Acer continues to support Windows Phone with nice updates to Liquid Leap wearables

The Liquid Leap Fit and Liquid Leap Curve connect to mobile devices using the current Leap Manager app for Windows Phone, as well as for the other mobile platforms. So we're on a level playing field from the get go.

The Leap Fit is essentially the same as the Liquid Leap we first saw back in Barcelona. It's a relatively simple, rubber wristband with a removable dongle that does all the techy parts. It still tells you the time, shows your steps, calories and so on while also offering a sleep tracking mode that you can enable every night. The big update is support for stress and heart rate sensing. To measure these there are some new sensors on the dongle that press against your skin. You get a choice of gold, silver and black bands, and it's IPX7 rated for water resistance.

So while the regular model is a basic fitness tracker, this updated version takes things a little more seriously.

Acer Liquid Leap Curve

Then there's the Leap Curve. This one is designed to be fashion focused. Something you can wear with a nice outfit and hit the town. As the name implies, this one has a curved screen, and it's a little larger at 1.4-inches compared to the 1-incher on the regular models. There will be a variety of bands available with it in different colors and finishes, and while we weren't able to actually use one, it doesn't look so bad. It's certainly more of a look you'd pair with your trips to the office or going out for dinner and such. Acer has been a little light on details for this one, but it doesn't look bad at all and we'd expect good battery life since you get multiple days from the other bands.

There is also the Liquid Leap Active, which is more in line with the device we saw in Barcelona. It's more basic, has a variety of fun interchangeable bands and is targeted at the younger buyer. Pricing and availability will differ on a market-by-market basis. Acer may not have much going on in the way of actual phones right now, but its continued support of the platform with its wearables is certainly welcomed.

Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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  • So many fitness wearables and I'm just sitting here waiting for a smartwatch.
  • Yup, me as well.
  • As nice as some of the smartwatches look (my personal favorite is the LG g watch R), I dont think it could ever replace my wristwatch. I never take that thing off with the exception of contact sports.
  • Take a look at the Vector smartwatch. Based in London, CEO is the ex-head of Timex, supports WP. I do not work for them but. I have preordered the Luna model. Edit - due in July!
  • You're right. Not seen this before. That is the perfect watch, designwise the only one to consider right now as far as I have seen. Yet it would have to fight with the functionality of the MS band that has taken the spot on my wrist. Just not ready to make the switch.
  • The website itself hardly tells anything about the specs or functionality of their smartwatches. At £169 the price is not that bad tbh but I'd rather have the Band (which I already own btw) that has more functionality and proper use of Cortana on WP. The vector watch does look really nice btw
  • Check out They support Windows Phone also and have an app in the Store. I don't work form them, just recently found this info at random.
  • I just want the MS Band 2 to be water proof and have at least one removeable battery for hot swapping.
  • This is great, and I'd assume we'll start to see more Windows Phone support for new products and services from PC manufacturers as standard from now on as they'll be building a Windows 10 version. Or I'd hope so anyway, fingers crossed these companies aren't so determined to see WP fail that they'll build Windows 10 apps that only work on the desktop (or maybe, randomly, Xbox, like with YouTube)...
  • Nice! I was actually intrigued when they introduced it. I'll try it out.
  • I think I'm gonna wait for the Band 2! Hopefully it'll be released in India......
  • If I didn't already have a Fitbit Charge HR I'd definitely try out one of these.
  • Sweet where to get one?
  • I'd take something with this form factor and the functionality of the MS Band. And with bl**dy music controls!!!
  • Thank u Acer :D
  • My Pebble seems to work okish with the hacked app but causes slowdown on the phone itself - anyone have this issue?  Need a proper supported wearable like this Acer.
  • Acer > Asus these days.  No reason to give Asus and their bigoted CEO any further business.
  • It would've been nice if they ran the microsoft band software with MS health.
  • When will this be avaiable in europe?
  • Btw: There is still no leap manager App ... So this is a joke!!
  • Well there must be one in existence. I've seen it and used it.
  • At Least it doesn't say ACER on it.
  • What Leap Manager app? I just searched the store and there is NOT one.
  • Yep. No WP support.
  • Maybe it's regional at the moment. It exists because I've used it with my own hands. Right back as far as MWC.
  • That must be it. I guess they are skipping the USA right now (can't blame them)
  • That kinda looks like what the Microsoft band 2 should be