Acer's new Aspire V 15 is a Windows 8.1 notebook with some metallic flourishes

Acer continues its new Windows 8.1 product announcements today with the introduction of the Aspire V 15. It's a conventional-looking notebook but with some metallic finishes that make it stand out.

Here's what Acer had to say about the Aspire V 15:

"The Aspire V 15 is adorned with an aluminum top cover imprinted using Acer's advanced nano-imprint technology to provide a luxurious and uniquely textured metallic finish. A silver metallic hinge provides a stylish contrast, leaving a visual impression inherited from the award-winning Aspire V Nitro. It has a backlit keyboard which not only adds a modern touch to its appearance, but is also practical for use in dimly lit environments."

Aspire V 15 will have Intel's fifth generation Core processors inside, along with the NVIDIA GeForce 940M series graphics chips. Users can add up to 16GB of RAM, along with either a 2TB hard drive or a 1TB Solid State Hybrid Drive. It will go on sale in the US in August for the starting price of $599.

Source: Acer (opens in new tab)

  • That sounds good budget!
  • If it is light.
  • Acer Acer everywhere :v
  • Sounds like a good deal, but what's the resolution?
  • Students wouldn't care much about the resolution. They just want something good enough that they can afford
  • Most likely the resolution will be the standard 1366x768.. It's high time OEMs make 1080p the base standard on laptops 15" and over.. Just saying
  • Please no 1366x768
  • From the source article on Acer's site:
    Exact specifications, prices, and availability will vary by region.
    Most likely, it will be 1366x768 in the US. That seems to be the way Acer does things. My wife's Acer laptop, a 15.6" screen has that resolution, and it's fairly new. Can't stand it. 
  • I have a V5 that's 1080p and it seems to be the only model.