The Cherry MX Experience Kit and Cherry MX Switch Kit are only available in Europe at this time.

Cherry MX switches are the standard when it comes to mechanical keyboards, but what if you don't know which switch is right for you? The company has a wide range of switches for different preferences. Some are tactile and acoustic. Others are linear and don't click. They're all good for some people in certain scenarios, but you may not know which to buy.

In comes the MX Experience Box to save the day. The newly announced switch kit features 10 different MX switches in a single box. That box even looks a bit like a box of chocolates, though you do know what you're gonna get.

"Whether you prefer a loud click, a smooth press, or a quick actuation, the MX EXPERIENCE BOX has a switch for you. Experiment with the 10 switches to find your perfect typing feel, then install them in your hot-swap keyboard," reads the description of the box.

To get those ten switches, you'll need to pay €9.99. US pricing isn't available for the MX Experience Box at this time.

Cherry MX Experience Box | €9.99

Cherry MX Experience Box | €9.99

This kit includes 10 different types of Cherry MX switches so you can choose which switch is right for your keyboard.

If you know which switch is right for you and your keyboard, Cherry also launched a series of Switch Kits. These include 23 switches of the same design, allowing you to customize your keyboard.

Having 23 switches of the same type is an... interesting choice. It's not enough switches to swap over your entire keyboard. You can't even cover all of the letters of the alphabet with the included switches. It's not common to mix switches on a single keyboard, but there are those that prefer that type of setup. 

"This pack of 23 switches gives you the freedom to customize your keyboard to your exact preferences. Whether you want to replace all of the switches on your keyboard or just a few, you'll be able to create a typing experience that's perfect for you," says Cherry in the product listing for the Switch Kit.

Cherry MX Switch Kit | From €14.99

Cherry MX Switch Kit | From €14.99

This kit includes 23 of the same type of Cherry MX switch, so you can customize your keyboard.

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