According to Nokia you don’t need the gym with the Lumia 625 (video)

There isn’t a month that goes by without Nokia releasing a new handset. Just kidding, they do it every other month. The Lumia 625 from Nokia was announced just a little over a month ago. It packs a 4.7-inch display with 4G connectivity in a relatively affordable package. Here’s a pretty funny video from Nokia promoting the device.

The video above is pretty funny. While no device will ever give you as good a workout as the Lumia 920 that clocked in at 185g, the Lumia 625 certainly might make a few mainstream tech journalists weak in the wrist at 159g. Basically pick up the Lumia 625 and you’ll be swoll in no time.

Thinking of picking up the Lumia 625? Check out our unboxing and hands on. Full review coming soon. Spoiler alert - it's Bigger. Better. Faster. 

Source: YouTube, Via: MyNokiaBlog

Sam Sabri